Thursday 7 February 2013

Question Time - Envy of the world edition.

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Stirling.{uhh ohh..that's my list out the window}
 On the panel: Scottish Secretary and Liberal Democrat Michael Moore MP; Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs in the Scottish Government; Lord Falconer, former Justice Secretary; Mary Macleod MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Brentford and Isleworth; and Sir Brian Souter, Chief Executive of Stagecoach Group.

Enter your guess for what you believe the audience will ask the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply ;

rough scoring guide

bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 1 point {must guess before 9pm.}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
Week 5:

DtP 34
Botogol 33
BQ(MP) 33
kynon 31
 ND 28
Timbo614 27 Measured 26

GSD 26

Hopper 25
Malcolm Tucker 24
Budgie 23

Blue Eyes 16
Idle 6


DtP said...

Afterhuhne all - hee hee hee.

Hmm...the random guess Jock edition, eh?

Gay marriage - aren't we all so bletheringly liberal these days?

Mid Staffs and 'och aye nooo, it cudney happen oop here, pet as yar wee sassenachs are mad as fook'.

RBS - for shame Scotland, for shame. Should the FSA try the bastards? Much chest beating and gnashing of teeth etc etc

Chris HoooooooooN and the peils of being a total twat.

Nuclear waste - quite near to Scotland and bally expensive to boot what what.

Tie - hmm....fuschia I guess.

Kynon said...

Hmm. On my side of the border, but this makes it even harder to predict...Oh, wait, Brian Soutar is on the panel!

Dimbletie - Blue.

1) Gay Marriage - why all the fuss when we in Scotland already allow it? (Expect B.Soutar to go off on some *spectacularly* homophobic, end-of-days, collapse-of-civilisation-it's-all-down-to-rampant-poovery diatribe...)

2) Independence (again...) - is Oily Al running (ha ha, he's never run a day in his life...) scared now that the Electoral Standards types have told him to reword the independence referendum question? (Michael Moore to say independence is baaaaad, mmkay?)

3) Something about Huhne (the tube that he is) bringing politicians into disrepute (as if that were possible - apologies BQ). Expect a bit of squirming from MM since this corrupt waste of space was very nearly elected leader of his party...or a crack about "What Pryce your driving licence?"

4) RBS and the enormous fine that will come from taxpayer's money (effectively), and with a large chunk of it going to those colonials over the pond...arrest/jail/hang the swines comes the call? (you'd need a stout rope for Mr Hester though)

5) Bonus - Scottish-built satellite being launched into space. Is it fuelled with haggis, butteries, and fried Mars Bars? If so, it'll probably have enough energy on board to get it to Alpha Centauri! (I hate myself for perpetuating such stereotypes about my own country, but this one's just for the laughs.)

idle said...

I'm a virgin at this, but I'll have a punt:

1. Does Huhne exemplify the fundamental dishonesty of all Liberal Democrats?
2. Has private enterprise been a disater for most public transport?
3. Does being extraordinarily rich get in the way of holding socialist views? (that'd be YOU, Souter)
4. How did Mary Macleod end up in Brentford?
5. Who is Humza Yousaf and how many external affairs can he keep in the air at the same time?
6. How many psychopathetic nurses does it take to fill a corridor of a hospital that is already full of people with broken hips on gurneys?

Tell me if I have not got the gist of this compo.

Bill Quango MP said...

Gay marriage. Is England now following Scotland's lead? Are the English now realising their are benefits to 30 years of nationalist, socialist government.

NHS- The privatisation has buggered the state planned central diktat up.
Are the English now realising the benefits to 30 years of nationalist, socialist government.

Huhne - lying cheating duplicitous backstabbing wretch. Is he now ready for a career with the Glasgow Labour Party?

Banking reform. RBS - we don't want it back..thanks England! But you bought it, so you keep it..No refunds.

Independence question. Its not fair unless 11 year olds can vote and the wording says 'do you want to be free?' {tick box A} or slaves? {tick box B}.

Tie - a bright green with animal motiff.

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: light blue

1. Does the gay marriage vote split prove that the evil Tories are completely out of touch?
2. Gove exams U-turn; why doesn't he just copy the Scottish system?
3. RBS paying American regulators with Scottish taxpayer money when it was all the fault of rich bonus-laden bankers. WTH?
4. Should Huhne have been fired for his speeding, his lies, or his energy policies?
5. With minimum alcohol pricing and banning tobacco display, is the Govt trying to take all the fun out of life?

Nick Drew said...

Looks like it writes itself this week but I'll try something left-field

1) is professional sport completely bent?

but apart from that

2) is the NHS completely bent? (or indeed broken?)
3) how about Huhne, the completely-bent?
4) is RBS going under for being completely bent?
5) are gay marriages completely, errr, daft?

And a dimbletie resembling one of Jon Snow's cast-offs

Anonymous said...

God, its from Scotland.
I'll give it a miss.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Fishing & the EU policy shake-up.

2) Now that the gay marriage debate (sorry, nearly typed debacle there) has been settled, what will the government waste time on next?

3) Cameron & the latest EU budget proposal. How long before he caves in on the CAP subsidies?

4) The mid-staffs inquiry - how can on-one be responsible? What is the point of investigating 5 more hospitals?

5) Defence spending - with the number of conflicts/states-in-turmoil in the middle-east & north Africa should the planned down-sizing be re-thought?

and Dimbletie = blue & gold.

measured said...

You ARE all keen tonight.
1. Hound dog Huhne if the Pryce is right. Deservedly hung out to dry.

2. Was an English Bac. a bridge too far? Scottish Independence – safeguarding the best free universities.

3. Installing the network of electric charging points for cars. Who has ever seen an electric car in Scotland?

4. Is ‘inflation’ to be Carney’s economy growth? Isn’t the UK expensive enough already? Pity pensioners and more cuts.

5. How do we sort out hospitals? 400 unnecessary deaths in Stafford and no one loses their job. Worse than the bankers.. writing on the wall for the NHS CE imho.

Tie …. proud imperial purple (Robbie Burns 1787)
I hope Miss CD is on the mend and has had a better experience of hospitals and doctors.

Anonymous said...

At least with gay marriage, no-one will forget the rings.

Timbo614 said...

a quick try for the tie then back with Questions after a shower

Orange with Scottish sailing ships or Scottish submarines say something Scottish :)

Malcolm Tucker said...

Never really know with Scotland

1. Nuclear waste .. not in my back yard

2. Independence day. Is the wording all right now.

3. Council budgets.. making councils cuts spending.. heathens.

4. Gay marriage. How did that go down with the very conservative yet ultimately irrelevant Tory party of Scotland

5. NHS - kill one its murder. Kill thousands and its just a statistic.

Budgie said...

1. Ol' smirky Huhne - the fastest man in England?
2. NHS disaster in England?
3. Will the EU reform the CFP to save Scottish fishing, or will English independence mean that Scotland will have to re-apply to the EU (unlike England)?
4. Bank of England new boy Carney - will he save England? (It's nothing to do with RBS or Scotland).
5. 'U' turn over scrapping English GCSEs

Timbo614 said...

That's better :)

1) Got to be NHS abuse (Scotland or not) I think that's actually the right word - abuse.

2) Our Lib-Dem Friend Mr Huhne will all libs now be speedily tarred with the same road surface!

3) Ciggy display ban in Scotland - Is this really just victimisation and discrimination against 20% plus of the population (hands up I smoke). It would be if all smokers had purple skin.

4) Another Tory U-Turn GCE-backer or bacca-to-GCSE? What stats are teachers supposed to aim at (ignoring a good education as usual)

5) Is First Minister (Our Alex) in touch with the average Scot? Seems not.

Botogol said...

it's tricky -- all the big stories this week seem to be irrelevant to scotland.

dimbletie - magenta

1- does a dishonest private life make someone unfit for public office

2- if scotland was independant, what would it do with RBS?

3- if scotland was independant would it still rely on a strange canadian in charge of the BofE -- or should it join the Euro?

4 - why do scottish MPs get to vote on Gay marriages in England and Wales? Should they abstain?

5 - what's gone wrong with the NHS in England? could it happen here?

Can I vote a +1 point to Nick Drew? His entry made me smile :-)

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimby tie is black with pink blob and turquoise blob.

Q1: Are the appalling standards found at Stafford hospital a sign of things to come for our NHS due to austerity?
And Scotland says no to privatisation/PFI or 'the English model'. Points for many there.
False question - austerity = death.

NHS spending (in cash terms) increased from £33.5 billion in 1997/8 to £76.4 billion in 2005/6 and reached £96.4 billion for the financial year 2008/9.

Hmmm..that was well spent.

Q2: Is Chris Huhne such a danger to society that he deserves to go to jail?

Souter said he tried the same trick, but wife wouldn't go along.

Banker bashing got a mention. Banker jailing.

Q3: What do you make of polling which suggests support for Scottish Independence is at its lowest level since creation of Holyrood?

Had to be.

Q4: How can Conservatives claim to want fairer, more equal society when almost half their MPs opposed same sex couples marriage bill?

Only 4 Questions. And a very monotonous affair it was.

BTW Next week its valentines on QT night. Let's see which wins out.

Bill Quango MP said...


Dimbletie {and I so nearly went with black} is Nick Drew - A Jon Snow cast off.

DTP {1st +1} 8 = 9

kynon - 9 + 1 for the Souter rant - litle local knowledge earns you 10.

Idle - you, a virgin? well i never. Thought you'd done it loads of times. Not a bad starter - 6

BQ - 11 {ohhh yeah..}

Hopper - credible 6 -

ND - V. good - 9

Anon - wise. it was dread.

gsd - good 6

measured - 6 for you {miss CD is having radio therapy - so far so good. }

Malcolm Tucker - good 8

Budgie decent - 6

Timbo614 - good 7

Botogol - good shots - 11

BE ? 2 to keep him in.

Winner is BQ and Botogol -
Botogol your prize is to choose a suitable hat that Jacob Rees-Mogg must wear on all public appearances.

Botogol said...

It can only be a Top Hat :-)

Agence communication said...

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On the panel: Scottish Secretary and Liberal Democrat Michael Moore MP; Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs in the Scottish Government; Lord Falconer, former Justice Secretary; Mary Macleod MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Brentford and Isleworth; and Sir Brian Souter, Chief Executive of Stagecoach Group.

Enter your guess for what you believe the audience will ask the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply ;""