Thursday 14 February 2013

Question Time : former friar to retire, edition

David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Leicester. On the panel are: secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Maria "Shut down blogs"  Miller; shadow environment secretary, Mary "no added Shergar" Creagh; Liberal Democrat peer Susan "I never win elections yet I always get a job" Kramer; Respect MP for Bradford West, George "If you thought Goebbels went over the top, listen to this.." Galloway; and editor of the Spectator, Fraser  "just say NO ! {to corporation tax} Nelson.

Tonight is valentine's so I shall be out doing something more romantic. Is pizza hut romantic?
Anyway ..scores will be taken from the BBCQT# twitter feed.
+ the Dimby-tie scoring has been increased as,  a commenter noted, he really does root through the Jon Snow cast off bin.
Enter your guess for what you believe the audience will ask the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply ;

rough scoring guide

bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 5 point {must guess before 9pm.}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
Week 5:

DtP 34
Botogol 33
BQ(MP) 33
kynon 31
 ND 28
Timbo614 27 
Measured 26

GSD 26
Hopper 25
Malcolm Tucker 24
Budgie 23

Blue Eyes 16
Idle 6


gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Is Workfare fair? Or, more to the point, is it working?

2) Horsemeat - if its all our gov's fault for cutting back on FSA (Food, not Financial) funding, how come the rest of the europeans didn't spot it long ago?

3) Iranian nuclear ambitions - Is the latest from Tehran (de-enriching) believable/significant & can the talks ever hope to succeed? [probably reference to the recent N. Korean test here too].

4) 10p tax band announcement by Ed. Correcting past mistakes or a spoiling attack on DC's plans?

5) Should the new pope be chosen by race/continent or some higher quality?

and Dimbletie = stripy blue & gold

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: teal (the colour of gangrene)

1. Off to the races; do we have drugged horsey meat because we've outsourced our supply to Europeans instead of eating good old English beef?
2. Are the Nork nukes a failure of diplomacy? What should we do? [Galloway is going to have a field day with this.]
3. Can we afford a 10p tax band? Why not a 60p tax band to match?
4. Has the government given up controlling inflation? When are savers and pensioners going to hang Mervyn from a lamp post?
5. If Iceland is censoring its Internet, why don't we?

Botogol said...

5pm so I am going to assume no Huhne verdict tonight, and no questions on marital coercion.

Dimbletie - predominantly orange.

Food Safety - with global food chains have we lost control? Will tighter rules help or are we closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Benefits for Immigrants - millions about to arrive from Romania, coming over here, taking our benefits.. can you hear the hoofbeats?

So the old pope has pulled up lame - Will a new pope signal a catholic renaissance or are advocates of religion flogging a dead horse?

Why shouldn't people who are a bit long in the tooth be expected to sell their homes to pay for their medical care as they enter the final furlong?

10p Tax : funded by mansion tax -is it a just a ploy to entice Liberal Democrats into bed with Labour? It's a trojan gift horse and the Liberal Democrats should look in it's mouth.

Oh, and we're in Leicester - so a drink whenever anyone mentions richard 3rd.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimble-tie - Pale green with psychedelic swirls.

Q's _ The Galloway show.

1. Pope resigns and gives 4 weeks notice. An amazing occurrence or an issue of no importance to the majority? The only religion, where true faith is sacrosanct is,and has millions of adherents as I know as I am a believer, in Mohammed's sacred laws, as written and observed by millions, billions, around the globe , we ...{cont 94 minutes}

2. The great migration. Britain divided. Only the free city of Bradford can open its arms to the dispossessed of the uncaring London elite. Forced by undemocratic diktat to make a trek worse than that out of Egypt. Worse than the Aedui and Averni fleeing before Rome. Worse than the Bataan death march. Worse, almost than the colonial power's partitioning of India. On a par, at least, with the Palestinian expulsion from Gaza. This bedroom tax and housing benefit cap is an attack against the human rights of citizens of ...{continues 94 minutes}.

3....And further, the appalling attack on a young woman's right, to not work for benefits. The equal of the insidious,spiteful, shame of Israel in forcing Palestinians to beg for water, for life..{cont 94 minutes}

4...and here, as I suggest we tuck into nutritious halal meat, its clear the FSA, food standards agency, has failed. As did the Financial services agency will...the Free Syrian{cont until Assad deposed}

5.probably not time as Galloway rumbles a quick final 3 minute Q on Tory death tax.

Nick Drew said...

Dimbletie - blue/green

1) Pope, should the next one be a woman? - no, OK, just kidding: no idea what exact qn but something popish
2) Leicester = example of a UK town where white folk are a minority, what does this development mean?
3) horsemeat, natch
4) CU-type BoE question

+ slipped in at the end,
5) state funeral for Richard III?

and triple-decked romantic pizza all round!

Timbo614 said...

Given the last 2 weeks, I don't seem to have my finger on the pulse of the nation, hopefully that shouldn't last furlong. [All other horse based jokes having been done]:)

0) DimbleTie - Racecourse green maybe with Jockeys and horses.

1) FSA(the other one) & government: If the government knew about (or strongly suspected) this Horsemeat problem nearly a year ago why did they sack all the food inspectors, who might actually have been doing something useful?

2) Work-farce slavery, These people really don't want to get work experience do they?

3) Papal problem - will we get a black pope so that with Obama, we now have matching pair.

4) As Galloway is there - Muslim Patrols [ did we have this before? not sure I remember :( ] or something involving Muslims :)

5) Millibands Minitax band? Just a punt?

CityUnslicker said...

I am all in tongiht...

going for a yellow stiopy tie

Horsemeat - who knew tories tasted so bad?

10p tax - Labour still menttourist visasa - we need more to help leicester grow

let's censor the internet and make it a bbc only space to increase freedom. Dimby will be keen on this one!

DtP said...

Dimble tie - fuschia

1) Horse.

2) Workfare?

3) Inflation? Chilli con Carney??

4) Meeja - Royal Charter divel

5) Papist stuff!

Good luck folks


measured said...

1. Less Neigh Neigh, More Moo Moo
2. Race (not Cheltenham) relations, muslims (thank you George) and immigration.
3. Retirement at Pontefract. One less runner.
4. Photographs of a bare fair mare on the beach.
5. Poundland had backed a winner.
Green with purple.
Stuffed crust.

measured said...

That took a good few seconds to upload. I only knew the new rule when I logged on. Stuffed crust AGAIN!

Malcolm Tucker said...

Too late for the Dimble tie.

Horse saga continues
Working for benefits is against human rights
Inflation and the never ending recession
Inheritance tax
Two Popes? How will that work?

idle said...

1. Is the 10p rate any better than raising the tax-free threshold?
2. Is the mansion tax double taxation?
3. Is Oscar Pretorius a victim of the pressure to succeed in sport, just like Lance Armstrong?
4. How much should one pay for prime rib of throughbred?
5. Should we sell Pippa Middleton's bottom to an oil rich despot and halve the national debt?

Kynon said...

Curses - Quiz posted after I turned the computer off & went home!

I retain my record of having not actually watched the show for some years, however.

Dimbletie - probably looks like a cat was sick on it.

1) Ready meals - meat not what it was meant to be, but what about the levels of fat & Shergar? (Sorry.)
2) Once you Pope, you can't stoap? (Oh, wait, Glasgow was last week...)
3) Mansion tax - this is a great deal for everyone else, isn't it, really? (No.)
4) Something about being the MP for West Baghdad (please can someone take that self-serving twat Galloway out & shoot him....please?)

Disclaimer - haven't looked at the twitter feed, haven't seen the show, haven't read the papers probably either all bang on, or all so wide of the mark, they're actually in a different country.

Calfy said...

I think ND deserves an extra point as his "should the next pope be a woman?" came up on Any Questions.

Agence communication said...

i read this article and this is the first time i read about it i like those notes "" bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 5 point {must guess before 9pm.}