Monday 15 April 2013

Posy Simmonds Hits The Mark

Yes, still busy, so another quick plate-spinner in our long-running service to C@W readers: you-probably-don't-read-the-Grauniad-so-you-won't-have-seen-this

It's the 'Grantham Fairytale' King Ironsides, a short Posy Simmonds classic that you will be glad you read: a delightful tribute to Mrs T that makes several good points, fairly and kindly, in the way that only Simmonds can.

The enjoyment is tripled by imagining the legions of Guardianistas who like to think that Posy is an identikit thatcher-hating feminist harridan, and will have multiple burst blood-vessels by the time they get to the final sentence.

One has to think the better of the Grauniad for having published it.



roym said...

that was rather good.

i hope after wednesday we can return to normality. the extremes of hagiography to death parties is getting right on my nerves. as is the daily wails frankly outrageous attempts at political censorship.

Anonymous said...

I suspect more than a few Tory councillors will pay the price for all the hooplah and this ott funeral. All seems a bit unfair really, perhaps the pissed-off factor will have subsided by May. Still, never mind, Cameron et al don't give a sh^t for local councils.

Electro-Kevin said...

One of the joys of driving to work at 3.45am is listening to R4 World Service.

This morning was a fair analyses of Mrs Thatcher's record and none of the accusations from the Left stand up to scrutiny. Not one.

This from a BBC presenter.

Unfortunately you won't get to hear it at normal times.

Diogenes Sinope said...

I may be (probably am) a little bit jaundiced about DC but to paraphrase Jefferson the first act of a scoundrel is to wrap himself in a shroud.

Was this funeral to save himself i.e. using the "halo effect" well tried and trusted by the spin doctors. And since there is a new doctor in the house (No.10) is this his doing?

It's becoming a circus.

Bill Quango MP said...

It was Stalin who arranged Lenin's funeral.

Stalin, who detested anyone having more profile than himself, was acutely aware that there was plenty of advantage in having a martyr to the lying cause around.

And deliberately telling Trotsky the wrong date for the funeral didn't do his coming battle to become supreme leader any harm.

The absence of Trotsky made it look as though Stalin cared much more about the great Lenin and deserved to be his successor. Stalin was clever enough to take the role of chief mourner at Lenin's funeral, making him look caring rather than power-hungry, as well as suggesting that he would be the one most likely to continue Lenin's good work. Stalin carried Lenin's coffin, set up a Lenin Library and Lenin Museum, and created a fake photograph showing himself and Lenin enjoying each other's company. This photo was displayed everywhere and many began to believe that Stalin was immensely loyal to Lenin.

Well...we did want Dave to show a bit more ruthlessness. Maybe he's about to start? Watch out you kulaks.

hovis said...

'Watch out you Kulaks'

Sounds about right for Common Purpose Comrade Dave ... all with a blue rinse to keep most tribalist happy.

Timbo614 said...

O/T - @ND - Sold the PMs yet? If not ouch!

Nick Drew said...

Timbo - nope.

Obviously I judged the silver entry point wrong wrong wrong

but I was loading up for this, if (as it seems) it might be the climax in the breakdown of the paper market;

and my physical is ... physical (see several earlier posts)

it's hold-nerve time (a.k.a. squeaky-bum)

shall write about it when I get time (which ain't just now)

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