Thursday 6 June 2013

Question time : Caan parents give their kids a job edition

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Blackburn. On the panel are Margot James, Conservative MP for Stourbridge, Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's shadow foreign secretary, Lord Oakeshott, Liberal Democrat peer, writer AN Wilson and Salma Yaqoob, the former Leader of Respect.
AN Wilson's books bore me to tears. For a historian of huge social and intellectual standing he doesn't half talk a lot of balls. Anyway...

BQ says:
1. Is it right to be a bleedin' hypocrite on your first day at the Quangocracy?
2. Labour will vigorously cut spending with a pair of kindergarten safety scissors that have had the blades removed. Can we trust the empty Ed's on the economy?
3. Do immigrants work harder Mr Bercow ? :- Yes. 90% of employers say so. I say so. But then they are motivated by earning 3 times what the British worker would earn. Could we be more motivated if we earned £30k picking cabbages in Poland?
4. Syria. Does anyone want to arm the Syria rebels? Why can't our rebels be the good ones. Like in Star Wars.  And isn't this all Israel's doing? Respect will think it is.
5. Racist attacks and Mosque burnings and slogan daubing. Is the terror backlash starting?

Red with a bit of green Dimbletie.

Timbo 614
Week 19

DtP 143

Measured 132
 Timbo614 122
 BQ(MP) 121
GSD 111
  ND 106
 Budgie 98 
 Hopper 93

Malcolm Tucker 89
Blue Eyes 70
 kynon 66
 Botogol 65

Taff -56
CU 50
Idle 48

Sackerson - 11
 Andrew -13

James Higham - 7 
EK -6
anon - 3
 Phil5 - 2


Bill Quango MP said...

DTP enters remotely. As I am away myself this is permitted. We're not going to be watching. But it does not count as first. That is still up for grabs..

Hey Bill
Sorry about this but am cocktail bound allez a la boozer so can I submit a very poor entry early and, obviously, be struck off the first entry list?

Dimbletie - a blue affair (just don't tell the cleaner...fnarr fnarr)

1) WFA/Child benefit - have we moved from the founding principles of Bevan's universality into a state funded underclass? ('s certainly one for the anoraks and quite an stimulating topic, really).

2) The Prevent agenda, TERFOR and how to surpress stigmatisation and ghettoisation of demographic indicators. The Respect lass is quite good - she thinks Gorgeous George is a tool too!

3) Syria - for the love of God Billy, just go to the boozer. It's all very well him moralising and hand wringing and even, to some extent, sabre rattling but he seems quite keen on intervention (or, the FCO does, anywho). Ch4 News last night reported that the US are starting to back the hell away though so...

4) Surely not A&E again?

5) I dunno - this Gove GCSE bollox. I don't do education so have read bugger all about it but it seems a bit of a spunk bubble.

Good luck folks.

measured said...

Evenin’ all,
Just in case I get led astray somewhere, these are mine:
1. Different religions, different values. freedom of speech …religious wars. Someone is bound to demand we get these people out of our country. What to do BQ?

2. Labour would cap welfare spending and go cap in hand to the IMF no doubt. Osborne didn’t have a Plan B, let alone a Plan C, so best not mention that the recent figures may be more to do with seasons and weather. More cuts in public services.

3. Is it acceptable to employ Little Johnny? Nepotism isn't illegal, you just have to fix it that they are the best candidate.

4. The Syrian army is winning. Er, guys, this isn’t going to plan.

5. Mourinho back to Chelsea. Has to be football, not much else goes on in Blackburn. Shall we have Blair back too? ::[hides]::

Dimbletie – pink, green and very vibrant

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Locals to have a veto on turbines - a good idea or a licence to nimby?

2) Is "Help-to-Buy" fuelling a new property bubble?

3) How can lobbying groups be combated? Should the MPs/Lords caught just be expelled or sent to prison?

4) Will Labour's plans to means-test benefits boost UKIPs numbers even more?

5) NSA collecting phone-data in the USA: an operation that the STASI would have envied? If our own version of this gets implemented, will it be used to sort out my #3 above?

and Dimbletie = blue & gold.

Budgie said...

Was there a site problem? I suspect many did not see this post last night?

Malcolm Tucker said...


1. Ed Miliband trying to turn off the benefits tap. Not trying very hard though. Miliband pledged in september to wage war on George Osborne's benefits cuts. Has he now admitted he's lost the war?

2. Islamic war. Terror plots and the plan to bomb the EDL?
Should the extremists just fight it out in a big pit with sharp sticks?

3. Child care. Clegg scuppers reforms. Government by hissy fit?

4. Tax evasion from
Labour? Who'd a thunk it.

5. Some utter bollocks about check your priviledge.

Budgie said...

Budgie, quick start taking the pills again.

Timbo614 said...

Hello (or not) I hope you are all enjoying the drinkies. I was going to make the effort and get on a choo-choo(it's only 27 minutes), but work as usual intervened :(

so will have to watch QT instead.

1) Syrian U-Turn of fortunes - Assad seems to be winning at the mo - what's plan B

2) Leave our middle lane alone! £100 for what? Doing 70 in an official 70 limit? Sort of acknowledges the de facto 80! So if you are tailgating someone at 70 in the middle lane is that £200? Just don't do a U-Turn in it!

3) Mau Mau abuse history - do we have to pay for everything now - what about Waterloo or Agincourt or WWII? any one abused there who wants a payout? Should we U-turn on the last 500 years?

4) The Clegg Children to Adult ratio U-Turn, well just here 'coz its another U-Turn!

5) The Millipede U-Turn, Cut Cut oh, erm been done? has it? Oh? Who by?

Timbo614 said...

OH again! Bit late for DimbyTie but Black again with Red pattern!

Hopper said...

Darn it. Am I too late to guess the last couple of questions being on Internet porn?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: In suggesting a cap on welfare benefits, is @Ed_Miliband endorsing the work of the Coalition?

Next Q2: Do we help social cohesion by allowing children to be educated in schools segregated along religious grounds {local question}

Q3: Blackburn born, I am saddened by our divided communities. What step would you take to aid diversity in this and other towns?
{Aid diversity? That's not what she means... Even Dimby says this is the same question as before.}

Q4: After revelations of lobbyists having such influence over MPs – and after expenses scandal – can we really put our trust in MPs?
{could we ever?}
'Mr Mills described his choice of donation to Labour as the “most tax efficient way” of doing it'

We'll count that. This is one of the worst ever episodes of Question Time. Imagine how terrible it must be to be a bottom ten.

Q5: Why can’t communities affected by fracking have blocking powers as offered to those near wind farms?
One for you Nick.

Dreadful episode ..seemed two hours long.

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ - 3
DTP vgood - 8
Measured 6 +2 for dimbytie + 1 for first guess. - 9
gsd - 9 + 2 for the frackin' spot = 11
Malcolm Tucker -6
Budgie - 1 {for turning up - in fact turned up twice - so 2}
Timbo614 - 3 + 2 for the dimbytie =5
Hopper - no porn tonight {as far as I know - what you get up to later is up to you - 2 point for late entry}

Winner is gsd who's prize is to decide on a brand new max speed for each motorway lane.


gsd said...

Wow! Unexpected - i was sure there was going to be at leat one Syria/Turkey/Al-Q question there tonight, but couldn't think of a worthy one. Lucky me!

Well, I'd actually leave the limits where they are (if it ain't broke...), but I would like a plan to make better use of them - give HGVs an incentive like a rebate on road-tax/duty paid on fuel for hours driven between 10pm & 5am. May even combat inflation a bit too.

Kynon said...

Yet again, late posting (relative to my time in front of a computer) and I didn't watch the damn thing anyway.

Tie - tangerine with blue highlights

1) Labour will cap/cut welfare - is this a tacit admission that all three "main" parties are just different shades of the same shite?
2) Will the "new" driving offences & penalties actually make any difference whatsoever, and why are the gubmint creating offences for which laws already exist? (Side note - the mobile phone one clearly doesn't deter people, as I see at least 3 people per day driving whilst on their handheld mobile phone.)
3) Is David "tough on graft, tough on the causes of graft" Cameron ACTUALLY going to do anything about the rampant corruption/natural movement of people between gubmint, lobbyists, and the like? Oh no, because that's how he started, and how his cronies top up the coffers. Move along, nowt to see.
4) Obama & the great phone metadata scandal - is the UK gubmint doing the same thing, or do they just want to do it (see Snooper's charter etc etc)

I anticipate my +1 for turning up late last week being added, and probably only a +1 for this week as well (I have not read anyone else's Q's, nor have I watched or read anything about this week's QT. Sco(u)t's Honour.

Blue Eyes said...

I have corroborating witnesses who will confirm that I was unable to enter the comp from my phone. Normally that would be no excuse but I was kidnapped by capitalists and forced to drink premium continental lager.

CityUnslicker said...

cooking lager BE as I remember it....I entered on twitter too...forgetting BQ was away...

Nick Drew said...

I have the bruises from holding BE down and making him drink

thanks heavens Measured was there to assist - and 9 QT points too! ... talk about multi-tasking

good to see Sackers (hope you got your train), + Calfy too

Sackerson said...

Cornish pasty, execrable tea and train within minutes of arrival at Marlybone, ND. Nearly swallowed the bloody bag.

BE, excuses: you weren't drinking two-handed until 9 pm, before that you could've texted with the non-beer arm. Next time let's stand together and shout our entries across on Skype video via somebody's smartphone.

Budgie said...

Hmmm, maybe it's not the pills after all, BQ. I submitted 5 questions as usual, and saw them on your blog ..... but they have disappeared.

My first question was "Tough on benefits, tough on the causes of benefits. Can the big Eds be trusted?" which i was terribly proud of (sob!!). Is there a site problem, or should I be paranoid?