Wednesday 18 September 2013

BBC Question Time - Get ready.

The political bubble is excited, preparing for the new QT season that starts tomorrow for real.
The C@W QT app is the most downloaded app in Westminster, after Expenses Calculator V.7 and 
Late Rooms Hotel bookings/By the hour/cheap.

This season much simplified scoring.

2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked
2 pt for
1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

Twitter- its often better than the actual show. better than lobbing bricks at the flat screen anyway.




Anonymous said...

Do I post in this thread - and win all the points? Or do I wait for an new one based on the location and members of the panel?

Bill Quango MP said...

Wait for tomorrow.
Can post now if you like but forfeit the first to post opportunity

Timbo614 said...

Bill, Rather than buying more tellys, you can buy foam "bricks" they look like bricks but bounce off your telly screen :)

Kynon said...

Timbo - you don't have shares in NERF products, do you? :P