Thursday 24 October 2013

BBC Question Time Competition - Call my bluff edition

David Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Liverpool, with Conservative education minister 
Liz trust fund Truss.
Labour's shadow energy secretary Caroline 'not good enough for window dressing' Flint,{I bet Miliband regrets giving this suddenly media spotlight post to a proven incompetent. Cameron certainly must regret letting the Limps have command of this key battleground issue.}
  President of the Liberal Democrats Tim 'I want to be leader..I want to be leader' Farron,
 Author of the book 'The diary of Owen Jones, aged 13¾' - Owen Jones

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter 'Pippa's favourite' Hitchens.

2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

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Number of wins 

Nick Drew -2

Mark Wadsworth - 1

 Malcolm Tucker -1 
  Hopper -1
Dick the Prick -1 

Kilgore Trout - 1
 Measured - 1
DJK - 1
CityUnslicker -1
This week's question time predictions are from MARK WADSWORTH
 Dimbletie - Green and yellow stripes.

1. Grangemouth refinery to close - is Cameron continuing Thatcher's war on the industrial North?

2. Getting rid of green taxes, freezing petrol duty to encourage more cars onto the road, nuclear subsidies, didn't Cameron say that this was going to be the "greenest government ever'?

3. That royal christening thing - was it kept deliberately low key for fear of triggering riots again like after major in your face royal displays of unearned wealth and power?

4. Jimmy Savile and compensation culture - is the rest of the UK finally catching up with Liverpool?

5. False widow spider - is this scare story to compensate us for that we didn't have any "super bug" scare stories over the summer? Is the NHS equipped to deal with the massive influx of bite vicitms? Apparently, its bite gives you headaches and nausea but is usually not fatal. So no more harmful than drinking booze, really.


Nick Drew said...

dimbltie limit shd be 17:00, BQ - he did a 17:59 trailer last week

so - dimbletie silver-grey

1. nukes, do we need'em? (at that price? + segue to energy-price banter and general energy omni-babble (incl Grangemouth), taking up a lot of time
2. health tourism
3. what's with all this child theft in Europe?
4. should Facebook be regulated?

bonus silly question if energy doesn't squeeze it: so what does Merkel say on her interminable 'handy' calls?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

False widow spider - special bonus for the first person to blame this on Gorbal Worming.

Oops I see from the Telegraph that this horse might already have bolted...they don't hang about these warmists, do they?

Bill Quango MP said...

Thanks ND - MW has been included, as first!
Dimbytie..well..we'll have to monitor.
Difficult to close off before end of the work day. See how we go.

BQ says

1} Energy..rising cost of living and why won't the rich Tories help us!

2} Grangemouth and Unite's {BBC 5 live news words here- its true}
Utter Utter humiliating climbdown

3}Should police be CCTV'd and microphoned up. Would Hillsborough have been different if they had been?

4} Liverpool wasn't the crappiest place in Britain. Not by a long way. but Stoke was..Let's take the mick out of them pot throwing uglies.

5}Health tourism. A tiny,tiny 5, not worth bothering about or could we better spend that £2bn estimate on bennies for our own people.

DtP said...

Whoa - can we do an honesty box re: Dimbletie?

1) Energy windfall tax and John Major's intervention - has Cameron lost his green credentials (and I bet they start whinging about it as if anyone over 17 with a job really gives a monkeys other than nimbyism)

2) Free School - oh, they're terribly bad they are, terribly don't ya know!

3) Housing shortage and that the cap doesn't work - cue the garcon Jones wibbling earnestly about something or other.

4) Local Q about Alder Hey and failing hospital standards - Liverpooool care pathway and generally how really it's all Jeremy's fault but not Lord Andy of Burnham.

5)Social meeja irresponsibility. TBF though - i've seen one of those beheading vids and they're pretty damnedly horrific - defo in favour of censoring for under 18's of that kinda stuff.

Dimbletie - black & silver (maybe the guy could show some style once in a while).

Good luck comrades, together united we'll never be defeated - whoops, sack the lyricist!

Hopper said...

Dimbletime: dark grey with orange flame motif

1. Does the Grangemouth debacle show that we don't care about energy security or cost?
2. Should the UK and USA spy on its enemies - sorry, close European partners?
3. Where's this bleedin' economic recovery, then, eh? eh?
4. Energy part 2: why waste money on green taxes when it's so cold we could do with some global warming?
5. CIH reports that the bedroom tax isn't working, give us our money back.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimtie: fish pattern

1. Hospital inspections and how its all gone downhill since the coalition.
And the appointment of a private sector head- stand by for privatisation scare.

2. Scottish power upping its prices. Owen Jones is right - nationalise everything!

3.Teacher need qualifications. And Clegg's embarrassing display earlier when he was told many of his teachers never had teaching qualifications.

4.Doncaster council to axe almost half the workforce over 10 years.

Is the age of the government funded non-job for life at an end?

5. Health tourism. Something for Owen to say is a racist, daily Mail issue of no importance.
Hopefully the Hitch will point out that if the health tourists were discouraged then the bedroom tax would be unnecessary.

Taff said...

Evening Brothers and Sisters. Here is the vote from the Cymru Collective and Working Men's Front against .... everything.

Energy. Like most "green" products energy is getting more expensive. Is [Dodgy) Dave guilty of mis-selling he benefits.

Education. Why shouldn't all teachers be qualified. Are Free schools just a way of cutting the wage bill.

Grangemouth. If Energy is so expensive why do the workers at Grangemouth have to suffer to keep the profits up.

Plebgate. Should the police apologise for Plebgate.

Hillsborough. Should the police apologise for Hillsborough.

Solidarity Forever


PS No tie as they are blatantly sexist and gender biased.

patently said...

Once again I step forward to stand in @measured's shoes. Gosh they're tight. And being this high is a novel experience for me...

The Dimbler may well have done a trailer, but I am slaving away in the office selflessly raising the UK's GDP (and certainly not sneaking in any personal websurfing, no...) so haven't seen any. I will opt for my traditional burgundy, therefore.

As for the topics, umm, some subjects almost choose themselves.

Grangemouth - will this prove to be Unite's finest hour, snatching a soon-to-be-realised victory from the jaws of apparent defeat, or will it all dribble to a sloppy finish?

Energy - does the government have any left? Or do they find it all too taxing?

And finally, can we plebs ever trust a copper's word again?

CityUnslicker said...

I will watch tonight too, home in time for once...

1) Energy - How amazing is Milliband, all we need are unedliverable (sp is correct, its a joke...and a TM) promises and the Tories turn to jelly. it's 1997 all over again, even Major thinks so.

2) Cops, its only fair they hate tories too, all those cuts and falling crime rates. bastards.

3) America are spying on teh Germans and we are America's poodle, its all our fault you know.

4) free schools - what a terrible idea, those people without 3 day qaulifications, what do they know? Slighlty harder to jude an attack from the BBC on a failing muslim school, but they might manage it to point to 'proof' of balance.

5) And here's why I am watching. Jones will defend UNITE and grangemouth employees against evil capitalists and with a bit of luck and um, prompting, Hitchens will be tooled up from reading here for a day or two...

hitchens hopefully will have decked Jones

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Leopard print (has to happen one week!)

1. Russell Brand - voice of the people or egomanical ignoramus?

2. Little Ed promised an energy price freeze and! Why won't the nasty Tories do as they are told?

3. Grangemouth - Too little too late? Will the investors decide they can't risk doing business with such an unreliable partner in spite of the apparent climb down?

4. Should teachers be trained? Apparently many of Cleggo's 'ol school masters were not and look at what happened to him!

5. Would Paxo's powers return if he shaved the beard? (Kind of like a reverse Samson...)

DJK said...

1. Grangemouth: would the workers have been better off in an independent Scotland?

2. Green taxes: is John Major right to call for a windfall tax?

3. Can we ever trust the Police again?

4. Are the LDs right to call for all teachers to be qualified?

5. Royal baby: what would the team choose as a christening gift?

Dimbletie: abstract shapes of many colours.

Timbo614 said...


Une) The squabble at Grangemouth. Unite do a French army trick.. Will the workers just get screwed harder now?

deux) Cameron Climbs down from his green tree. U-turn or Useful (Millband started it after all)?

trois) NHS - 25% of trusts not fit for purpose. Where is our "Choice" now.

quatre) Spying on the Merkel - is she agreeing with Snowden now? Is it Snowden fault?

cinq) The National Trust to allow fracking on their land, Do we really need to go that far this early?

Tie a combination of bleu and noir

lilith said...

1. Should black footballers boycott the World Cup? Or should we just pull one of Sepp Blatter's teeth/toenails each time there is a racist chant.

2. Should policemen be injected with sodium pentathol before giving evidence in court?

3. Should Roma be allowed to keep their children if they happen to be blonde or should they give them to Gerry McCann?

4. Can we burn Len McClusky to keep warm this winter? Or will we have to get by on an unqualified teacher?

5. The Elderly. Is it all their fault?

Budgie said...

Evenin' BQ, any chance of a score for this one?

1. Was John Major's intervention useful for Cameron, or was it a kick in the proverbials? Should the energy companies pay a windfall tax as well as being directed by government? What about the Green levies?

2. Was Merkel's intervention useful for O'Blimey, or was it a kick in the proverbials? Should the NSA pay a windfall compensation as well as being investigated by government? Is it really not on? Should O'Barmy be re-named Snoop Dog?

3. One in four NHS hospitals a risk for patients? That good?

4. Prince George in revealing three kings pictures sensation shock!! His lizard crystal skull hidden already!!!!?!!

5. Young single and priced out of buying a home? The North-South divide.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbytie -mad affair of purple affair with some kind of jellyfish? orange and yellow.

Q1 - energy subsidy,- eco tax and prices and incomes. The Hitch says we should keep warm by burning the green tax legislation... or something.
Farron says the world will end if burn another lump of coal and gets a huge round of applause.
Truss says nuclear and shale is the answer.
Then it turns into handbags.

Dimby shuts Jones's ultra left rant up, which is nice of him.

Q2 - missed the wording again but it was a spy vs spy question.

Just imagine Putin rolling on the floor, holding his aching sides, tears of laughter pouring down his cheeks, as he watches a 'liberal democracy' say spying on allies is probably a bit off.
Then he imagines Li Keqiang at his home, doing the same, and it sets him off again.

Q3 What is wrong with having ‘unqualified’ teachers in free schools if they are ‘qualified’ enough in the subject they teach?

Q4 - some weird question about disillusionment with politics ??
There was a Hitch rant about immigration so we shall add that.

Bill Quango MP said...


MW +1 for first = 3

ND - Very good some bonus points for the right degree - 6

Weekend Yachtsman- alas no. Would have been a better question.

BQ - 2

DTP -5

Hopper mostly right - 5

DJK - closest with the tie -2pts + 4 = 6

Malcolm T - 4 {i thought that council q might have sneaked in..good punt}

Comrade Taff - 4 {i haven't worn a tie in 4 years.} Probably under 10 times in twenty years.

Hello Patently - LTNS - Measured scored - 2

CU - straight 6

Kilgore Trout - 4 + 1 for the leopard print lol. - 5

Timbo614 - 4 {good try}

lilith , all so good , but not asked! - 3

Budgie V.good late shot - 5

Winners are DJK , CU and ND all with 6

prize is to choose a yes/no to green energy taxes - and as Tim Fallon said " think of the old people"
*He didn't explain why we can't help old people out of general taxation..just sort of implied they would all die if we didn't have greentaxes...but its up to you..