Friday 25 October 2013

Friday fun - Boardroom beats.

A bit of Friday fun.
Comments using musical lines have been creeping into the workplace.
{Have they? No idea - but I saw these and would have given them a smiley thumbs up if I knew how.}

"Don't ask him. He can't even remember if the Buffalo Girls go round the outside or the inside."
"And last item on the agenda today.. did we ever actually get to the bottom of who let the dogs out?"
"we will still need you and we will still feed you, when you're sixty-four...  But at sixty-five you're redundant."
"we missed the last quarter..So now we know what it feels like when doves cry.."
"Whine on you lazy diamond."

And a favourite that happened in a dull meeting some years back. When the 
'Are there any questions ?' was asked, someone replied..
 " Er..yes ..What is luh uhh uhh uhh uhhve anyway?  Does anybody, love anybody, anyway?"

And a film one from 'As Good As It Gets' that I liked. Some reps were trying to sell us a product, something like the amstrad emailer,  that they couldn't really explain why we would need it. 

"Go sell hazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here."

Any more workplace lyrics, quotes or quips into the comments.


Blue Eyes said...

When I met you, you were a waitress in s cocktail bar... now you are Assistant Manager.

Electro-Kevin said...

"I'm a wanker. I'm a wanker. And it does me good like it bloody well should."

UNITE HQ meeting.

I've added to the last Grangemouth thread btw.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite lines comes from the Argentinian film "Nine queens"
Two con artists try to swindle a stamp collector by selling him a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps (the "nine queens").
Marcos distributes percentages to a network of swindlers to work with him but there are too many con artists in action luring each other.

So the dialogue is from the moment when Marcos meets his estranged (businesslike and smart dressed) sister Valeria in the reception of a five-star hotel (where she works)

Valeria: I had you called, they didn't find you,and I had him sent out.

Marcos: You've become a snitch?

Valeria: This is my job and I work my ass off hours a day to keep it.

Marcos: I hope you don't mean it literally.

Blue Eyes said...

"Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me
Some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me"

Overheard at a Mayfair hedge fund office.

Nick Drew said...

as you know I spent a large part of last year working in Ireland

the office banter there is non-stop, large-scale gobbets of Father Ted (a bit difficult for a Brit to know whether to it's appropriate to join in, though I'm always busting to do so, knowing all the lines: and then there's the awful dilemma of whether to let them have the benefit of my hilarious Cork accent ...)

We've had a lot of trouble like that
- Oh, right, so
No seriously, Ted, we have

Jack had a special name for them: what was it it now ?
- a shower of bastards
yes, that was it

Blue Eyes said...

ND brilliant!

I bet you were tempted to say: now Dougal, these windmills are small, and those are far away.

Nick Drew said...

now that's sarcasm

Malcolm Tucker said...

Great one from one of the MD's meeting.

He said

"So ..Can we remember back to where we have come from? .And now where do we want to go?
"Where have we come from ? .. Where do we go..?"
"Where have we come from...Cotton Eyed Joe."

andrew said...

The lemon is in play.


Red top / Yellow top.

dearieme said...

Yes we have no bananas.