Thursday 10 October 2013

BBC Question Time compo:

David Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Cambridge. 
On the panel are business minister and Liberal Democrat, Jo 'sisterhood' Swinson MP
 Labour MP, Diane 'sacked' Abbott.
 Conservative MP, Adam ' the British Chuka Umunna' Afriyie; 
Sarah 'the one on the panel you don't know' Churchwell, professor of American literature at the University of East Anglia; and The Times columnist, 
Matthew ' softy' Parris.


2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

Twitter- its often better than the actual show. Lots of rants and that moment when you read something written by someone else who is clearly 100% wrong. How can someone be 100% wrong? if you want to know, listen to Larry Lamb on a Sunday morning on LBC 97.3 - 100% wrong on pretty much everything.


BQ believes:
Dimbytie - Simply Red

- Eu referendum. Will it happen?
- Release of Baby P mum- And social care failures
- How many illegal immigrants shall we say came into the country? 
- Royal Mail - priced to cheap?
- Energy price rises on the way. Shall we call Ed and let him know? 

Number of wins 
Mark Wadsworth - 1
Nick Drew -1
Malcolm Tucker -1 
Hopper -1
Dick the Prick -1 
Anon - 1



Hopper said...

Dimbletie: autumnal dark green (as of limpid ponds)

1. Are we really growing out of the recession, why doesn't it feel like it?
2. Energy prices ever upwards, was Ed right to cap them or is he the cause?
3. Snowden Snowden something. Hero or villain?
4. Will the panel be buying shares in Royal Mail or is it a BP-like trap?
5. Why ban illegal immigrants from getting driving licences? (By contrast, they plan to hand them out in some USA states e.g. California)

CityUnslicker said...

tie: yellow stripey affair.

1 Energy - blamestorm into darkeness

2 - Royal Mail - tory spivs' seling off accoring to labour's plan...

3 - Press/leveson/Gauridina/ Rlaph miliband - all media should be state controlled and broadcast, obviously

4 - evil tories hate poor immigrants and are, well, evil

some nut job is going to say we should de-carbonise the entire economy and that if we built a million windmills there would be jobs for all ina super green economy.

Anonymous said...

Tie: Navy blue

13 years of a New Labour Government and exams results improved every year. 3 years of Michael Gove and British kids are the thickest on the planet (or something). Should Gove be allowed to do any more damage?

The new head of MI5 says Britain has thousands of home grown Jihadists. Who says we don't export anything anymore?

Snowden. Who do you trust less - the Guardian or the Government?

Why won't the Evil Tories cap energy prices like Little Ed promised?

Does the BBC give too much time to Climate Deniers?

Nick Drew said...

limpid ponds ? excellent !

I'll say - Dimbletie = Monet-style lilypond effect, light blobs on watery background

1. GCHQ, should they be allowed to get on with ... whatever it is they get up to? (ans: they are going to, anyhow) (and what is 'M' doing speaking in public at all?)

2. Royal Mail, should the shares have been reserved for the ordinary punter?

3. Borderforce: WTF is going on?

4. OK, some sort of energy-bills question to allow everyone to air their ignorance, sophistry and partisan posturing

Just 4 this week

measured said...

I reckon there could be more of an international outlook tonight so:

1. Wot du u fink I shud rite, BQ?

Sorry, thought I was 16 – 24 years old again. Our standards have gone down while other countries standards have gone up. What’s gone wrong? Leftie lethargy I say.

2. Should we really have to pay for poor people to insulate their homes? If they freeze to death it would be so much cheaper…. Go on, tell us about your constituents, Diane. I can’t wait.

3. Does the Commonwealth still have relevance? Gambia for holidays meant you wandered out of your hotel room to see abject poverty. No wonder they loathe us.

4. A woman at the Head of the Fed and Obama willing to negotiate. American has gone soft.

5. Technology, science, grants, funding, innovation, selection, research – a nerdy question as you would expect. I hope the panel keep up.

Tie: Being Christchurch College, Oxford ... a vibrant royal blue with other bright colours there somewhere. *please don’t adjust your sets*

measured said...

* America

Btw I think we should help people insulate homes. I hate the wind farm subsidies. See, I'm not a witch.

DJK said...

1. Who's to blame for ever-rising energy prices, and what is the correct govt. response?
2. Is Libya better or worse after Dave's mini-war a year or two back?
3. What do the team think the price of a 1st class stamp will be in 12 months time?
4. How should the state regulate the press and bloggers?
5. Something about the UK border agency.

Dimbletie: red and brown

Blue Eyes said...

Tie: a shocking dayglo brown-based affair, with subtle hints of juniper.

Umm, what's been happening this week?

1. Royal Mail - democratic capitalism or carpet-bagging by the smug rich and evil bankers?
2. ENERGY CRISIS!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! (incoherent wibble avoiding any serious discussion of the causes, perhaps with a crap pre-prepared soundbite from Parris about how it's all Milivolt's fault but we must chunter on with decarbonisation anyway)
3. Reshuffling to avoid people noticing that the government is doing nothing NOTHING! Or something.
4. Are we in a boom? If so, why is Central London so full of rough sleepers? Something about the bedroom tax from Diane Abbott.
5. UKIP, the European far right, Germany, EU referendum.

lilith said...

1. Borders, should we bother?
2. Fuel prices, small price to pay to save the planet, or should we forget about the planet?
3. Kids, should the state keep them locked up till 18 so they are safe?
4. Ed Miliband's hurt feelings...should we keep talking about them?
5. Sports people, should we make more English, or is Stevie Gerrard all we need?

Dimbletie: blue and orange

Malcolm Tucker said...

Red Green Ed was responsible for the energy price rises which government ministers must pretend are only 4% even though everyone knows they are much nearer 10%

Governments immigration figures. Only 60 people came to Britain illegally. Or maybe 600. Or maybe 6 million.. Lets just say 6 and ignore the problem.

The more exams kids pass the less intelligent they become. For some reason Britain's education, education, education generation have dropped so far down the league tables that parents really are smarter than a ten year old.

EU referendum. If this Tory is the next PM in waiting why did the backbencher s tell him to zip it?

Dim tie - Cyberman silver

DtP said...

Crikey - tough week, bit procedural

1) Edukashun
2) Energy stuff
3) House building - bit local maybe
4) Reshuffffle
5) Leveson

Dimbletie: orange?

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Can the country afford green power in view of ever increasing costs? [If it is so vital, why not suspend foreign aid for a bit & use the money for greenification of the power industry instead?]

2) New immigration rules - will it lead to more uninsured drivers and more illegal squatters?

3) Should university tuition fees be capped at all? If LibDems ever got into power, would they still scrap tuition fees?

4) Should the EU referendum be brought forward (to take the wind out of UKIPs sails if nothing else)?

5) Female pay - Should we just tell any girl that asks? how much do the members of the panel earn (including Dimby)?

Dimbytie = green & pink.

(reading back these questions makes me sound like an angry bloke who stands slightly to the right of Gengis Kahn.I'm not, honest!)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tie: black and white Moiré interference pattern.

1. England and Wales slipping in education league tables.

2. Energy price cap, fuel duty freeze, council tax freeze, cap on rail fare increases. Remind me, which of these are 'radical socialist' Labour ideas and which ones are Tory 'sticking up for hard working people' ideas?

3. Royal Mail privatisation, a step too far?

4. That EDL chap leaving the EDL, communities, inter-faith dialogue, the end for the far right, yadda yadda, new dawn for melting pot Britain, whatever.

5. Sarah Teather (who if truth be told is probably Jo Swinson's sister, they look very similar) resigns but top Fed Reserve and IMF jobs are held by women, is this the high watermark of the glass ceiling being shattered? As if it mattered. Ah, shedoobie, shattered, shattered.

Botogol said...

Orange tie

1 was the royal mail sold too cheap
2 are we seeing a government sponsored housing bubble
3 do we really have a cost of living crisis
4 is time to go nuclear

Budgie said...

1. Should O'Barma be cast as the hero by the BBC for spending $gazillions like there was no tomorrow. Have the Republicans caved in to O'Blimey's steely resolve?

2. Should RM shares go to greedy capitalist, Thatcherist, private (state=good; private=bad) shareholders? One up for Hampstead thinkers when £10k buyers were thwarted with .... nothing.

3. Energy prices. Is SSE being run by Thatcher?

4. Is it too late to save Britain from runaway global warming? OECD head Angel Gurria (who he?) says the global warming crisis is clearer to see than the warning signs for the financial crisis.

5. Is Adam Afriye a swivel eyed racist clown?

Blue Eyes said...

Diane, are you proposing the three Rs??

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie - purple and yellow flowers.

First question- With today’s 8% rise in energy bills, is it now time for a price freeze?

Q2: Should Britain have a referendum on the EU BEFORE the next election.

An Alfriyie manoeuvre that has gone wrong for him.

Q3 – OECD skills survey has shown our young adults perform poorly in comparison to those of other countries. Where have we gone wrong?

The NUT must surely take a large measure of blame. And following all the trendy American teaching methods for the last 20 years hasn't done us any favours. Americans have fallen faster down the ladder.

Q4 – Will coalition and shadow cabinet appointments really make any difference to UK politics or is it just window dressing?
{what a pointless question}

Q 5- Has the publication of articles in the Guardian about GCHQ damaged national security?

“There are seven green taxes that put £112 on the average energy bill in 2013,” says @Spectator - #bbcqt

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ- 4
Hopper - 4
Cu - 4
Anon {who is anon } - 9 . Excellent.
Nick Drew - 4
Measured - 4 {+1 for the school} - 5
DJK - hi - 3
BE - good - 6
Lilith - 3
Malcolm Tucker - good - 6
DTP - good late entry - 5
gs {ghengis}d - 4
Mark Wadsworth - fine - 5
Dearime - quite.
Botogol - nah - 2
Budgie - 3

No Dimbletie winner, so its a roll-over.

Winner was anon with a fantastic 9. Claim your prize
{prize is to pick a cabinet non job for Afriyie}

Electro-Kevin said...

1) Where did the latest Left Wing QT audience come from ?