Thursday 17 October 2013

Question Time - Anything you say may be deleted, redacted, or made up statements inserted and used in evidence against you ..edition

David Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Basingstoke.{oh ..bad luck!}
 His guests are immigration minister, Mark Harper MP; 
Labour's shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt MP; 
Diane James of UKIP; 
Daily Telegraph chief political commentator Peter Oborne; 
playwright and chancellor of Kingston University Bonnie Greer.

2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

Twitter- its often better than the actual show. Lots of rants and that moment when you read something written by someone else who is clearly 100% wrong. How can someone be 100% wrong? if you want to know, listen to Larry Lamb on a Sunday morning on LBC 97.3 - 100% wrong on pretty much everything.


BQ believes:
Dimbytie - Eco green with sky blue

- Are the police to be trusted or is just a few ten thousands of rotten apples- Savile, Hillsborough, Duggan, Mitchell Lawrence?
- Obama saved the day and saved the world from the US version of  UKIP - Bonnie?
- Should Vince Cable be sacked for finally doing something right? 
- China - Can we have a massive sale and flog them everything we have?
- Maddie. Is it right that one family can monopolise the media?

Number of wins 
Mark Wadsworth - 1
Nick Drew -1
 Malcolm Tucker -1 
  Hopper -1
Dick the Prick -1 
Kilgore Trout - 1
 Measured - 1


Hopper said...

Ah, Basingstoke. Dimbletie has to be a tasteful car park grey to match the town centre.

1. Can people still work themselves out of poverty, and should we make them?
2. Are free schools going to provide a way out of poverty, or are they just a way to undercut hard-working striking teachers?
3. Will the new Chinese-owned nukes stop ever-rising gas prices, and will our energy be any more secure as a result?
4. Is the US debt crisis a foretaste of what's waiting for us?

Guessing only time for 4 as we've got Bonnie and a Oborne, but they might be entertaining.

Nick Drew said...

There is so much going on, I can go with 5 that are completely different from BQ (just for the sake of it, really)

(would dearly like someone to ask Oborne when he's coming up with his evidence, but ...)

Dimbletie puce

1. should pensioner benefits be means-tested?
2. do we really believe crime is at an all-time low? (when we clearly don't trust the rozzers to tell the truth abt anything else)(OK, a bit similar to BQ's #1)
3. what future for Free schools, errr faith schools, errrrrr OK then Muslim schools?
4. what future for badgers?
5. should Prince Charles keep his trap shut?

Miss CD said...

Dimbletie - Orange sunburst.

1. Police and plebs and is the police federation institutionally socialist?

2.Jimmy Savile. Don't know the question but something about him - lined to liar police force.

3. Royal mail strike. So the shares must plummet and InCableble was right all along?

4. Gas price rises. Miliband is onto something. even if he can't really do anything, he can put himself on the right side of the argument.

5. Us government and the tea party.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dimbletie: Vertical black and pink stripes.

1. That Islamic school, does this show that Free Schools is going to be a disaster?

2. BoJo going to China slagging off British workers - typical Tory arrogance?

3. Savile, police, Mitchell, Plebgate. Were they nice to Savile because he was a toff masquerading as a working class lad unlike Mitchell who is complete chavscum masquerading as a toff?

4. Is Prince Charles right about pension fund short termism (possibly the stupidest comment so far from Britian's stupidest man, but there you go).

5. Ed Miliband's energy price freeze was a good idea - if the Tories had implememented it then households would already be about £200 better off.

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Purply pink with blue pattern stitching

1. Was the politically motivated stitch-up of Andrew Mitchell an acceptable form of protest against government cuts to police pay and pensions?

2. Will subsidising the Chinese Communist Party to build new nukes benefit British energy security, tax payers and electricity consumers?

3. Do Islamist free schools add to Britain's cultural diversity or are they further evidence that Gove is wrong about everything in the world ever?

4. As Oborne is on - how about something that lets him mouth off about how 'moderate' Rouhani (one of the original Khomeinite revolutionaries) really is. After all, the only reason Iran could have for secretly building underground nuclear enrichment facilities would be to meet its civil electricity demand!

5. Did anyone on the panel ever do anything they now regret when they were a child?

PS. I posted as Anon last week (not expecting to win!) but I would quite like to claim my glory, if pos. I submit as evidence another set of obnoxious questions.

Nick Drew said...

I have just sighted the Dimbltie - on a trailer @ 17:59 !

need a new closing-time for this, BQ

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Plebgate fallout - Has the Masonic influence in the police been replace by that of Common Purpose? Is a Royal review (or whatever its called) needed?

2) Teachers Strike - justified?

3) Is replacing regular soldiers with the TA workable?

4) Can/should anything be done to make the UK a less attractive destination for the benefit seeking hordes of Europe?

5) Morrissey's autobiography going straight into the Penguin Classic list - irrelevant marketing ploy or devaluing to real literature?

Dimbytie = grey & pink,

[see, only a bit Ghengis-y this week!]

Malcolm Tucker said...

Tie reddish green

- British gas price rises. Are we expecting china to invest if we agree that there can be no price rises ever again?

- teachers strike. Mail strike. Council strike.
Should there be a general strike ?

- USA debt thingy.

- plebgate revisited

- spacemonkies. Are we just manufacturing racism now?

measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. Chief Whip (ex) vs. Chief Constables - What weasels! Cull the lot of them. No pilot studies or trial areas required.

2. Who wants the Romanians? But then who wants the Eritreans? Regain the control of our borders.

3. Energy prices, squeezing the middle classes and the poor pensioners. Let the teachers and posties bleat about their pensions.

4. Should they have sold the Royal Mail? I am trying to think of a song that goes cheap, cheap, cheap.

5. Free schools. Should they be allowed to be religious? In fact should they be allowed.

The best tweet today was to the British Gas social media team: What is the best temperature to thaw an elderly relative at and what seasoning would you use with one?

Tie: vibrant blue and green

Blue Eyes said...

I don't like this FPTP ranking system, I would prefer a form of PR so that losers can remain in permanent coalition with the people who are good at this game.

Tie: Police Federation Blue

1. Can the Chinese solve our energy crisis? Are we willing to pay any price to avoid blackouts?

2. Political Police - are they now discovering that the cover-up is always worse than the crime?

3. US debt - are we all going to hell in a Segway?

4. Housing crisis: kick out the foreigners or build on the green belt?

5. Will England win the World Cup?

Blue Eyes said...

Just for the record, I have not seen the tie.

lilith said...

1. should we freeze pensioners and hike up solar radiation?

2. Should we regulate the press to stop immigration from causing housing bubbles?

3. Is Obama terribly misunderstood?

4. Can anyone under the age of 40 spel or do sumz? Does it matter? Is it that nasty Mr Gove's fault? (I have to say here that I KNOW I can't spell. The reason I know this is because I never got more than 18 out of 20 in weekly spelling tests)

5. Give us the dirt on Campbell now, Peter! You promised.

Tie: Black and white swirls.

Budgie said...

1. Retail energy price rises - is it all Thatcher's fault? Or are they just an extension of state enterprises controlled by the politicians of Brussels and Westminster? Will we save money when there are the predicted blackouts this winter?

2. Are non-state schools like Eton, Charterhouse, Rugby etc, about to descend into chaos without the guiding hand of socialist teacher trainers and lgos?

3. US government heads back to work after O'Blimey's stunning victory for profligacy - will O'Blarney get the Nobel Economics prize?

4. 'Should the elderly be converted to food to feed the starving hardworkingyoungfamilies' asks hard-hitting government report on pensioners cushy lifestyle.

5. Heavily pregnant Jo Swinson forced to stand in the House of Commons after being forced to stand in her constituency. Cameron wades into this vital area since he has nothing better to do. Is this right?

Timbo614 said...

Arrgh, Quick!

1) Muslim Schools closure

2) Plebgate

3) Gas & Energy Prices geeting in before the freeze(both)?

4) Prince Charles' Pension.

5) Chinese Banking takeover bid

Timbo's too late to try the tie

Blue Eyes said...


Blue Eyes said...

Triangulation Tristram.

He didn't like being called Doctor Hunt. I wonder why?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbytie-blue with pink and white stars.

Q1 Is the government too weak to stand up to energy companies?

Oborne says no. Hunt says its a cartel of energy companies acting together to force up prices for no real reason but profits{illegally?}

Q2 - missed it buts its an immigration Bulgaria/Romania one.

Q3 can we trust a police officer -

BTW - Andrew Mitchell's bike is still missing. Crimewatch are running a special with some new e-fit pictures.

Q4 - should teachers get performance related pay?
And a big free school debate too.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores - quick. I am tired.

Dimbytie - some close -point each for MW - KT - GSD - Measured - BE

BQ - 2
Hopper - 4 Bonnie and Oborne they might be entertaining. {they weren't}
ND - 4
Miss CD - 4
MW - 7
Kilgore Trout - hello! you airbrushed yourself out but we can paintshop you back in. - 5
gsd - 7
Malcolm Tucker - 5
Measured - 9
BE - 5 {you were in favour of AV?}
Lilith - 5
Timbo614 - late entry - good though - 6.

Winner was Measured who gets to decide how many Romanians may enter the country each week.

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Andrew Mitchell's bike was sold on Ebay!

So the Royal Mail has probably lost it somewhere!

But I get your point.. My daughter was going to call her daughter Madeleine, I begged her not to pointing out why.. luckily He is now called Oliver :)

Blue Eyes said...

AV? Nooooooooooooo I was suggesting that the BQQT scoring system should benefit third-raters. I am the Nick Clegg of this competition!

Anonymous said...

A respectable second= position for me, ta.

Out of interest, who actually still watches QT? I gave up about five years ago.


measured said...

I want you to know that I greatly admire and respect the Romanian people. They have contributed hugely to European history and have customs and traditions that go back many years. They are a people with some lovely farmland. I welcome them into the European Union to become one of the family.

However, based on other available evidence, only Romanians with surnames beginning with O' can be allowed into the UK.

Bill Quango MP said...

BE - you are already the deputy PM of the QTQuiz. And you have exactly as much say on the compo as Nick Clegg does.

Anon/KT? I still watch. Most weeks..sort of have to. Its good about 1 in 5 episodes and dire about 1 in 5. the other 3 are, meh! Last night ..meh!

Measured: A very sensible suggestion.
Bonnie Greer and Tristam Hunt were sort of implying let anybody come who wants to, or its racist.
And both said there was no evidence that people flock to UK anymore than they do to France or Italy. Radio 5 in Calais today suggests otherwise.

Clegg Eyes said...

I maintain the the Roma scroungers are already here and that the lifting of the legal restrictions will bring the more productive types.

I am pro-immigration, pro-housebuilding, pro-letting public services expand to meet new demand.

They are hardly likely to flood to crippled Spain and sclerotic France are they? They are rational, after all.

Anonymous said...


Highest level of owner occupation in the EU.

Lowest level of mortgage debt.

Willing to travel 100's of miles to get work

...and accept less than the minimum wage.

No wonder everyone hates them.

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