Monday 14 October 2013

Political Treat Withheld: Oborne Bottles It

So Peter Oborne hasn't delivered his promised revelations about Alastair Campbell's evil doings.  Small boy offers to grass up big bully, but then he doesn't.  Whatever could have happened there ..?

And what were our closing words of encouragement for little Peter ? No last-minute failure of nerve, now ...



DtP said...

What a twunt. There seems to be some dominatrix friend of Osbo willing to err...spill the beans but it's hardly the same - Tory in drugs & sex shame hardly rattles the err...cage.

roym said...

is it possible he had nothing?

Nick Drew said...

roym - improbable: journos like that have long and accurate memories and good filing systems

far more likely is that he (& his editors) "remembered" that no-one would ever speak to them again if they knew there was a risk of being exposed later - and that they are 99% dependent on 'briefings' for their stories

see the demise of Pesto as a force in UK journalism when he stopped getting direct leaks twice-daily from the Treasury

(aside from Private Eye, actual mainstream investigative journalism these days is the sole prerogative of Mr M.Crick, the only man who can be arsed to research old primary sources, make visits to obscure addresses in provincial towns or even make 'phonecalls to forgotten players and past witnesses - a good recent case in point being the MacAlpine affair when he was the only journo to adopt the simple expedient of ringing the old buffer up! - bloody amazing: and shame on the rest of the profession)

Bill Quango MP said...

And wasn't it Crick who discovered that the "witness" in the bikegate saga was another policeman ?