Thursday 5 December 2013

Autumn Statement - not much to see - so...

Well the Chancellor made an Autumn statement and the gist of it is the economy is turning, but a bit late and not enough to really make up all the lost ground. A littel something was given on business rates which will no doubt ne welcomed by Quango Industries.

Of more insight for me is that Michael Sherwood, ACO (Arrogance Chief Office) of Vampie Squid International (Goldman Sachs) has delared that if the UK left the EU then Goldman's would re-locate its London Head Office to Paris or Frankfurt.

There is only one thing to know, Goldmans are ALWAYS talking their own book. If they are threatening to leave the UK if we do this, then clearly they have bet on the opposite outcome. Any one even vaguely familiar with the recent Goldmans' history - screwing Greece's public finances in cahoots with corrupt politicians, creating and shorting sub-prime mortgages, screwing Lehmans - can see that they are both ruthless and bold in their execution.

When the people in charge of the Squid have an idea to flog then they do so with calculated efficiency. So it is no accident that they say they 'fear' a UK referendum and potential exit. Also, as we all know, few people are going to leave London for Frankfurt or 75% tax rate Paris - its every unthinking Brusselphiles wet dream, but it did not happen with the creation of the Euro and won't happen again.


Demetrius said...

Apart from good riddance to bad rubbish, if London were to flood they would have to leave in any event.

Bill Quango MP said...

Haven't heard a lot of it..Except they are screwing me out of my pension {expected} and that they will undoubtedly do it again {guaranteed}

On pensions I know I'm going to feel like Yossarian. Just as I get close to the threshold they will raise the retirement age.

As a fellow pilot said to Yossarian -

"Don't worry about it. Milo is investing in our future! We've all got shares. And all our shares are pooled together so the syndicate is strong. And with all that money Milo makes more investments and the syndicate gets rich. So , as we all have a share, we all get rich! Its sweet!
Milo is trading oranges for eggs in Malta, right now. He's making 2¢ an orange!"

Yossarian - "We're never going to see those profits. We aren't even going to see those eggs.

And - Cu - toughest trading I have ever known. 3 family firms I know well have all gone under in the last 6 months. Recession was too long. And recovery is too shallow and fragile.
We aren't going to match last years 'recovery' figures. Its stagnant at best.
I think the coming interest rises will push many more over.