Monday 30 December 2013

Ed Milliband's New Year howling

"We are going to show to people in 2014 how by standing up for the right people, by being willing to take on the powerful interests and make big changes in our economy, we can deal with the cost of living crisis both now and in the future so that we can earn and grow our way to a higher standard of living for people."
 "People do not want the earth. They would much prefer some very specific promises, specific things about what a government will do - whether it's freezing energy bills, taking action on payday lenders, or tackling issues around childcare which lots of working parents face. All of this is adding up to a programme for how we can change things. It's clearly costed, it's credible and it's real."
 So three core issues for us to consider for 2013. Quite patently, the energy bill idea is beyond insane as we have discussed to death already many times. No only was its Milliband's barmy idea in the first place to set such a ludicrous carbon policy which has pushed up prices, but now he just wants to will it out of existence.

Payday lenders is an issue that puzzles me. If we don't like usury so much, then surely our ban happy politicians can just get rid of them altogether? As on energy where is brave Ed to set a maximum interest rate limit on lending? The ideological contradiction would be puzzling  were it not so obvious that Milliband just latches on to whatever he thinks will hurt the Government ( in this way, how like Cameron he is, who will choose any policy as long as its popular?).

Finally, childcare and working parents. This is the most insidious of all. The whole idea of building a society where whole families have to go to work, whilst paying other people to look after their children - where mothers effectively get paid to look after each others children in a massive make-work scheme which achieves little except making sure kids are brought up by non-parent adults for big chunks of their young lives - is a pure Socialist nightmare. It ticks all the boxes, attacking traditional family units, creating make-work that relies on state subsidy, taking kids away from their parents to allow for state indoctrination, demeaning the role of fathers as carers and providers. It's perfect, no wonder it is a priority for Milliband.


dearieme said...

It's said that the Swedish system is that Mrs A is paid to look after Mrs B's children so that Mrs B is free to take a job looking after Mrs A's mother.

Nick Drew said...

is he going to ask Tesco or permission to use "every little helps" ?

never in the field of opposition politics was so little promised to so many

Demetrius said...

So this is what "Great Britain" comes down to? The shillings in the meter, who changes the nappies and people who can't add up what they are spending? When the Vikings came to Lindisfarne what were the monks doing? Going through their daily routines and arguing about what might be in the pottage?

Mark said...

Surely the way to counter this is to advocate a lower tax rate?

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with the childcare aspect comments - pretty demeaning to the women who have achieved a little more than working at Poundland before settling down to X-Factor with a bottle of red and numbers 7, 15 and 22 from the local takeaway.

I see more and more women doing technical and science-based jobs, which may not pay a lot, but they're damned interested in it and would like kids without being tied up for years at purely being a parent, so it may just be to the nations overall benefit to help those out. I'm not picky which gender figures out a cure for [insert disease of choice here], but I like playing the odds and I can see the percentage in minimising a skilled workers disappearance from the workforce to drop a sprog.

Those women also tend to vote, so perhaps Milibrain will gain a few votes from that.

The rest? Yeah, typical no-style-no-substance we've come to expect from the living Spitting Image puppet.

Elby the Beserk said...

Final para 10/10 Mr. CU. Couldn't have put it better myself. And a Happy New Year to you all at Capitalists at Work

Electro-Kevin said...

Whole families at work ?


Father, mother, grandmother AND kids (up chimneys) to pay mortgages and rents when interest rates finally go up.

Timbo614 said...

The first two are simple politics. The third as you say is the insidious one.

Personally I believe most women (and I know I'm generalising) who want to be Mums have been conned. They have been and are being led to believe that they will be happier, more fulfilled, more "complete" and "free" etc. If they work and are of independent means. Shedding their reliance on male figures who for some feminist reason now have to be semi despised and called sexist or chauvinist for even bringing up the subject of a solely male supported family or household possibly being a success.

Financially, even with a partner, for women in general in "general jobs" I don't see how it works, especially if you have more than one to care for. Sure this load can be shared if they have a partner but even then. I've just goggled and Childcare for an under two in the south east averages £125.16 per week for 25 hours of care so almost a straight £5.00/hour. So On minimum wage they are working for £1.31/hour. In better paid work they still will only make it to 3.50/hour. And, if they have 2 children...

Further, I read several "feminist" columns quite regularly and it seems to me that they don't all fully believe the doctrine they preach. It may be fine for middle class independent ladies, but I don't think it's working for the ladies again especially Mums further down the food chain.

They have been conned, they are (again mostly) not doing fulfilling jobs that are broadening horizons and making better people. They have become wage slaves, which makes them equal to most men. They are producing not better children under this system but insecure, emotionally confused worse children.

I hope the feminists are pleased with themselves. Women who want to be Mums, should be allowed to be without fear of being looked down on.

[Climbs off soapbox and ducks back under parapet].

James Higham said...

There are issues with Camerobourne but no one in his right mind would vote for Millipede or Clegg. It's sheer insanity.

K said...

Do most mums ever actually pay for childcare?

Where I come from they usually just have some kind of 9-3 job and school runs are a huge rush but they would never pay for childcare.

Childcare seems to be something only richer women are interested in. Is it really a vote winner with the demographic they think it is?

CityUnslicker said...

In the south east, if you have 2 or 3 kids, the reality is after childcare costs you need to be earning well over £30k a year, nearer 50k to make work pay. Othewise you are missing your kids entire childhood for the sake of a couple of hundred quid a week.

Budgie said...

"... Cameron ... who will choose any policy as long as it's popular ..."

Not quite with you on that one, CU.

Budgie said...

Anon 3:35, you are being very selective. I think there are very many more women who either do look after their own children full time (at least until they are 5), or would like to. Some, of course, are made insecure by propaganda like yours.

The fact is that no one, male or female, can do two jobs at once. And if you like your "career" best then don't expect someone else (the taxpayer) to look after your children for you.

Timbo614 said...

@Anon 3:35 "without being tied up for years at purely being a parent".

I just spotted this sentence - and that's exactly what I'm getting at. "Purely" :(

Regardless of the (normally) positive effect on the children, being parent is a massively important job for the future well-being of our (and other) cultures and countries.

Anonymous said...

I nearly commented yesterday but thought it might be contentious. I was that parent (lone)for most of my 3 childrens' childhood and it was hell trying to juggle being a good parent with the world of work. I ended up doing childminding initially as there wan't any other option at the time enabling other women to work and I resented evey minute of it especially as I was a lot more qualified than any of them (PhD Biochemist). However I never made it back into the scientific community and ended up doing a succession of "jobs" to make ends meet. I agree entirely that we have been conned. Most women even those with satisfyong good jobs run around like lunatics and feel perpetually guilty being pulled in 2 directions (between their work and their children)which is exhausting.

The bankers meanwhile rub their hands with glee as it is largely due to their willingness to lend large sums of money for people to buy expensive houses that the price of said houses has risen so much in the last 40 years which has meant that the average mother now has to work whether she wants to or not and never mind the damage to the children from having 2 frazzled parents.

Ryan said...

"I hope the feminists are pleased with themselves. Women who want to be Mums, should be allowed to be without fear of being looked down on."

Arch-feminist Germain Greer describes herself as a Marxist Anarchist.

She seems very pleased with herself indeed.

Unknown said...

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