Tuesday 31 December 2013

So how did the readers predictions go for 2013?

 So here we are, the last day of the year and time to look back and see how good the collective crystal was this past year - arbitrary scoring, a little like  bank credit paper -
Malcolm Tucker - Royal baby saves government pushing worst ever economic figures off the front page. After that things begin green shooting.

Syria conflict rumbles on. No one cares. It doesn't escalate. Neither does Israel- Iran. Obama does barest minimum on gun control. What he does fails to pass the Supreme Court anyway and is forgotten

A great start, 17 points

Blue Eyes - The Euro survives
The lights stay on!
5 points
Electro-Kevin - First gay marriage June 5th (my birthday)
10 points so close! it was 28th march
Simon F -  4G auction doesn't raise anywhere near the Chancellors target of £3.5bn. I reckon not more than £2bn.
£2.35 billion - 11 points!
Demetrius - The West will go bust, the UK government will collapse, there will be a couple of nuclear wars and a small pandemic will begin. Also several volcanoes and nasty big earthquakes. Apart from that it will be a quiet year.
- 16 and a Wonga loan for you
Graeme -  Tiny earth tremor felt in Manchester, so frakking of the Bowland Shale is halted. Cameron pulls out of the coalition.
The Syrian revolt will run along for another 6 months and then Turkey will invade. 
hmmm 3 points for effort
Anonymous (I thought you were in jail?) - Millions of Croatians flood UK for benefits feather-bed
House prices drop 10% in real terms
Huhne gets away with it

0 points - anonymous has multiple entries
Timbo614  -  A market tumble > 1000 points. 
People start to abandon pension Ponzi schemes in larger numbers despite govt. rules as inflation is let rip in an attempt to pay down the bank and govt. debt.
The weather in the UK gets even worse(wetter still with interspersed heatwaves) affecting farming and therefore food prices. More will need to be imported.
A final taxation increase on the poorer of us could trigger civil unrest as the real cuts/inflation start to be felt(probably later in the year maybe 2014).On a brighter note, Timbo's C@W predictions are 70% wrong :) 
oh dear, -5 points  and another wonga loan
John in Cheshire - The Chinese buy up most of London and move all the social dependents out so the new-comers can inflate the property prices and hedge their US debt holdings.
India bans all gold exports.
The heads of major banks in most Western countries are brought to justice and start to serve long prison terms. They are housed in prisons with glass viewing windows so the public can come to watch them, taunt them and, for an extra fee, pain them with cattle prods.

5 points - banksters in gaol as if, the Xmas sherry must have been good last year
Jan Middle East continues to squabble with little spats which don't really escalate. Perhaps Assad may go to be replaced by internal squabbling and jostling for power.

The Euro will survive by the skin of its teeth as will the coalition.

Fiscal cliff will come and go with an almighty fudge. Debts in all indebted countries will rise so that taxes raised fail to pay even the interest on the borrowings.

Dithering on fracking/nuclear/subsidies for renewables.

17 points, super effort

DtP - Interest rates go up (only a smidge) hitting 1 whole percent by this time next year.

A good year for the FTSE with a fair bit of consolidation hitting a vulgar high of about 6400 (too much eggnog maybe!)
Anonymous 6 points, humbug on the FTSE

 Anonymous (another one, have you thought what the point of this is...?) said...
 The dreaded Triple Dip
 Big Green protests against fracking
The latest band to be selected to try and the Xmas number one instead of a Cowellista will be Napalm Death ( I can only hope so, I loved Napalam death when I was about 14)
0 points, anonymous
Andrew - It will be a year where at the end of the year, in retrospect, nothing extraordinary happened.
 3 points childish  humour is always good
Cityunslicker - 
The Coalition falls causing a September or November election
Kurdistan allies with Turkey thereby causing another major Middle East (civil) war, important this time as lots of oil involved...
Bahrain gives up its independence and merges with Saudi, so prventing the toops from looking like an invasion
Libya gives up on democracy before even trying and becomes a tirbal kingdom 
How did these not come true, my CIA contacts are filing some properly wonky reports -10 points.

(Nick Drew had his own predictions, oh dear that man, buy precious metals, blackouts across Europe, the less said the better.) -17 points

So the winners and Jan and Malcolm Tucker - double helpings of Turkey (Lib Dem) curry for you both. 
This years prediction competition will be a little more organised and will arrive tomorrow ish.


Timbo614 said...

Well at least I got the weather right :)

Well done Mt & Jan

DtP said...

I'm kind of chuffed with that.

I hope you all have a lovely new year and that 2014 brings both prosperity and happiness.

Electro-Kevin said...

My prediction of the first gay marriage pretty tricky what with the amount of fudging that went on in 2013.

My prediction for 2014 ?

The Big Issue changes name to The Beeeg Isheeew - to be cried out on street corners in every town in the nation.

UKIP stuffs Cameron in the EU elections and rightly so. My prediction for 2015 (already) is that the unavoidable dispersals will see to it that the Tories lose to UKIP in the general election as well once the wider population experiences the delights of uncontrolled immigration for themselves.

Happy New Year everyone.

Demetrius said...

Where do I cash the points in? But thank you nevertheless. Today I restricted myself to a long whinge on the function of Interest in economic theory.

Unknown said...

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