Thursday 23 January 2014

Lib Dem implosion harms Cameron and destroys Coalition politics

The silly 'scandals' around the Liberal Democrat party - which whilst unpleasant would not be frontline new in a world where children are murdered and raped in Syria every day, were it not for a media inspired storm, are nonetheless putting the final bullets into a potential future Conservative Government.

The Tories have long been in a bad position electorally, their votes pile up in the South and nowhere else, leading them to have a large market share, but poor return under firs past the post. With Lib Dem votes now going to leave the yellow's that remaining parties will divvie up the votes.

As the protest party has beocme UKIP, since the LD's went into Government and the official opposition is the labour party it is not hard to see where the LD vote goes. Very little will flow to the Tory party - who are 8% behind in the polls anyway with just over a year to go to the election.

Who would have thought that when the Coalition was formed that it would be such an electoral disaster for both parties. The idea that we have another Coalition Government in the next few years is fanciful - the learning surely will be to try to lead a minority Government.

All that effort on trying to fix the economy for George Osborne has gone to waste.


Sebastian Weetabix said...

George Osborne fixing the economy? What bollocks. Any recovery is despite the useless twat, not because of him. This government pisses money away like a drunken sailor. They have one great achievement. They have royally fucked over our armed forces in order to maintain spending on corruption, er, foreign aid.

These "savage cuts" are a myth. It suits Osborne to pretend he is doing it and it suits Labour to pretend to believe him. Meanwhile the debts pile up. This lot are spending more money this month than last month and more money this year than last year. There are no cuts. What we do have is theft from savers and debasement of the currency leading to yet another useless credit bubble.

Vote Tory? I wouldn't give them the steam off my shit.

Anonymous said...

And thats a lot of steam

Ryan said...

I'm sorry but the LibDem scandals are vitally important to the UK. In isolation they are not such a big deal but put into conext they are a part of a political establishment that seems to be infested with:

Children of foreigners,

And I think people are starting to wake up to that, thanks to the internet, and are thinking "Who the fuck are these people we have been voting for?"

visc said...

Bravo SW.

I think that can equally apply to the Tories Ryan :-)

Demetrius said...

Cameron must be wondering if a Scottish "Yes" this year might be the best thing for the Tories. Especially with the Baltic Dry going down as well as the chance of Brent Crude dropping fast.

Bill Quango MP said...

The Liberals had their one-in-fifty year chance to make coalition a respectable, normal, system of government.

But they just aren't up to it.

Not with the sex scandals and cover-ups. All the parties have those. the Liberals don't even seem to have the monopoly on weirdos and moonchildren anymore.

They just aren't stable enough. This isn't Clegg's fault. He commands the equivalent of the International Brigade.
And they have been about as enthusiastic and untrained and about as effective as their 1930's idealist counterparts.

Even that's too fair to them. They really are a pointless party. They offer nothing you can't get elsewhere in better packaging at half the price. Except maybe PR. And no one was to buying any of that.

Sandalista said...

A view from inside the party....LD's are bipolar. Genuine Liberals are akin to Churchill (who was a Liberal Home Secretary) - a Tory with a left leaning. "Social" Democrats, the other half, are Labour rejects, not the International Brigade. With such a diverse range of views, party discipline is non-existent, with each local party - or branch of that local party (~30 people) allowed to do whatever they want.

They argue they are the party of true democracy but in effect they are a shambles and ungovernable in themselves. Centralists like the Blair project would never succeed which in a back-handed way shows what a good politician Clegg is.

Anyone that can keep nutters like Vince Cable on some semblance of track deserves praise.

visc said...

BQ if you beleive the post Saville allegations the weirdo's and paedo's have been liberally spinkled everywhere and not just in the party thats shares that name.

Anonymous said...

Visc - The paedo scandals are to divert from the Midlands child grooming.

It is the timing of the celebrity exposures that is suspicious - designed to tell us that "Child abuse is endemic - white men do it too."

The racist element has been swept under the carpet. Funny. The BBC usually rushes racially aggravated crime to the top of its news billings - except where it's racism against whites.

Electro-Kevin said...

The national debt has risen to £1.5 trillion so I hear.

The deficit has a slower rate of increase.

Will the 'boom' last beyond 2015 ? Long enough to hand over the 'repaired' economy to Labour just in time to be able to blame them for ruining it when the next credit bubble pops ?

Will no-one put country above party politics to-morrow's anymore ???

Electro-Kevin said...

Should read: politics and to-morrow's headlines anymore ???

I know that the headlines have been terrible but they should have been a lot worse and a lot worse three years ago.

Anonymous said...

The recovery has a whiff of Emperors New Clothes about it, let us see in another 12 months how things are plodding along before we mark it a success.

And I really don't think the Lib Dem scandals have sunk the Tories chances - they've done that on their lonesome - as we've not exactly been short of them over the last few years.

Rennard and Hancock are likely to be less deleterious to the Lib Dem votes than the students feeling betrayed, or members feeling they've given too much ground to the Tories. Many of the Lib Dems will simply abstain, vote indie or find some local Spartist Neofeminism Paleomarxism Deth2Kapitalizm party to give their votes to.

The Tories have shafted it by not doing more to help the working classes, making increasing competitiveness look like helping out their chums and a series of blunders (omnishambles anyone?) from Osborne.

If Labour had someone more effective than Milibrain and Sad Sack at the front, then the Tories would be in serious trouble - they ought to be writing a thank you letter to the unions for giving them better than half a chance...

Electro-Kevin said...

The BBC are calling it a 'global recovery'.

BrianSJ said...

The Tories have done what they were paid to do by their chums, rather than what they were elected to do. Once the NHS has been sold, then that is a major milestone achieved. The UC problems have prevented 'mission accomplished' on selling off 'welfare'.
As for the rest of them, the 'Gang of Four' saga still upsets the whole applecart.