Thursday 6 March 2014

BBC Question Time : Gas vs Bread edition

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Barking in east London. On the panel are former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine, justice minister Simon Hughes MP and Rachel Reeves MP, Labour's shadow work and pensions secretary.

BQ Thinks
1. Should the UK give lots of money to Ukraine?
2.  Sugar tax? Would this be a good way of funding the Ukraine?
3. Immigration figures.9 out of 10 uk workers get a new job. Or maybe its 7 out of 10. Anyway the middle classes benefi so its not an issue.
4.Unite cuts Labour's funding by £1.5milion.. Tony Blair is richer than Unite and will make up the difference , he says.
5.And one of the many non stories from this week. Women boardrooms. Downs scans. Betting on trials Animal slaughter...But I'll go with Army cuts.

Dimblebytie - Blue and yellow Ukranian national colours.

Hall of The Winners 


DTP - 3

Taff - 2 

Mark Wadsworth - 2 

Measured - 2

Bill Quango MP -1 

Nick Drew - 1


Mark Wadsworth said...

Tie: Tartar.

1. Immigration good for economy, bad for jobs, bloody foreigners wiping out old ladies' bottoms and picking our vegetables and serving us coffees, where will it all end. X-Factor generation.

2. Ukraine, isn't it great that Cam has shut up about renegotiating and is now 'at the heart of Europe' bossing the Ukrainians and Russians about?

3. Merry Christmas Mr Stephen Lawrence. Yet another enquiry, what as the point of that we knew that some of the investigators were corrupt fifteen or twenty years ago.

4. Oh, so Help To Buy is lousy value is it, how long did it take them to work that out?

5. If Scotland with a population of 5 million can have independence, then why not London with a population of 7 or 8 million?

DJK said...

Dimbletie: Navy blue with white spots
1. Should we impose sanctions on Russia?
2. Stephen Lawrence: how can we scourge the racism from our midst?
3. BBC3: The licence fee is too low, isn't it?
4. Immigration: who's right?
5. Official cover up for pervert in Downing St. Is it an establishment conspiracy?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbletie - Yellow fields of wheat

1. Ukraine. Would removing the Harrods charge card from Oligarch's wives and girlfriends be a sufficient response?

2. Stephen Lawrence. Is it just time to shut down the Met and start a whole new force?

3. Halal Kosher nonsense.

4. Immigration is fine. Government sits on report that says its not a problem.

5. Something about Boris. Boris and taking radicalised kids into care.

CityUnslicker said...

1. War with Russia - let's never do that
2. Tory Paedo's - we'll at least they have stopped eating children
3. Brooks trial - Coulson is a tory
4. banking bonuses - more money for tories vs unite cutting labour donations
5. scotland - they hate tories so much they are going to seceede

tie: lenin red (blood)

all in all the ingredients are here for a fair and balanced show I think.

Taff said...

Hello from Wales. Lovely weather here for St David's day.

I'm thinking that they tie will be daffodil yellow.

As to the questions, I am not sure that our concerns will be the same as all you fancy city types but I'll have a go.

Ukraine: Should they use the nukes they have secreted away.

Stephen Lawrence: Lawrence, Baby Peter, Kelly, Maddy etc. Can the police ever give a "true" account

Perverts: Everywhere. Are my sheep safe?

Boris: A leader in waiting.

Dave: A leader in waiting - but Nick or Nige next time.

Achub y defaid


Hopper said...

1. Do we need all that extra sugar, or are we sweet enough?
2. Now that even Putin's own journalists are turning on him, is it time to do something about Ukraine; if so, what?
3. Was this really a good time to impose more defence cuts, given that the USA is doing sweet FA abroad?
4. Immigration is good for jobs, but whose?
5. Is the Broadwater prosecution too late or better late than never?

measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. Who let the dogs out? Does not bode well for free elections.

Putin again.

So clever to use the self determination of the Stalin-Crimean people against to Ukraine.

An Ukranian meets a stranger:

“Your nationality?” …..“Russian”

“Occupation?” …….“No, no, just visiting.”

2. Who stole the sausages?
Hallelujah! At last a serious investigation. even I have known there is corruption in the Met. For the last twenty years given the list of ‘mishaps’. .

I am impressed by May; her confidence grows. How will they know they have all the documents?

3. Ban all doggie treats, including Bonios. Ban bananas as apparently a banana contains seven teaspoonfuls of sugar! Who knew?

4. Live dog racing. Clegg v. Nigel. Good v. Bad. Poodle v. Terrier … and first out of the traps...

5. The rising cost of kennels.

Dimbletie: A passionate red.

Nick Drew said...

oh lorr, heavy lunch, missed the news

(0) essentially white with only modest relief
(1) extended Ukraine breast-beating & general impotence, making up for the scandalous failure to give it air-time before - so only 4 topix tonite
(2) Stephen Lawrence as part of a general should-we-rake-up-20th-century-history-?, in all sorts of different manifestations home and abroad
(3) is it relevant what companies say about locating in Scotland?
(4) immigration, in the usual aimless, unproductive QT fashion, ya-booh

Budgie said...

1. Stephen Lawrence report: how bad are the police? Presumably (it's the BBC) Thatcher is to blame?

2. Ukraine: Crimea votes to join Russia. EU (funded by UK and DE) bankroll their proteges. Will it end in war, or has the war already started.

3. Woman gets pregnant. Well, she will now that she has won her court case to use her dead husband's sperm.

4. Metropolitan police use of Taser against children rises six fold.

5. Interest rate kept at record low of 0.5% again; is the Uk economy still poorly?

Bill Quango MP said...

typical BBc - ignore a question for weeks then ask the same question twice to try and make amends.

Q1. Is Russia too big and scary to be dealt with in the way Europe has dealt with other countries?

Q2How credible are the threats of economic sanctions on Russia given it supplies 30% of Europe’s gas?

Q3 Can the Met Police ever be trusted when it comes to dealing with ethnic minorities?

Q4: Isn't it time Government listened to people about the way immigration has affected change in our communities?

Bill Quango MP said...

Immigration was a big issue. haven't been to Barking for about 20 years. There was a used goods shop. like a house clearance shop. But a really bad one that sold things Steptoe and sons might chuck out.
There were boxes of old underwear. And used porno mags. That's my memory of Barking. That and the A12 rumbling overhead.

Dimbytie green with red bugs.

BQ - 3
Mark W - 1 for first +6 = 7
DJK - 6
MT - 6
Cu - 2
taff - 3
Measured 1 for joke. 1 for a close dimbytie - 4 = 6
ND - 7+1 for extended Ukraine = 8
Budgie -4

Winner is Mr Drew with 8.

prize is to choose the venue and chairperson for the great Farage Clegg debate.

Nick Drew said...

venue must be Brussels, they both love that Euro-parliament building so much

perhaps van Rumpy-Pumpy would do the honours, or Ashton - such fine credentials as mediators and they certainly aren't wanted for anything else

Anonymous said...

Ah bugger, so near but so far.

My 4 and 5 were deliberately left field on the off chance they came up then nobody else would have got them but it appears that Mr Drew has got his finger on the pulse of QT style dumbing down.

But actually watching the stupid programme to try and mentally condition myself seems like too high a price to pay.


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