Thursday 10 April 2014

BBC Question Time: Miller Miller, on the haul. Where's the Au-pairs, for them all?

Playing for honour this week as DICK THE PRICK won the championship last week.

He really is the special one.


Hall of The Winners


DTP - 4

Taff - 2 

Mark Wadsworth - 2 

Measured - 2 

Nick Drew - 2

Bill Quango MP -1 

Malcolm Tucker - 1 

CityUnslicker - 1 

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from West London, with Conservative culture secretary Sajid Javid MP, deputy leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman MP, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams AM, singer-songwriter Billy Bragg and chief executive of the global advertising company WPP Sir Martin Sorrell.


Looks like a right dismal outing. Fiddles, Wimmin's quotas, & unsolved murders all with a badly sung backing track.

BQ thinks

Dimbletie - red wedge

1. Are politicians 'out of touch?' They mean you Dave.

2. Ed Miliband's women's quota is ridiculous even for him. Unless he embarks on a Blair Babes initiative. Miliband's MILFs?

3. Broadwater Farm in Tottenham hasn't been hit by the London property boom. Anyone know why?

4. Actual London property boom question. probably the one about prices rising for 5 years.

5. IMF economic forecast. Will C@W have to print a clarification that when, unanimously and independently, we wrote Osborne was, at best,  ineffective; we actually meant he was a financial genius.


Blue Eyes said...

Tie: Pantone 15-3207 TPX with daffodils.

1. Is Cameron totally out of touch on expenses or is this a clever game of good cop/bad cop smoothing the path to his retirement after the Euro elections?

2. IMF upgrade: above-trend growth in 2014 - is the economy now overheating?

3. Why is politics so awful at the moment? Is there anyone to be enthusiastic about?

4, Is John Redwood right to call for cuts in the top rate of tax to bolster revenues from the very rich?

5. Why did Nick Clegg renege on his promise to slash the number of MPs?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Gosh. What a lineup. Not watching that.

Dimbytie- Green green grass of home.

1. Miller resigns. Push-shove-public-media pressure?

2. IMF report. Forgotten now. Missed your chance.

3. Nigel Evans and anonymity for accusers in rape trials.

4. Miliband's 50% quota of women for cabinet. Someone please ask Hattie if her husband Jack is on the quota list again.

5.Irish premier's visit and have we all moved on?

CityUnslicker said...

1. Nigel Evans- are the polic more cirrupt under the tories?
2. Maria Miller - why do tory women eat babies and steal?
3. London Property prices- tories rigging the market
4. City Airport - should it be closed and turned into a wind farm?

Taff said...

Evening to all you city types from the rolling Welsh hillsides.

Dimbletie- Blue in a clear blue water sense.

1. House prices. It has to be with all the Chinese buying up the UK before the Russians do.

2. Maria - and Boris. Has Boris shown he is a poor judge a character. Or was did he genuinely think she was a supportive daughter just trying to house her parents in an area with booming house prices.

3. Levison. Being West London, something media related.

4. Tamiflu - Did Donald Rumsfeld get out of the stock just in time. Or was he just a super salesman for them? WMD anyone?

5. UK AAA+ rating. This is an odd one. If Scotland breaks away according to Fitch, r-UK's credit status will be hit as banks will move out of Scotland into the City. So it would appear that more Scots and less banks is good for the economy. But economics was never my strong point.


Hopper said...

Dimbletie: blue and white stripes for the QPR fans.

1. Did the MM affair formally mark the death of shame in politics?
2. Follow-up: why is the CPS hounding the innocent (NE) and ignoring the guilty (MM)?
3. Was pissing away a few hundred mil on Tamiflu due to the influence of Big Pharma?
4. What should we be doing to the Russians in London to keep the Russians out of Ukraine?
5. Looks like Inmarsat was bang on about the missing plane, why aren't more UK firms heavy hitters internationally?

DtP said...


Dimbletie - a black affair (is this Dimbles' last show?)

1) IPSA & MM - how can this be fixed and does it require increased state funding of political parties?

2) House prices - maybe

3) PC Blakelock maybe - Met Racism for Billy of Bragg

4) IMF projections - Sorrell's a good lad.

5) How can we improve diversity in the top ranks of UK PLC?

Thanks Bill, and I will crack on with the blog post but I just kept on incriminating myself!! Yowzers!


CityUnslicker said...

let's wait and see if they find the plane there first...

DJK said...

From Germany:
Tie: Sky blue with fluffy clouds
1. Something about Maria Miller and politicians being out of touch.
2. Scotland/pound/rUK
3. London property prices
4. What it means to be British
5. Putin and Russian gas

Kilgore Trout said...

Hey, I don't want to diss DtP, but there is only one special one. "No, it was not to celebrate. It was to tell the players how we had to play the last minutes... But you can see I can run."

Tie: Mosly dark green. Gold flecks.

1) Should Maria Miller have been sacked for allowing someone from her office to threaten the press, rather than for allowing her parents to live in a second home on which she claimed a tax payer subsidy?

2) Are people who think Britain should leave the EU and trade openly with the rest of the world without participating in a political integration process that undermines British democracy really "extreme"?

3) Why did no one listen when I told them that this Tamiflu thing was likely no better than paracetamol, and why the negative reaction when I say, "told you so"?

4)The Royals are going down awfully well down under. Aren't they nice compared to the grotty politicians?

5) What would the athiest son of Muslim immigrant parents who has himself risen to the top of national politics know about British culture? The fella is clearly a massive over achiever who needs to learn his place!!! ;)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dimbletie: a few hundred miles north west of Perth, Autralia.

1. Miller resigned this morning, is it a coincidence that people resign on the morning off PMQ's?

2. OK, we've done Blakelock again and we're going to redo Hillsborough. The last inquiries into Bloody Sunday or Stephen Lawrence-Met corruption were a couple of years ago, when will they be rolled out again?

3. Farage bounced back onto our TV screens, gained a bit of support from the whole Miller not resigning until she did nonsense, but polls suggest they might only come third in this year's Euros. How do the parties stand on a cast iron referendum?

4. Nigeria uprated GDP by 68% and the next day Boy George uprated UK GDP by five or ten percent. have we become a banana republic?

5. House prices, will they manage to keep the bubble going until after May 2015?

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Maria Miller. Women are a nuisance and not worth defending as if she was ‘one of the boys’. Do women need to be represented by a woman in the Cabinet. Nah, they talk too much. How do we regulate these MPs.

2. Immigrants. Cripes, there are far more of them than was estimated!

3. MI5 and MI6. Should our Government spy and record all of us?

4. Property. Is mansion tax a good idea?

5. When is Wales going solo?

Dimbletie: Pantone 520 C. That’s Cadbury’s purple according to my mug.

Nick Drew said...

(0) MCC style
(1) Pistorius - do we care?
(2) that Prince George - a winner or what? He'll punch your lights out if you give the wrong answer (as his dad says, preparing for a career as a prop forward): jut the man to save the Empire for the monarchy
(3) oh all right, Miller if you must
(4) something to do with body image, to enable handwringing over poor Peaches Geldof
(5) should again be Ukraine because that ain't over by a long chalk: prob not because WW1 could start up under the Beeb's nose and they'd only report it 100 years later

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbytie was every colour in the rainbow x 100. No points for that mess.

Q1 What will it take for the public to trust MPs on expenses again?

Q2 Is increasing use of buy-to-lets as investments a major contributing factor to house price inflation?

Q3 If Martin McGuiness can dine with @BritishMonarchy, should we draw line under all offences committed during The Troubles?

Q4: What is point of raising student fees when 45% of students are not expected to earn enough to repay their student loan?

Q5: Does the televising of @OscarPistorius’ trial help or hinder the course of genuine justice?

Bill Quango MP said...

Tory guy was good. Bragg was ok. Batty Hattie offers nothing. Why do lefties worship her so?

Anyway -

DtP said...

Hattie Harperson's agent got parachuted in to fix the local incumbent when I was doing Tory stuff (Ben Bradshaw too - but he was just alright) and he was absolutely awesome. I think they worship her because she runs a professional operation - may not look like it but....Almost like the normal people who weren't too arsed about Brown & Blair.

Bill Quango MP said...

Late scores updates.

A+E Emergency last night. Quango jnr. He is 5 years old.

Doctor says "You have tummy pain?"
- Yes
"And have you been sick?"

Dad says - "no you haven't."

and he says "yes I have! I was sick at Christmas"

Most of us scored 4+ But as Mr Drew was the only one to get the legless shooter story, he gets the points.

Well done Nick!

CityUnslicker said...

can't fault Quango jr's logic.

have been at A&E too...must be catching!