Thursday 24 April 2014

The Surreal Adventures of Tony Blair

So I turn on the BBC lunchtime news yesterday, and there is Blair, mad as a box of frogs, giving vent to the following:  (I paraphrase)
The Islamists are our most pressing problem. OK, we have our differences with Putin but let's patch them up and get stuck in to the common foe.
Back in the newsroom, a BBC commentator responded (again, my precis):
Some people won't want to hear this from a man they consider a war criminal
Amazing stuff for lunchtime.  What is going on here?  Obviously, Blair would be able to find plenty of people who'd more-or-less agree with him in a global-strategic kind of way - but what audience is he playing to when making public utterences like that?  (And is the UK tax-payer still funding his peronal security?)

Roaming the world making money is one thing: sordid, but hey, there's that dreadful wife of his to pacify.  We know the Chilcot report could be hitting the streets one day, and Blair may have his date with destiny in mind.  But can anyone think of a precedent for a sad old politico behaving quite like this after his sell-by date?  A kind of unloveable inter-galactic TonyBenn.

Even Jimmy Carter pretty much stuck to the conciliatory stuff - and behind the scenes, too.  Where it belongs.



Anonymous said...

From this we can assume he has invested his millions in Russia and less so in Syria?

Jan said...

I had to turn the radio off...even the mention of his name turns my stomach...

Bill Quango MP said...

British Post war PMs tended to just do not very much. Mostly they died.

Can't remember Sunny Jim speaking out much. Heath glowered from the back benches for 20 years in the mother of all sulks.

Major was rehabilitated back into society after about 10 years. Now he is a 'wise elder statesman.'. When he left office he was a very sad, unmissed, beaten and lonely figure. But he made a lot of money speaking at engagements.

Gordon makes a good living talking to charities and such. He would have been better to have quit politics like Tony did. I suppose he reckons £65,000+ expenses is worth the ridicule of being an absentee MP.

Blair..Blair..? I suppose he has to keep up his UK relevance profile to keep getting the international gigs.

Or maybe he has convinced himself that the middle east is a threat to world Christianity and only he saved us all.

Might be how he gets to sleep?

Steven_L said...

I think he can just kind of sense that lots of Muslims dislike him more than a tad.

And he mistakenly thinks they want to kill all of 'us'.

andrew said...

funny how the photo makes him look a lot like bush.

so many of us expect him to 'confess' but irl , if your choice was
(a) confess to having the blood of over 100, 000 innocents on your hands
(b) deny

what would you do?

Nick Drew said...

what would you do?

just shut up, go home & spend more time with your money ?

out of a sense of common decency, if not actual embarrassment ?

oh, but I was forgetting - he's quite shameless

BrianSJ said...

Is he speaking on behalf of JP Morgan Chase?

Blue Eyes said...

At least Blair... Nope, can't think of anything positive to say.

andrew said...

the good thing about Blair is that he allowed John Major to be rehabilitated in the public consciousness a lot faster than otherwise.

lilith said...

It is very weird. Strange sensation to agree with "we should have helped in Syria at the beginning" although ironically I think he means by defeating Assad, the very guy who has kept the country secular on pain of torture.