Thursday 3 July 2014

BBC Question Time: ROFL -or is that ROLF ?

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Croydon, south London. On the panel are Liberal Democrat business minister Jo Swinson MP, Labour's former home secretary Alan Johnson MP, Conservative chair of the Public Administration Select Committee Bernard Jenkin MP, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens and general secretary of the National Union of Teachers Christine Blower

Good mix on the panel. But a poor week for news.

BQ Suggests
A fruit theme - apples and lemons

Q1. Rolf Harris and a BBC/NHS cover up question? Makes Dimby very nervous as people stray into 'Leon' legal territory.
Q2. Big public sector strike coming. Is it right to strike for purely political ends?
Q3. Airport threat warning and why has Obama picked Jimmy Carter as his foreign affairs role model?
Q4. NHS - waiting lists, cancer treatments, made up statistics..
Q5. Wow..Can't think of anything..London house prices ?

Winners of 2014

 Nick Drew - 3
  Hopper -3

Measured - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2
Dick the Prick - 2 

DJK - 1
BQ - 1
CU - 1
Steven_L - 1

charity shield winner - DJK 


Nick Drew said...

(0) lime green
(1) what's a caliphate daddy - and will there still be beach volleyball and TOWIE ?
(2) FGM (ans: yes, there will still be FGM)
(3) Osborne can't do arithmetic - who knew?
(4) has Croydon rebuilt after the Riots? (ans: in terms of the two blocks leveled to the ground - no: otherwise, not much has changed)

that's yer lot, I'm off to the airport

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dibletie - Black coal

1. House price bubble, interest rates, housebuilding up.
2. ISIS Crisis. is this a good time to ask our soon to be best buddies, Iran and Russia, to help us out here?
PS..We have never been at war with Eurasia..We have only ever been at war with Oceania.
3. Palestinian teenage murders.
4. British sportspeople in general?
Not much about this week

Anonymous said...

Evening dudes

0)A mauve affair

1) NHS - Antibiotics

2) Syrian kids returning & heightened threat bollox

3) FGM maybe but probs not

4) Harris & paedo inquiry?

5) Pot holes for long term stability - my window's broken.


CityUnslicker said...

Murray failure
Paedo's - Harris and parliament
Evil tory cuts
Freedom of information
tour de france

Mark Wadsworth said...

Apparently, now he's in prison he's taken to painting again, finishing off some works he never quite finished. So just a bit of touching up, really.

Hopper said...

1. Is pushing Rolf Harris down the memory hole the right approach?
2. Who started the latest Israel-Palestine cycle of violence and how do we apply the brakes?
3. What will we do when we run out of GPs?
4. Why can't we give all the public sector workers decent pensions any more?
5. Who does the panel fancy for the World Cup finalists?

Timbo614 said...

@MW nice one :)

Slow news week yes - bad time to start commenting!

1) It's the fat, it's the sugar, no it's the Anti-bios.

2) Muslim & ME wars in general...

3) The "recovery" interest rates and general financial Carn(y)age to come.

4) The failure of Labour to address rampant capitalism (is there a meaningful Labour party left?)

that's it from me folks!

measured said...

Turned up. About to turn on.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie: green with blue and pink flowers.

Q1. Is @NUTonline's strike justifiable as it’ll disrupt parents, hold back education and damage teachers’ reputation?

Q2: Is David Cameron a hero for standing up to Europe?

Q3: The Croydon MP suggests residents who can’t afford house in area should move to Manchester. Do you agree?

q4: A recent Populous poll described our leading politicians as weird, arrogant and out of touch. Are they?

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores - to follow - tired.

Bill Quango MP said...

BBC ran from the Rolf-Leon story. Lawyers phones ringing hot!

instead- a truly pointless episode of QT. All on the panel, even the crazy Blowers, were fine. But the questions were poor.

And the UKIPper in the audience said "Its like Batman and Robin"
Which it wasn't.

-BQ - 4 {can't believe I forgot THE story of the week-Junkers. probably as it was such a media only story, no one else cared.}

ND 1 for 1st + nearest on the tie +2 + 1+1 for 4 = 5

MT 2 +1 for 4 = 3

DTp -1 {see..I said it was rubbish}

CU - 2

Hopper - 4 + 1 for 4 =5

Timbo614 {hello!} - 3

measured -1 for turning up

Winners are ND and Hopper who get to decide whether the Welsh join the English or the french in the new country proposals.

Nick Drew said...

ND and Hopper who get to decide ...

that's the way democracy should work!

an awful lot of the Welsh are naturals for the franco-socialist heaven; not called Pays de Galles for nothing

don't think you'll have too many opting for the english option, though I have a couple of excellent Taffia business associates who would

DtP said...

Good grief - I feel like an England player!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - we're going Tour de France crazy up here!