Thursday 10 July 2014

BBC Question Time: We know where you live...and who your Facebook friends are, edition.

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Inverness. 

Scotland votes on independence in September 2014, and the panel features campaigners for both sides from a range of occupations: singer-songwriter Ricky Ross, Daily Record columnist and agony aunt Joan Burnie, businessman and chairman of Orion Group Alan Savage, and the Scotland and British Lions rugby player Scott Hastings

Oh dear - Not another independence special? let's hope not.

BQ guesses
1. Independence, rephrased slightly differently from the last 10 times..maybe the poll lead for yes in dispute?
2. Government emergency snooping. Civil rights groups getting vexed about something the government already does.
3.Public Sector strikes. Can't say I noticed.
4. Hamas and the Israelis looking ready for a brawl. Why have Hamas lost so much support in the Middle East?
5. Paedos in the government..Now, usually my tinfoil hat detector would be beeping like a reversing recycling lorry..However, with what has been going on in NHS, schools and TV...
Plus, someone I used to know very well when i was a teenager, just got 10 years for this very crime.
So a cover up seems not very far fetched at all.

Season almost over - lets hope it doesn't go to penalties.

Well, Measured gave it a good go but ultimately the world champions of guessing the topical debates of a Thursday night were


Nick Drew 

Well done to them.
And well done to you all

Back in the autumn.

Winners of 2014

 Nick Drew - 3
  Hopper -3

Measured - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2

Dick the Prick - 2 

DJK - 1
BQ - 1
CU - 1
Steven_L - 1 
Timbo614 - 1

charity shield winner - DJK 


DJK said...

1. Yes, I suppose Scottish independence. Would there be a run on the poond (the Salmond) after independence?
2. T'tour de Yorkshire and German footy. Why are we so cr@p at sport?
3. Govt snooping. Can we trust HMG with all our secrets?
4. Do we need an enquiry into the number of govt. enquiries?
5. Something serious about the Middle East/Iraq and T. Blair's legacy.
Tie: Fluffy clouds on blue background.

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Tour de France, and the Commonwealth games. Why would you leave the UK and miss all this?

2.Government cover ups. And baroness Schloss-Adler or whatever her name is.

3.Is it racist to call someone a dwarf?

4. Yes-No-don't know question.

5. Public sector strikes. And Cameron's plan to reform unions dodgy balloting.

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Union Jack (subtle)

1. Should we be troubled that the government and the opposition have agreed to pass "emergency legislation", without debate, when the ECJ ruling that deemed Directive 2006/24/EC incompatible with the "right to private life" was made in April?

2. Should Scotland be an independent country?

3. Are public sector workers who strike not cutting their nose of to spite their face by upsetting the public that pays their wages?

4. Should Lord Lawson be allowed to express his views about global warming policy on the BBC?

5. Which of the "old enemies" (sic) will the panel be supporting in the World Cup final? ... Someone will say, who cares as long as it is not England.

measured said...

Evenin' all

Sneaky, just when #bbcqt goes to Inverness, the Government slips in the mass surveillance bill. Cameron is being a wet fish on this; so many threats are exaggerated and there is an element of a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Basically if they want to snoop, there should be a reason.

Well, they will not be discussing the fortunes of English cricket.

1. Cameron let Salmond have too low a majority, too young an age.. . Was he just not bother at the time? Independence and unintended consequences.

2. Oil revenues in some energetic form

3. Americans and snooping

4. Who predicted the costs of separation?

5. Zzzzzzz......

Dimbletie: Orange as we all sail into the sunset.

MyWineDrinkingName said...

1. Is the Catholic vote key to the Scots referendum and what will Martin McGuinness say?

2. Paedos in govt; Who is the labour peer sitting in the Lords whos too monged to be questioned? If hes this impaired why the fuck is he sitting in a chamber of govt? Is the Dunblane massacre connected to Labour party paedos in scontland?

3. Could Baroness biased be any more fucking involved? Be less biased have Mandelson as the judge?

4. Was Cameron wrong with his statement that he didnt want to conflate homosexuals and paedos?

5. GDP - bunch of arse or what?

Nick Drew said...

(0) strong yellow theme
(1) strong sporty theme to make our rugby-playing friend feel comfortable - and there's plenty to talk about, incl cycling & footie
(2) intifada / jihad / 'british' jihadis
(3) ok, yeah, independence
(4) BBC Trust (fast becoming an oxymoron)
(5) what's to be said when all 3 parties are in favour of snooping law? emergency? - what emergency?

Budgie said...

1. Should a few northern counties of Great Britain secede from the UK? And why should the proposed new country be named after an Irish tribe?

2. Is our establishment capable of not abusing children, and not fiddling its expenses, and not closing ranks, or has corruption seeped in too deeply? Butler-Sloss that means you.

3. ISIL, UK jihadists, al-Malaki, and Tony Blair - discuss ad nauseam.

4. BoE rate still at 0.5% and housing market overheating. Has the government engineered economic mini-boom peaked to soon for the election?

5. Emergency snooping laws to take away everyone's civil liberties; Or, throw out the troublemakers. You know which Cameron will choose?

Timbo614 said...


I would have called it "Kiddy fiddler" edition.

1) Kiddy fiddling in public offices, Why the low level press response? (tin hat firmly on) and 2 articles in the Times actually playing it down?

2) Scottish independence - what will the real cost be to the Scottish people?

3) Snooping by law, it's always an emergency isn't it.. What emergency? the one cooked up in America?

4) 7,1 7,1 seven oooooneee, oh so bored, and this could take down Brazil's and Argentina's economies if they lose? Really?

5) A "general" strike, did anyone notice?

Tie (a bit late): Black with creatures on it (I have not seen a trailer)

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie - black with pink flowers and what could have been swords?

And it seemed a mental patient had escaped and asked a question. And then another - just plain weird.

Q1:Will the referendum be decided by votes from the head or from the heart?

Q2: Whilst 104 richest Britons share £301bn wealth, ~1m people in UK used food banks in last year. Is this sign austerity is working?

Sponsored by Unison??

Q3: Is there such a thing as independence in Europe? UK’s ruled by Brussels. All “independence” does is miss out the middleman

Q4: Are we, as a society, doing enough to protect our children from those who abuse the power they wield?

Q5: Are the new emergency data laws currently being rushed through another step towards a Big Brother society?

Q6: We need to live together post-referendum. What would take the unpleasantness out of the debate?

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores on this final show {and it was a strange one with six questions}

BQ - 6

DJK - 4

Malcolm - 4

kilgore trout - 5

Budgie - 6

timbo - 7 +2 for tie = 9

Winner is Timbo614 who gets to decide, so saving us all the bother of a referendum, if Scotland should remain in the union.

Measured - 8 {wow!)

MyWineDrinkingName - 6 +1 for the mandelson laugh - 7

Nick Drew 6

Timbo614 said...

Woo Hoo, snuck a win.

I would make them independent, truly imdependent, it's going to be like making a teenage daughter (I had three) stay at home when they want to leave. They all came back at least three times (most times in tears saying all men are bastards!). Scotland (or Salmond) has to learn it's a big bad world out there and lose their rose tinted glasses.

measured said...

A response I only usually get when peeling off my top.

Well done, Timbo. Thanks for running the competition, BQ. Buy yourself a beer. 'til September, folks.

Bill Quango MP said...

A response I only usually get when peeling off my top.

I need a lie down just at the thought.

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