Thursday 10 July 2014

What business lessons have we learned from the World Cup?

What business lessons have we learned from the World Cup?
Extract from Bill Quango's soon to be released cash-in business management book

Ed - Change Image depending upon the final winner

  1. You get what you pay for, more often than not. But there are never any guarantees.
  2. An invaluable asset is an invaluable asset.
  3. No matter how much the very best cost, they are worth it...its open cheque time.
  4. That a good track record is only a guide. A very good guide, but still only a guide.
  5. Youthful stamina and energy are not a substitute for experience.
  6. Quality leadership is essential to success.
  7. If a key member of the team isn't at their best, don't give them extra responsibilities.
  8. If a key member of the team begins to go a bit rouge, bin them fast.
  9. A big fish in a small pond may not be a really big fish in a big pond.
  10. Set clear goals .. and score them! 

Ten chapters of insight and wisdom from the business guru..
But just for you lot, the chapter summary.

1. Messi, Ozil, Torres to pick at random. Brilliant, average plus, and dire - And their current price, if not their last sale price, reflects that.
2. If you have something or someone that the competition doesn't, you will beat them.
3. Naymar..Thiago Silva...Ronaldo..Bale.Suarez....and on and on.
4. Rooney had a good season, then a mediocre one. That doesn't mean he will have a worse one next season. But if he did, the stats says he needs to go.
5. Ghana the youngest squad. Argentina the oldest.
6. Neuer.Silva.Pirlo.Van Gaal, Jorge Pinto,Peckerman, Klinsman..Joachim Loew..
7.Rooney. Ronaldo.
8. David Luiz. Marouane Fellaini, Nani, Costa..
9. Gerrard. Jo, Cassilas.. Hazzard ..
10 7-1

And then a final chapter on German efficiency. American can-do attitudes.Latin passion British indolence, Far Eastern  rigidity..up and coming BRICs  etc ..etc.

World Cup Capitalism
By Bill Quango MP 

Coming soon to an airport paperback stand near you.


Malcolm Tucker said...

These business books are over the airports. I remember one about 'think yourself to success' through power napping and meditation.

Didn't work. But I persisted with it anyway!

dearieme said...

The Shiraz Route to Success.

Chardonnay - the Wine of Champions.

Semillon, the Secret of Success.

Management by Malbec.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone go "rouge". Were they not fit or something?

Blue Eyes said...

World Cup Capitalism: if you want to get to the final you must either be religiously thrifty and industrious, or profligate and wasteful. There is no "third way".

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why you'd change the photo

Bill Quango MP said...

Have to fchange it now.

Electro-Kevin said...

Wunderbra !

Blue Eyes said...

I think it the time is ripe for a C@W discussion on whether or not Britain should encourage a merger with or takeover by Germany. After all, the Brits and Krauts have far more in common than either do with the Frogs.

Bill Quango MP said...

Could be Blue. The last time we tried direct negotiations the Size of the Royal Navy was an issue.
Doubt it's much of a problem these days.
Also we were cautious of Germany's million men under arms. That's not an issue anymore either.

Maybe in the spirit of August 1914 we can sign some sort of triple entente alliance? Us, the Huns, and the Dutch in an economic union ?

Blue Eyes said...

They've got factories and money, we've got marketers and banks. Win-win!

Electro-Kevin said...

The French have cheese.

I don't want to overstate the importance of that but...

Blue Eyes said...

And the French will continue to have and sell cheese after they crash out of the EU and Euro under Le Pen.

And then the Britsch can buy more of it at lower prices :-)

James Higham said...

I'm simply stunned by the wisdom displayed, Bill.