Friday 22 August 2014

Illegal to Slag Off Bercow?

Is it still legal to hurl vulgar abuse at Bercow ?  I'm inclined to get in before he somehow makes it treasonable.  When he was first appointed I called him a bumptious git and the years haven't mellowed him, have they ?  What a disgrace to our Parliament.
The knives are out at Westminster Palace 
Bercow's behaviour is full of Malice 
Malice is aimed at Bercow too 
"His friends in the world are terribly few"
Says Malice 



Bill Quango MP said...

The Buckinghamshire Bonaparte is not one to retreat just because his enemies are massing.

The Little Prince's usual gift of destroying his opponents individually, before they can group together, seems to have evaded him.
Maybe he too has piles ?

{not sure of that claim Mr D:}? Wasn't it stomach ulcers? Or the wallpaper with the cyanide in it giving him cancer?}

If Little John doesn't give ground and decides to fight on this field, he could soon be renamed "Elba John"

Blue Eyes said...

All grist to the Tory mill, avoids the Westminster media from asking such questions as "why is the deficit still so high?", and "what are you offering core/former Tory voters at the next election?".

George Osborne said...

Answer 1 - erm..

Answer 2 ... erm...

Budgie said...

ND said: Bercow is "... a bumptious git ...". One we really agree on. But it is funny to witness the puerile standoff between twerp Cameron and bumptious git Bercow.

And BE is right it does take our eyes off the important matters. Our deficit (even our debt) could have curtailed by Cameron in 2010, by closing some government departments entirely like DfID, Arts, and all the other well known real cost saving options (as opposed to fake headcount reductions re-hired as contractors).

So Bercow vs Cameron is poetic justice for a failed PM.

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