Thursday 18 September 2014

Uninstalling Scotland

Free up a bit of disk space: a programme we no longer need, cluttering up the memory?

Or something worth keeping, just because ..?


Timbo614 said...

....100% complete, please restart your country before continuing. [OK]


Error loading module "Economy" : Module "Scotland" not found.

Error loading module "NHS": Module "Scotland" not found.

Error loading module "Head of state": Module "Scotland" not found.

Error loading module "Holiday booking": Module "Scotland" not found.

Error loading module "Diplomacy": Module "Scotland" not found.

Failed to load Operating system Module "UK" is damaged or missing.

Please repair the missing dependency and restart your country before continuing. [OK]

Anonymous said...

The queen is in Glasgow and she bumped into Alex Salmond.
HM: How nice to see you Mr Salmond.
AS: Nice to see you Ma'am. Now, what are we going to call Scotland when we win independance? How about calling it a kingdom, and then I'll be a king?
HM: No, we don't like that.
AS: Empire, and I'll be emperor?
HM: No.
AS: All right, so how about calling it a principality, and then I'll be a prince?
HM: No, Mr Salmond, I suggest we call it a country and you can carry on as you are.

BE said...

As with the old Irish joke "well I wouldn't start from here"...

Just imagine that instead of setting up the Holyrood parliament, Blair et al. had pushed decision-making down to city and county level - across the UK.

There was an interesting article on the BBC site about the 1913(?) attempt to legislate for Home Rule. It suggested that Scots nationalism only really got going when the UK government started setting up state services such schools and adminstering them from London.

I have to thank Alex Salmond for shaking the kaleidoscope, though, because whatever happens England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have some good debate now.

Wildgoose said...

When I was a Liberal Democrat, (I know - sorry!), I called for strong Local Devolution rather than national Devolution and was roundly abused by my "fellow" Liberal Democrats.

After Devolution I campaigned in the CEP for an English Parliament with a reformed Upper House in a new federal United Kingdom - and was roundly abused by Liberal Democrats and other "Unionists" as "anti-Scottish", and a "threat to the Union".

Now I just want Scotland to vote Yes.

England, and especially our white working classes, are held in utter contempt by the politicians at Westminster, in particular by (usually Scottish) Labour MPs - e.g. Brown's "bigoted woman" comment about Mrs Duffy.

The only way we'll get reform is by kicking over the existing system and starting again from the basics.

Electro-Kevin said...

I always uninstall when my Mac's messing me about.

Nick Drew said...

Timbo -


Budgie said...

Hmmm .... I think uninstalling Cameron is likely.

Peter S said...

Aaaand... Electro-Kevin wins the thread.

john miller said...

Politicians have done what they do best:

Make any decision irrelevant.

If the Scots vote No they get DevoMax - independence by the back door.

If they vote Yes they get independence that still relies on England.

Same thing, different name.

CityUnslicker said...

Maybe Scotland 2.0 will be like Windows Vista vs Windows XP?

BE said...

But will the updates conflict and just keep crashing the machine?

Demetrius said...

In purely business terms Scotland is a loss making subsidiary whose principal asset is declining and has unreliable value. Also, its market future is bleak. So why not a management buy out and let them deal with it?

Demetrius said...

In purely business terms Scotland is a loss making subsidiary whose principal asset is declining and has unreliable value. Also, its market future is bleak. So why not a management buy out and let them deal with it?

BE said...

(Seen on Twitter) Good luck today Scotland, just remember what America does to small, poorly defended, oil-rich countries.

DJK said...

I think the polls have seriously underestimated the no vote. There are more yes posters than no, but not nearly enough to indicate that there is sufficient momentum to overcome people's doubts about voting for an unknown.

Anyway, whatever happens, Cameron is finished. How could anybody possibly trust him to renegotiate with the EU? Ed M is probably living on borrowed time too. Of course, Clegg was finished long ago.

Bq said...

Broadband failure. It's "Ike living in 2005 !
Had to go McDonald's for this and emails.
No QT compo so instead if you wish to post here for the Scottish result and %.

BQ thinks Yes for independence 47%
No for independence 53%

Results once wifi restored,

BE said...

I am going for 54.3% No; the constitutional debate to dominate politics between now and May; the Tories to win the general election outright, doubling their representation in Scotland; negotiating some decent EU concessions; and a 60% In vote in 2017.

Steven_L said...

Well, I've just been out and voted 'no'. Whereas professional SNP politicians refer to "the Westminster this" and "the Westminster that" their supporters just say "English" and it really grates after 2 years.

I've taken a long position on the June 2015 sterling short term interest rate futures contract. This is pricing a 1% bank rate in June 2015. I doubt interest rates will be higher and there are no daily charges to hang onto this position. There's a good chance bank rate will be 0.5% or 0.75% and the position could make 25 to 50 basis points.

On the other hand, if there is a yes vote, it should jump 10 to 20 basis points in a matter of hours.

Apparently there was a big fight in Banff between the yes/no supporters. Alex Salmond visited the polling station my other half is working at - as it was too foggy for him to fly today. He told them he'd been to the other one and when they texted and checked, he hadn't. They can't help it, they open their mouths and out it comes!

Nick Drew said...

OK, I'm going with the uninstall stalling @ 43%, 55% No, 2% creatively spoiled ballots

(BTW I like BE's longer-term prognosis)

DJK said...

For several days I've been going for 55% no, but now I think it'll be 57 No / 43 Yes.

DJK said...

Incidentally, very polite and civilised polling here in Edinburgh.

BBC 24 Hour Rolling Bollocks said...

Scots were camped outside polling stations all night long - at least we thought they were until told by the police officer on duty that this was where they normally slept after a night out on the pisch.

Timbo614 said...

Well, the decision is made. We wait to find out the result.

@ND: at 43% uninstalled the module Scotland is now dysfunctional. The UK system will survive but while looking whole and reliable is, underneath, probably terminally broken too.

Time will tell.

Nick Drew said...

some nasty malware now resident as well

Budgie said...

In previous comments I may have given the impression that the Scots were ungrateful wretches, out to destroy the UK, who are subsidised by the English.

I now realise that this was completely incorrect. The Scots are the dearest creatures on earth, and we should now allow Holyrood to make decisions for the entire UK, thereby solving the English question. Moreover the half Scots Cameron has proved himself to be a world-class statesman incapable of panic.

There have been calls for my resignation from the usual disreputable quarters. I need hardly state that that is not helpful. Lessons will be learned, and I must continue to ensure that the outcome that we have all voted for is delivered.

BE said...

Looks like ND wins the prize, and I was overcautious. As a British English voter I thought Cameron hit exactly the right tone. He has set a nice big trap for Labour, so I am hopeful for meaningful proposals and a Tory majority in 2015.

Well done Scotland and indeed Britain: showing the world how it is done for 300 years.

Timbo614 said...

... [System Restore] ... restore your country settings to a previous date? [Yes]
Country settings restore complete with Warning(s):
Module: 'Salmond' was identified as mal-ware was skipped.
Module: 'Sturgeon' returned an error and was skipped.
Module: 'Cameron' appears to be a new version with new dependencies/priorities:
---'West Lothian Question'
---'English political equality'
Module: 'Cameron' was installed with option flag "-U"[No U-Turns]
Module: 'Pound Sterling' was reverted to an earlier version.
Module: 'Stock Market Chaos' was not found.
Module: Scotland 1.0 was re-installed but with warnings: "Module is deprecated, recommend upgrade to Scotland 1.5".


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