Thursday 27 November 2014

BBC Question Time competition: Straight to A&E edition.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Romford in London.
The panel includes chief whip Michael Gove MP, Labour's shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna MP, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, comedian and television presenter Jo Brand, and Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell.

Usual rules. Usual fools. Not a big fan of Jo Brand. She has been doing those cake jokes since the 80's. Not very funny even then. Gove is more entertaining...Annnnnnyyyyyywaaaayyyy....

BQ thinks:
1. Is the coalition's failure to provide for weekend GP services a result of savage Tory-led cuts to services or Labour's unbelievable decision to allow the Docs to opt-out of weekend provision?
or both?

2. Terrorism: Facebook is to blame for global terrorism. Before the internet there was no terrorism. So its now up to government to read all our emails and service providers to send the spooks all our likes and dislikes and pokes to end world terror. I can feel a parody post coming on. The Gunpowder plot online ? {although that plot was discovered by the social media of the day - a letter.}

3. Thornberry revisited. Did Emily Thorntons tweet reveal the remoteness of the political classes from the electorate. 

4. Jack Monroe ? I don't fancy it as a story but it ticks some boxes. Was she right to be as shrill and abusive as an enraged dementia sufferer? Should people not tweet what they would not say face to face.. some garbage like that..

5. Net immigration. The made up targets are going to be missed. Which says something about the scale of the problem if its not even possible to achieve the easy-peasey-set-the-bar-low targets that the government set itself.

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Winners List 2014
Nick Drew 2
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Malcolm Tucker 1
Measured 1
Dick the prick 1 
Bill Quango MP 1


Taff said...

If it is Romford we better not mention immigration

1. Immigration

2. Plebgate

3. Are UKIP being reckless

4. Are ISIS misunderstood?

Tie - Orange and blues


Malcolm Tucker said...

Tie - Sky blue

1. Immigration targets and the missing of said targets.

2. Plebgate. What now for Mitchell ?

3. USA rioting. Race or class to blame?

4. Accident and emergency and the health secretary. Public sector audience howling time.

5 Terror laws. Should Romford have their internet switched off?
Might be for the best.

Nick Drew said...

(0) so dark it could be black
(1) white van man back in vogue (what happened to Worcester woman?)
(2) NHS, it has to be for Brand - never mind the cake jokes, she does bedpan comedy ((geddit?))
(3) portmanteau question on google et al, could they save us all from terrorism if they wanted, are they too big & unaccountable? etc etc (© EC 2014 - pretty funny really)
(4) segue to terror strand, should Teresa May be allowed to give the security services everything they want?
(5) something left-field: Lewis Hamilton? devo again? I'm going with price of oil, which is really a big story - though more in hope than expectation

Hopper said...

Tie: green with little pilgrim hats

1. Tories think plods are plebs, don't they look like a bunch of turkeys?
2. Should we carve up Google in the EU?
3. If we let the Scots set our tax rates is this just a modern version of cross-border pillaging?
4. Ferguson riots: oppressed community expressing displeasure, or bunch of larcenous thugs?
5. Should we make the security services read our Facebook feeds?

measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. Why are the blacks upset in America? Oh, because police officers can shoot them at will. I am not at all surprised then.

Look behind you!

2. The end of the Union. Clever to let Scots control their income tax rate as if it is too high, the rich will emigrate and if it is too low .... no, it will never be low.

3. Bl**dy foreigners.

4. Is calling someone a toff worse than calling them a pleb. Asking for a friend.

5. Romford = greyhounds; going to the dogs, the odds are shorter on Mr Economy Stagnation than Putin’s Chuckle. Squeezing those

Dimbletie: Gold (yellow) and green. Has to be.

Budgie said...

1. Is Andrew Mitchell as guilty as Rebekah Brooks over Plebgate? Are we all plebs now? You know it makes sense.

2. Scotland to set its own income tax says Smith Commission. Is this effectively independence in all but name?

3. Government to miss its immigration targets (sorry, "migration" in BBC speak) with rise to highest levels since 2010. Can we all cope with a yet another maid or third chauffeur in these times of Tory-led austerity? This is the fault of those wacists at UKIP.

4. Food bug affects 70% of shop bought chicken. Where would we be without the EU to safeguard our food? UKIP to blame.

5. Can Ed Mitchell carry on as Leader of the Opposition? What is it with these rich privileged public school toffs who hate white police vans and live in £2m houses? It's just "I'm all right Jack Monroe" all day long. Weetabix anyone?

DtP said...


0) Dimbletie, peach

1) Why don't Uki do London - go Jo! (FFS seriously, keep the mute button)

2) Mansion Tax _ La Jolie - wot is inflaythen gov?

3) Employment and taxation

4) Private schools assissting state schools.

5) Cricket dude - soz!

Bill Quango MP said...

black with blue fish.

1.Camo's no ifs , no buts pledge on immigration.

2. Tristram Hunt's proposed attack on private schools is it a new class war?
Patel says it was just labour's "break glass in case of emergency" response that they always to a crisis.And Thornberry sneer was that crisis.
I think she is right.

3.Strange one - why do some unemployed people get more money than working people?

4. White van man question.

pretty tedious show. Jo Brand did the other half of her material A PMT joke. That wasn't funny either.

Score coming up

Bill Quango MP said...

Missed a Question out - the facebook/terrorism one was asked on BBCqt.

BQ - 5

Taff - keep trying mate - 2=1 for first = 3

Malcolm- 4

CU - 4

ND - 5 +2 for closest to tie = 7

hopper - 2

measured 2 but good writing - so 3

budgie - 2 + same - well crafted questions = 3

Timbo - 2 {too late for tie :}]

Dtp - 2 =2 for being the only school spotter = 4

Winner is Mr drew with 7