Thursday 11 December 2014

BBC Question Time ; Competition final. - Is it all right to rent a mansion edition?

 Its that horrible horrible time of year at BQ Industries and it isn't going well.
So make me turn this frown of boiling rage into a smile with some wit for tonight's championship of the world Question Time final.

And, at last, a good one. Bert Brand & Ernie Farage  on the panel. And Sexy 'cocky' Penny. And Camila is as sharp as a tack and a fox in the box too....So a treat for us regulars..
Oh, and Mary Creagh is on too. Well you can't have everything.

I guess a red and silver festive Dimbletie.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Canterbury in Kent. The panellists are Conservative communities and local government minister Penny Mordaunt MP, Labour's shadow international development secretary Mary Creagh MP, the leader of UKIP Nigel Farage MEP, comedian and campaigner Russell Brand and Times columnist Camilla Cavendish.

World Champion
Winner 2014 

 Nick Drew


Charity Shield Winner
Blue Eyes

Winners List 2014
Nick Drew 3
Timbo614 2

Hopper 1
Malcolm Tucker 1
Measured 1
Dick the prick 1 
Bill Quango MP 1 
Taff  1
Cityunslicker 1


Taff said...


Canterbury - full of foreigners of the acceptable sort and bishops (of the unacceptable sort - allegedly)

1. Can UKIP make the UK a better place.

2. Deficit - why is saying sorry so hard.

3. Third runway - choice of Manston or Boris island as Canterbury is equidistant.

4. Xmas - can we say the word without offending people.

5. OFSTED. What do they need to do to drive up standards?

Tie: UKIP purple

Hope to be first so I can at least get a point.


Nick Drew said...

Taff, the point is yours! (and a couple more besides, I'd say)

(0) tie featuring Christmas cadeaux
(1) throw a bone to Farage and ask something about Citizenship outrages: segue into whether he population of the UK is actually 77 million
(2) Mili and his protracted deficit whine, and how come not a single man woman child or dog believes a word of it?
(3) will Alex Salmond MP run amok / hold the balance of power / embarrass that fish-woman etc?
(4) Nobel Peace Prize and that Brummie lass who wants to be Prime Minister of Pakistan (careful love, as an old friend of Benazir Bhutto I can tell you it may not end well)
(5) something for Brand ... hmm, how about the CIA thing: - is torture ever OK?

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: white and red stripes

1. Did the UK get its hands dirty with CIA torture, or did we remember to wear rubber gloves?
2. Why can't we all be more equal?
3. Oil price down: should we put fuel duty up, and stop fracking?
4. Keep the dodgy foreigners out, or are the dodgy citizens more of a problem?
5. Will the Google tax work as intended?

Timbo614 said...

Brand 0 -v- 0 Farage score to be completed later :)

Cut there, cut here,
Milliband isn't clear
He talks about sensible
but are his plans derisible?

[apologies to Lennon/McCartney]
She said, your career will soon be dead
He said, just want to get you back in bed
She said, you're a liar I will swear
He said, but you know it's warm in there!

Brand says, I know what it's like to be dead
Farage says, that's because we let in all those thugs.
Brand says, you must be off your head.
Farage says, we just do not do those drugs

Paedophilia / grooming on line will a UK law help?

Torture and collusion with the US/Bush, did we or didn't we?

Taxes on Houses? or was that done last week? (didn't see it) if it was then: MPs playing Candy Crush in pension meetings (or any other come to that!)

Mirror mirror on the wall,
which is the Christmas tie for all?
One with red nosed reindeer,
elves and snowfall.

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

It is going to be a humdinger…

1. Breastfeeding in god forbid public …or is that suckling?

2. Can we use disabled loo/seats?

3. Immigrants, citizens and boundaries …we have our own problems controlling @rustyrockets

4. Let’s redefine infrastructure spending and print money, loads of money! Ed & Ed says tax 'em. We are.

5. Go on then let us get stoned… drugs, not as fallen women. It is the women who will do the stoning tonight, metaphorically speaking. Hopefully they are not in a greenhouse. It could be torture for the men, but I reckon this might be justified, metaphorically speaking and it is all is metaphorical when it comes to Brand.

Dimbletie: Green and Red. The Holly and the Ivy.

Happy Christmas all!

cityunslicker said...

I will win one now!!!

- Touchy feely UKippy - or er Russell...
- Now Labour have the same economic ppolicy as the Tories, none!
- Immigration - in the home of the saxons. Win for Nigel
- Evil Torturing amercians - mass hand wringning all round.

Only time for four questions. This might be worth watching

DtP said...

Whooops - wrote it down

Dimbletie - Pink

1) CIA & Chilcott
2) Deficit?
3) Oil
4) EU - Immigration - OBR 'plenty of space' cunt?
5 ) Food banks

CityUnslicker said...

this is awesome, brand is totally mad!

Bill Quango MP said...

Red blue yellow silver flower mash tie.

Russell Brand answers the first question - about the "petty adversarial" style of politics in Britain. "Mate."

Q2 "Is Britain really overcrowded?" asks an audience member.

Q3. Can't remember the question. But is a should we privatise the NHS one.

Q4. Would education and social mobility improve with grammar schools.

very entertaining episode. Brand, slightly less of an arse than usual. Attacked UKIP on every point. Not necessarily a relevant
point either. Farage tried to stay out of it and just answer the question. The other three were all fine as well. Probably the best episode of the last few years, even if nothing much was the inevitable outcome.

Timbo614 said...

scores Brand 1 -v- 3 Farage.

+ Hat tip to Nigel for ignoring the final barbs.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores - BQ not back in time to enter.

Can't score the Dimbletie - was a weird one.

Taff - 1 for first - + 4 = 5

Mr Drew - 3 {funny no CIA - probably just the overrun.}

Hopper - 4 { i would have thought a green q for Brand/Farage. but no}

Timbo - great as ever - and did make me smile - How's your Christmas going? Mine is poor.
Makes me depressed. All that work and effort - Only 2 weeks to turn it around. Or its a Cornwall holiday this year instead of the Riviera.

measured - very good choices , but not by the QT audience - 3.

CU - 4 + 1 for the only four q spot. - 5

Dtp - nice late run - 2

Winner was Taff and CU
with an excellent 5 each

But the overall, champion heavyweight of the world, is

Nick Drew!

Who gets the usual tiny trophy, A splash of digital champagne, and has the right to decide which politician should be
water-boarded until they tell the truth.

Thank you all

And That's it for Question Time until January.

DtP said...

Well done ND. Cheers Bill. Merry Christmas folfs :-)

Nick Drew said...

(isn't 'digital champagne' even ruder than breastmilk ?)

anyhow, in the immortal words of some American general - give me 20 minues wih Dick Cheney and a waterboard and I'll have him confessing to JFK's assassination

premature Season's Greetings to all fllow contestants!

Electro-Kevin said...

I can't believe that someone can scream her head off "Racist scum !" and not be ejected from the audience. Much less be told off by the Chair.

It's one of the worst things a person can be accused of these days.