Friday 12 December 2014

CIA step in to Question Time row

Nigel Farage seen leaving Canterbury last night
The former Director of the CIA has today stepped into the row over last night's BBC Question Time edition.

Speaking on behalf of frightened of BBC, (£330,000 a-year) Executives, the Director denied that hosting Russell Brand on the show was cruel and unusual punishment.

Brand, a mentally distuberd if brilliant, counter-terrorist, launched into a wave of sexist attacks on a British Minister - "Pay their pensions then, love. Excuse the sexist language, I'm working on it."

In addition he lambasted UKIP leader Nigel Farage. In what was a clear set-up the BBC allowed a left wing heckler to constantly shout 'Racist' at Nigel Farage at regular intervals.

The CIA director insisted that this kind of mental testing was important for the BBC if it was to be able to expose what it really thought about the true inner beliefs of the panellists exposed to this type of interrogation.

Furthermore, the CIA insist that Ed Milliband and David Cameron had both signed up to the agenda. along with the Guardian Media group and that bloke who is a judge and wants to stand for Labour now.

The BBC will not be making any more Question Time series until the New Year, when there are plans afoot to hold the show at GCHQ and aboard HMS Victory


Electro-Kevin said...

The proliferation of babeldom and left wing baboonery ain't wot appeals to my sense of conservatist (small 'c') collectivism, Love.

What's so brilliant about Russell Brand ? He's just a cock and at least one panelist that we know of was capable of saying so. All Brand does is go to an online dictionary of odd words the night before and regurgitates pre-rehearsed phrases of random words.

He did not answer questions. Anyone can do what he did and hurl accusations and insults loosely and at tangents.

No. What gets me is that - for the past 20 years - we have had nothing but Left Wing policies and (now that those of us on the Right are finally being represented) the Left are positioning themselves to dominate by claiming that politics needs changing because it is THEY who are not being listened to.

What is brilliant is not Brand but his handlers.

They're stealing the power of protest from those who really have cause to protest because they've been denied it for so long.

The politicians can say "Yes. There is lots of disaffection in the country ... on BOTH sides. So let's just stay in the 'middle', eh ?"

Brand is an unwitting useful idiot.


I'm not voting Conservative ever again. What is the point of a Conservative Party in a country where it is illegal (racist) for things to be conserved.

Jer said...

EK - I can't bring myself to vote Conservative whilst David Cameron is in charge.

Although politically similar I could vote for Theresa May as she doesn't seem to be a spineless sack of uselessness with no convictions except a conviction that people like him should be in charge.

Can't disagree with a word you say though.

Bill Quango MP said...

That blue haired weirdo is the leader of the. Campaign to stop Ukip

She is a member of the socialist workers party.

Ask yourself, how bloggers knew this, within minutes of looney outburst, and put up her profile on Twitter and guido and others, yet the BBC, with its 14 days of vetting applicants, somehow didn't discover that fact?

lilith said...

I think Brand needs to get himself back on the drugs pronto. Then he'd at least have an excuse.

Electro-Kevin said...

he'd probably make more sense too, Lilith.

John in Cheshire said...

No doubt Someone will prove me wrong but I thought the harpie was just another man-hating lesbian. Why, one might ask, do I say that? And I can only reply that she looked the part.

Anonymous said...

the blue haired extreme Left psycho happens to be a SWP operative and involved in a hate campaign against Farage.

A Question Time audience member who had a fiery debate with comedian Russell Brand is the brother of a UKIP MEP.

Electro-Kevin said...

More Leftist psychos please.

They're doing a brilliant job - for us.

It would also be interesting to hear how Mr Dimbleby reacted to, say, a white skinhead shouting out to a homosexual panel member "You're a shirt lifting kiddy fiddler !"

The insult is no less in the order of magnitude as "racist !" Both are career killers and imprisonable offences.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon @ 1.00am

At least the UKIP MEP's brother behaved in accord with the rules of debate and remained pertinent.

No-one is ruled out of free speech but to see equivalence between him and Blue Hair misses the fact that she was making false allegations of criminal tendency and used the word 'scum' to do it.

As we already know - the Right is far better behaved and more polite than the Left in this country.

James Higham said...

Hang on, am I at Daily Mash?