Monday 1 December 2014

Clunking Fist; Won't Be Missed

Three posts in a row but I can't help it.  Farewell then, Gordon Brown.  Don't come back.

Still, he provided a lot of material.  Let me regale you with just one ... apologies to AA Milne, but no-one else.
King Gord was not a good man 
A coward to his bones 
He hurled abuse at all his staff 
And often mobile ‘phones
But every year at Conference 
They’d let him out to speak 
He’d give them tractor stats galore 
He’d be applauded from the floor 
Ovations too (the whips made sure) 
How he loved Conference Week !

King Gord was not a good man 
He lived his life aloof 
He’d thought of stepping ‘neath a bus 
Or jumping from the roof 
A Conference speech he had to make 
But naught to say of note 
He couldn’t get to sleep at night 
Till Sarah, pitying his plight 
“To Santa Claus, you’d better write” 
And this is what he wrote. 

“I want to meet Obama, 
And I want good news 
And victory in Afghanistan 
Would help to cure the blues 
I don’t mind lying 
So it needn’t all be true 
And it SHOULD make me look better 
Than Tony you-know-who 
And, oh! Father Christmas, if you want to help me sleep 
A photo please of Cameron, in congress with a sheep!” 
(There's a lot more where that came from.)



Budgie said...

I have a feeling that Cameron is so lazy he only puts his feet up.

dearieme said...

In the last few years I have changed from being someone who had known a few future MPs when I was young, to someone who has known a few future MP's parents. I can't say that I've seen much sign that the new generation is any better.

Bill Quango MP said...

he will be missed ND. The man was a vein of comedy gold.

Anytime a bit of writers block came you could rely on Gordon to come to the g8 with a shower cap still on. Or to announce a deal with Mars for mining rights from 2124.

Wether that was worth a tripling of the national debt and nationalising our banks ?

Damien McBride on Dale yesterday. Iain had a classic line!

Damien: when Gordon became prime minister it was a difficult time for labour .. And he was inheritng a lot of problems ...

Dale: " from himself"

CityUnslicker said...

and he stuck us with Scotland in the end too.

Oh imagine the glee we would be having now as their nascent petro-economy collapsed after a month!

Jan said...

Another misguided messiah like his predecessor and like TB he wants a job on the world stage....please don't let him near anything financial....

Jer said...

Is there a role as Ebola czar?