Thursday 8 January 2015

BBC Question Time competition

 The start of this season's Question Time Competition begins with the usual Charity Shield game.
Current Charity Shield holder  {and closet lefty} Blue Eyes battles last season winner, Nick Drew.

Its usually a tough one to call. BBCQT like to reach back to stories from 2014 that we have all forgotten about. But it seems at least two major stories will be prominent.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Watford. The panel includes Liberal Democrat business secretary Vince Cable MP, Labour's shadow health minister Liz Kendall MP, Conservative former shadow home secretary David Davis MP, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and the broadcaster and columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer.

JHB has left LBC and they have gone with the damp left Shelagh Fogarty.  NOOOOOOO! 2 lefties in a row! Sky News might be going back on in the office.

1 or 2 points for each correct question asked. Depending on how close to the actual wording.
5 points for guessing the colour/design of  the Dimbleby tie.

 2 points for nearest match if no outright winner
1 point for each witty comment/excessive punning/ lampoon/mock/clever theme  that you put into the comments
1 point for the first entrant each week 
1 point for random other reasons

BQ guesses -
Dimbletie - Caliphate Black

1. What possible defence can their be against Islamic terrorism. Reading all our emails? Taking toddlers into care ?

2. Its official. The NHS is in crisis. We have gone back to the dark ages of 2004! Its a gift for Labour.

3. But a gift for Red Ukip is Jim Murphy's London mansion tax  to pay for Dundee nurses.

4. Rapist footballer story .. again. Ched is the UKIP bigotry replacement story.

5. Labour spending plans..not fit to run a nation.Treasury red book copy...etc.


BE said...


1. Is there a fifth column in the UK? If so, does it comprise the about 85% of the population which does not tell polling organisations that they are not voting UKIP?

2. Freedom of Speech. Is it more under threat from islamist militants or from those who would repeal our human rights legislation to appease the Daily Mail?

3. Oil price collapse. Good or Bad for Britain's hardworkingfamilies?

4. The NHS. Aren't the Tories evil? It is all their fault after all, isn't it? They are the ones who have cut every budget to zero.

5. Spending back to the 1930s. Aren't the Tories evil? I remember when I were a lad, growing up in t' 30s we 'ad coal for dinner. British coal dug up with our own bare 'ands. And we were grateful.

Tie: Unashamedly pro-Labour dark green.

BE said...

Gah - Freudian double-negative.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Tie -Orangey-yellow mess

1. Did the Hebdos have it coming to them. For taking the piss out of the Unpisstakeable ones.

2.NHS. NHS. NHS. The activists will be clamouring for more money. One kipper will say the crisis might be to do with immigration. Dimbleby will gun him down. He had it coming!

3. Cameron says he won't debate without the Greens. Another audience member will say the Greens are really just a protest movement, not a real political party. He will also be shot for his heretical anti-liberal views.

4. Ched Evans. Anyone even hinting that maybe he should just be allowed to go back to doing his job, since he has served his time in prison already..They will, of course, be AK47d'. By the ultra liberals.

Because speaking out against the majority is to invite your own destruction.

Only 4 questions. it takes a while to mop up the blood between questions.

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: Charlie black and white

1. Should freedom of speech be balanced with responsibility to not provoke psychopathic delicate flowers?
2. With A+E broken right across the country, what happened to all the NHS money?
3. Leading on to: is immigration helping or hindering the economy?
4. Is it right to shut the Greenies out of leadership debates?

Only 4 tonight because 1 and 2 will dominate discussion. Hoping Jimmy brings some sanity and perspective, but that may be optimistic.

Nick Drew said...

(0) something pretty dark - let's say maroon
(1) lengthy, rambling and ultimately pointless Charlie H jag, with Dimbers being forced to intervene a lot, and some shouty stuff
(2) A&E - maybe an intelligent question like, are we seeing a societal shift towards demanding instant walk-in treatment, none of yer delay-before-seeing-GP
(3) is Merkel the leader of free peoples everywhere (ans: we'd better bloody hope not)
(4) Ebola? Anyhow, only 4

please not the footballer ...

CityUnslicker said...

Better than the questions, I can predict the answers...

1. We all deplore these terrorists who pretend to be muslims but are not.
2. We all hate tories for destroying out NHS by over-spending on it.
3. We all hate a long election campaign, especially that awful UKIP racist party. WHose silly idea was fixed term parliaments?
4. Merkel says we are not allowed to leave the EU or make any changes, so can't UKIP just accept this and shut up about it.

Budgie said...

BQ, I think you have the questions all sorted, but here goes with mine ..........

Tie: red and black.

1. Isn't Fawage weally wascist to take advantage of such a twagedy? He should be censored. Clegg dismayed (as always). No edgy cartoons here please, we're appeasers.

2. Save our NHS for the managers to come. Why is Cameron determined to sell off our NHS like Fatcher?

3. Greens excluded from TV debates - why are they being censored?

4. Eurozone in trouble again. Will there be a Grexit?

5. Oil price shock horror armageddon. The government must do something, but what?

Timbo614 said...

Death stalks our drawings,
Fear stalks our freedoms,
Law stalks all, with libel
All this for a Muslim bible?

1) For how long will we retain our, already much curtailed freedom of speech, given the likely "security forces" reaction to the Charlie murders?

2) Are the NHS 111 phone line operators and/or the computer systems to blame for the A&E Crisis?

3) Was Nigel Farage correct when he talked about a fifth column? (Answer: yes)

4) When are the government(s) of Europe going to declare that is is actually a war with IS/ISIL so we can move forward on fighting them on their own terms?

Tie): Mainly Black of course with only a small design of some sort.

measured said...

Evenin’ all

Jostling for space here...

1. Have the terrorists won? In truth many muslims must find it hard to appreciate what freedom of speech is. French intelligence was a bit lacking. No, I do not mean they very not bright, but now you have me thinking. Nigel is bright and freshingly direct.

2. Another question about is it right to publish pictures of the Prophet.

3. A&E Jeremy Hunt said it was old people turning up at A&E. Naughty old people. At least he didn’t say immigrants.

4. The economic fudge, ….sorry, no, ……the economic outlook.

5. David Cameron trying to get Caroline Lucas more recognition. Eh, eh, eh!

Dimbletie: Has to be his signature bright pink

Hey, it says I am not a robot. Phew!

Thud said...

Answer to all....'off with their heads; neck to wear one.
No solution to our looming religion of peace problems. As usual I change chanenl

Bill Quango MP said...

Didn't watch it - but did, for the first time, listen to it on radio 5.
And it sounded like a good show.

One point - Yet again, a fully paid up activist, in this case a labour Councillor, was allowed to ask a question.
Now, The BBC is supposed to vet the audience for A} a 'balance.
B} to make sure overtly political biased political activists aren't asking questions. Yet every week this happens. The vetting process is clearly useless.
In tonight's episode the man who moaned on and on, with a little story and references to Thatcher and Major, about the terrible state of the NHS and how wonderful it was under labour, was denounced moments after he had finished boring us, as a labour Councillor, by a member of the audience.
So how hard can that have been to find out?
If i could be bothered I would write the BBC. The purple haired who EK complained about, was a paid up member of the socialist workers party and the LEADER of the DON'T VOTE FOR FARAGE party.
To not discover that is ridiculous.
Either someone isn't doing their job..or..and possibly worse..someone IS doing their job.

Anyway ...

Dimbletie - Light blue with purple bugs.

Q1 - Is there any way to stop the loons gunning us down. An illuminating point from Dimbleby. He read out standing BBc guidelines."The BBC have guidelines that say religions must be given due care and sensitivity. But that... There can be no depiction of the prophet Mohamed in any form."
Cowardly , said JHB.
To the agreement of much of the audience.

Q2 - Is Dave using the Green party to duck debates. - Well, yes he is. David Davis came across, again, as much more of a leader. He is the right's David Miliband.

Q3 Ched Evans {sorry Nick!} Split the audience and the panel. Its worth a post really, in that to support one side, opens you up to having to accept unpalatable suggestions on similar cases. IE
Evans is allowed to play football, as that his job, and he has served his time, and that is my opinion.
The Rolf Harris should be allowed to present Animal hospital once he is released.

Hmm .. morale maze.

Q4 Who is to blame for A+E -public, docs, politicos
Turns out its all three.

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ - 6
BE - 1 for first - 4 = 5
Malcolm Tucker - 8 + 1 for four qs = 9 Superb
Hopper - 6 + 1 for 4 = 7
ND - closest on the tie 2+ 4 = 6
CU - good effort - 6
Budgie - 5 a good shot
Timbo 4 - + 1 for the 4 lines on Allah. - 5
measured - 6 too

Like the Christmas football a particularly high scoring session.
But Malcolm Tucker, with a Luis Suarez/Diego Costa performance, wins the Charity Shield.

Well done Malc.

Bill Quango MP said...

oh . and Thud - 1 for turning up - 1 for you

Bobm said...
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Bobm said...
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Bobm said...
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Bobm said...
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Bobm said...

I watched your programme; the question time and these are my views:

For sure this county needs people like you Julia Hartley-Brewer because you’re objective and constructive.

I’m not British; I’m a legal immigrant but am totally shocked to see some of political leaders and other politicians like MPs contributing to this mob justice targeting a young footballer seeking rehabilitation and getting back to work to suit their politics. That is the job that man can do! It is not even mob justice, it is mob injustice based and driven by ill-informed reasoning and arguments with element of hate, hooliganism and ignorance

MP Liz Kendall you were asked a very clear question: WHAT JOB SHOULD THAT MAN DO NOW? But you just mumbled.

Please Madam MP Liz Kendall I would like to challenge you; can you answer that question?

I would also like to debate you and anyone of similar thinking on this subject matter.

In far worse countries if someone has served his punishment that will it. So is Britain the worst? What rank of civilisation is that? If someone is to be released from prison into society, let that person sustain, develop him self and the society and the only way to do that is that person to do the job he/she can do or the job he/she is best at. If football can help this man get back to work and have good life that is positive for everyone. What is the problem with that?

I’m a tax payer in this country and a lot of our money is going into rehabilitation of offenders in this country and in most cases there no results, it is total failure just waste of our money; Murders have murdered again, thieves and stolen again, drug abusers from prison have done it again and again. But if football can help do a successful rehabilitation and get someone get back to productive life that is a positive contribution which football should be proud of. Why do you have a problem with that?

People of your reasoning seem to be happy to see this man and his family suffer financially in some way or up to level of being a destitute and that is what you’re foolishly pushing for; by campaigning to block him from going back to his job and earning at the most decisive time; if he will ever do again what he can do best for a living. Do you think of that?

For your information, in other parts of the world blocking a working age individual from earning that is one of the most brutal forms of torture used. What would you or the country gain by blocking this man from doing the job that would pay him highest, or making him do far less paying jobs to the prospect of becoming a destitute?

There Ill-informed arguments by people like you and the media contributing to and leading this mob justice (Mob injustice rule); over playing the status of a first division football player as the most privileged. There is one major argument you’re putting forward; ‘‘the footballer being a role model to children’’. That is nonsensical and actuary disrespectful to children.

That man is just looking for the way he can provide for him self, his loved ones and saving for his possible children in the future and has the basic right to that as he is not going to train to become a banker, a lawyer etc or easily retrain for any other job in his prime age.

What you have to force your brain know is that in that particular case; the line between that man being innocent or guilty is very thin. On another day or on revisiting the case he could be innocent. So if he feels that he his innocent it’s his basic right to maintain it.

I’m happy to have some healthy and intellectual debate/debates about this.

Rob M.Z.

Electro-Kevin said...

BE - The Daily Mail is thoroughly anti UKIP and anti Farage.

It is probably the party's leading critic. Things are far more complex (and people more sophisticated) than you seem to think.

Electro-Kevin said...


- No-one is stopping Ched Evans working anonymously in a petrol garage - plenty of blameless people do already. I bet you my house he won't ever starve in Britain.

- What are female football fans to make of a rapist being cheered during a game by blokes and young boys ?

- What happens when footballer-rapist becomes normalised and the easily influenced masses accept that a rapist can be both a right geezer AND a hero on a saturday ?

What effect do you think this is going to have on the rates of domestic violence - when rape has been downgraded to the same level as shoplifting ?

There was an Actor on EastEnders who was a convicted murderer (Leslie Grantham.) Now I'm not saying that he was much responsible for what has followed - but murder has become more common and less shocking to us in recent decades - life has been made cheaper in other words and I'm sure the treatment of Grantham is no coincidence.


These people should not be allowed a shot at fame. This risks normalising the worst behaviour.

(Sorry to be boring again, Chaps. Those who know me here that my humour ebbs and flows with the moon and the tides.)

Electro-Kevin said...

BE - One would have thought a Ukipper's response to Bobm would have been "Well if you don't like it then go back to your own country."

Instead it beggars belief that I am the one with the key to explaining why misogyny is a bad thing. I'm prepared to do the same thing against homophobia too.

In fact, if I were a bigot I'd be looking forward to Sharia law and the Islamification of Britain.

Bill Quango MP said...

Bobm: Hello - And thank you. We do this Question Time thing every week..have done for years .. so pop by again. You are welcome.

I struggle with the footballer story. So much so I might have to post on it. I only resist because its not really our thing., despite it being very political.
I will quote you in next post

EK : I thought you might pick up on the BBC comments instead of the rapist.

The audience vetting for QT must still be in the dark ages of checking an electoral register. No attempt at social media, twitter, face book or even just a google search.
Because otherwise, they could not have , each week, activists and pressure group leaders asking questions from the audience.

Within minutes of these people speaking out, someone on social media says "that's nutty Joe Soap-Dodger..He's leader of the ban all cars in Shropshire party..talking about banning all cars in Shropshire.."

Its a joke EK. Not fit for purpose.

That said .. it was a good show.

Electro-Kevin said...

It is no surprise to me that the BBC is Leftist. A lost cause.

Whay I am most shocked by is the schism between conservative people and such as the Daily Mail and Private Eye.

The DM is guilty of utmost cowardice today in its refusal to publish the offending cartoons - not even as news central to this story.

Contrast its pussy footing around Islam to its relentless and offensive campaign against Ukip and Nigel Farage.

Clearly the DM is having its strings pulled by Tory HQ and both are banking on us worrying that we have too much to lose economically if we turn to Ukip.

Well we shouldn't. I believe I was on record here prior to 2007 asking WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY COMING FROM ?

Well I'm asking exactly the same question today. I predict another credit crunch in the next administration - caused by the Tory's continuation of borrow, spend, print and encouragement of personal debt through low interest and HTB.

There is nothing to be lost by voting UKIP - except your last chance to stick two fingers up to the LibLabCon cartel.

You want to bring the BBC into line ? You can't. And whining about what they do is pointless - in fact that love to hear it.

What hurts then and what they utterly loathe, however, is when people refuse to vote the way you want them to.

You like seeing Nick Robinson in a tizzy, is bug eyes red with rage and his cheeks incandescent ?

Then vote Ukip.

The Tories are not going to save the economy, they're not going to save us from Europe and the sure as hell aren't going to save us from Islamification.

CityUnslicker said...

Rob M - I am in agreement with you and I disagree with EK.

Evans is being hounded partly becuase he says he is innocent. This si wrong, he clearly thinks he is innocent - a court has found differently. But having read alot about the case, we can say it was a fine judgement and not a black and white case.

Not only is the mob stopping him from working, the Government have denied him a permit to work abroad.

This is wrong, he has served his time and should work again. He is in football, he does not work with underage girls, his day job carries no threat to others and he is very unlikely to re-offend.

Mob justice is an ass, bt as we all know, the UK is very fond of it from time to time.

Steven_L said...

CU, it's not the government stopping him working - it's the market. It looks like there is no place in the professional football market for him.

It's his own fault for putting himself in that situation - i.e. going out on the razzle in Rhyl with the plebs. Most footballers / rock stars stick to their own kind for a reason.

Electro-Kevin said...

A rape conviction stands until quashed and there is a process for appeal.

Until that happens then Evans remains a convicted rapist - the vagaries of the trial don't come into it.

- he will not starve

- he could find other employment

- there are many other jobs (most in fact) where a rape conviction would see the offender sacked. Why should football be different ?

In fact, where some of the customers are women and the player is a visible and customer facing employee, I can see how the company he works for (the football club) could consider him to be bringing their business into disrepute and affecting their trade.

Until his conviction is quashed he sets a bad example to young men about sex and the treatment of women. Shareholders in the club - more thoughtful and less impulsive than football fans - might not be impressed with this.

CityUnslicker said...

SL - Oldham would have given him a job, but for the mob hunt. The mob is not the market - it is lefties on twitter.

EK - But I still disagree with people in general facing such a hard time to get work after serving time. I view the lack of second chance offers to be a fault of our system, not a benefit. Club shareholders would give him a job, it is twitter and mob rule at work here, not hard capitalist decision making.

Electro-Kevin said...

He is not having a hard time getting work.

He is having a hard time getting FOOTBALL work.

Mums don't want their boys idolising rapists. Girlfriends/wives certainly don't want boyfriends/husbands idolising rapists.

Female football fans don't want to pay the wages and applaud rapists.

Some offences SHOULD exclude people from the plum jobs in society. If only for the purpose of setting standards and examples.

Having thousands of fans applauding and idolising a convicted rapist normalises rapists and is not right. The stigma does need to be carried forever.

If he reverts to a life of crime instead of serving at a checkout then that's his bad.

I'm sure in stanley Mathew's era no player would have wanted to play with a convicted rapist. This issue would not have become an issue in the first place.