Monday 5 January 2015

Meanwhile Back At The Oil Price (part 94)

Oh dear, oh dear.

We didn't have oil price in the predictions game, though Budgie gave us a view.  I'll agree with him on the bottom, and call it at at 'something beginning with 4'.

Not sure about $70 any time soon, though, unless someone goes the biff (as the Aussies say). 



Steven_L said...

Fear not ND. Aberdeen City Council have called a summit to remedy the problem.

Budgie said...

Thanks for the mention, ND. I intended it to mean a dip below $50, then a rise to c$70, over the course of the year, but wanted to reduce the text. And CU also stated an oil price: "$60 or less".

MyNewYearName said...

Tell you what'll be fun..... when the price starts to rise again and appears in the stats as inflation.
Wonder what bluff will be required to prevent interest rates rising?