Monday 5 January 2015

The election starts today..what a way to begin 2015!

Today is one of the most depressing days of the year. The bank balance always looks poor, the house a mess, the excess of Christmas is deeply etched in ones head and likely visible around the waist too.

Plus its January and back to work for the many people for the first time, with no reprieve of a bank holiday until Spring.

What more could add to the gaiety and joviality of the day - the news that it is finally 2015. In the UK this means we will have a General Election in May and sadly Mr Cameron, Milliband and their fellow travellers have remembered this.

Politicians exist for nothing else but election, time has proved after all that they are very rarely any good at Government, but they have to win elections (someone does after all, its in the rules) so they devote themselves to this.

Already today we can read or hear anywhere in the media that Labour are going to spend the Country to death within minutes or that the Tories are going to abolish the NHS altogether.

And this is just the first blows, there is four months of this to come. The only joy I can possibly see will be if the UKIP and Green vote, together with the SNP, surges enough to make Cameron and Milliband really have public meltdowns; its a small hope, but its something to cling to at least....


Budgie said...

The reason we have politicians is that people do not think the same way about anything. Some people (politicians) have to pull this all together.

I can't believe I'm supporting politicians, but I am. The alternative is robber barons (eg IS) or a Sun King (eg North Korea). We are lucky in the UK to have the likes of Cameron and Miliband, though I despise them both.

CityUnslicker said...

What is wrong with a Sun King. Soon we shall have one in Prince Charles!

Electro-Kevin said...

Budgie "The reason we have politicians is that people do not think the same way about anything. Some people (politicians) have to pull this all together."

So why are their policies virtually the same and why are they so unlike what the voters want ?

Nick Drew said...

Budgie is right

(didn't thnk I'd live to see the day ...)

Jan said...

Thank goodness for remote controls; I resort to turning down the volume as soon as I see any politician spouting forth or any party political broadcast. I started it with TB and have continued ever since.

BE said...

One of my NYRs is to avoid the news to the extent possible in this day and age.

I have seen about 1000 variations on that country lane poster already.


I agree with Budgie as usual.

Diogenes said...

Don't be coy. Politicians want your vote but only if you are in a marginal constituency. They will do anything for it.

Everyone else can go f*** themselves said my local Agent.

Suffragent said...

Happy New Year All
Sorry Budgie couldn’t agree less. Just because we don’t want a dictatorship doesn’t mean we have to accept the current bunch of scoundrels and their stacked version of democracy. Couldn’t we have a system that is truly open to anyone (except anyone who studied politics or played any part in the student union), that holds them accountable to the lies they tell and responsible for the decisions they make. The current lot, of whichever colour, will sell off anything that isn’t tied down, to the benefit of their partners special interest group or a seat at the top trough in Europe.
The interesting thing is whether the Ukip success will increase the numbers at the polling stations.

Budgie said...

Suffragent, I understand where you are coming from (I think). But the problem is that the politicians you think are lying, are actually just saying the bleedin' obvious to some other people.

Suffragent said...

Thanks for the response Budgie.
I understand that everybody has different opinions and I respect and welcome them (but they should understand I shouldn’t be expected to work three days a week for free to pay for them= tax +60%)-
My point is that I can live with the differences in viewpoint of the various parties if indeed they were different and they actually represented the people they pretend to .This would be democracy, you know the thing we go to war for . But when the child of a particular minister gets parachuted into a safe seat having achieved nothing but a private school education and having spent their entire life in London. The void between what they promise (what the local pleb wants to hear) and what they deliver gets larger with every election and nobody holds them to account.
In this environment how can good people rise to the top and lead us out of the cesspit we find our selves in? The public don’t believe a word any of them say.
I believe we need a complete shake down of the current system but I worry that these are the times that breed Hitlers. When people get desperate they will pick any option as a way out.

Budgie said...

E-K, Sorry, I thought I had responded. It seems to me that the larger parties (in the UK) are an approximate average of the wide range of views of the public (barring by definition those with reduced appeal or a specific narrow ideology). So the wider they appeal the more their policies are similar. Moreover the EU has taken over so much that the parties have little room for manoeuvre.

I think we tend to vote for the least worst party (in our own view). Most people (subject to the usual tribalism) don't agree with a lot of what they have voted for. Additionally too many politicians indulge themselves in persistent low level corruption: expense fiddling; special privileges; jobs-for-mates. Or we now know more about this.

But I suppose I am saying that however much politicians deserve our opprobrium (and they really do), we should be careful what we wish for.