Wednesday 4 February 2015

An Eye-opening Factoid on Economic Migrants

Here at C@W towers we get sent all manner of press releases and very very few of them make it beyond the inbox.  But here are some data from which get onto the blog-page forthwith.  According to their survey of front-office staff in the City, (that's the City of London), of the top 20 universities providing graduates for these jobs, 7 are French !  (and all the others UK). 

The top French school for sending its alumni onto our trading desks, coming in at no.6 (providing 4% of total sample), is EDHEC Business School.  Top 5 (all UK) are LSE (by a head, 9%), Cambridge 5%, Oxford 5%, LBS 5% and Imperial 4%.

Over to you, M. Hollande (currently riding unaccustomedly high in the polls following the dreadful affaire Charlie Hebdo).  What's happening to your brightest and best, eh?  Fact is, for all the socialist indoctrination, they know where le pain really meets le beurre.

I have just returned from Paris where the phrase 'crawling with police' scarcely does justice to the situation.  And troops, tens of thousands of 'em.  They won't be able to keep up that degree of patrolling for long.



Bill Quango MP said...

I heard an MP remark that in our nation we could issue postmen and women with stab vests and a mobile phone credit if we wanted to get onto the streets the sort of numbers the French have been doing.

I reminded that MP that the Royal Mail is now a private firm. He looked quite disappointed.

BE said...

We are getting the benefit of France's excellent (and no doubt hugely expensive) education system.

I am operating quite a good business renting my spare room to highly-educated professional people arriving from other parts of the world, starting out at highly-paid professional jobs in London. My current guest is a Portuguese graduate working at a well-known City operation. In a good month I can effectively live rent-free.

No doubt the UKIPers will be along shortly to tell us why this is a bad thing.

BE said...

BQ, were you in London after 7/7? The authorities found (no doubt in offices and high streets) at very short notice, about a million uniformed police officers to crowd around tube and rail stations and major destinations. Similarly, once the Met got their arses into gear after the 2011 riots, there were bobbies *everywhere*.

We don't like seeing the army on the streets here, but I have no doubt that if the PM pressed the big red button, he could muster quite a few in short order.

Budgie said...

It seems there is a peculiar belief within our establishment that a country of 65 million is incapable of producing sufficient of its own "front-office staff in the City", "top managers", or such like.

In my experience those at the top of an organisation spend much of their time repulsing competition from their own comrades or subordinates, rather than the problem being a dearth of suitable candidates.