Tuesday 3 February 2015

That Ed Balls leadership bid video

The background on the video is on the post below.
ND beat me to it.

And if you don't know the original soundtrack its from a classic Robert Redford movie about politics, government and betrayal.


Suffragent said...

Sums up all my ramblings BQ
To those that said they didn't fear an Ed Milliband Government, that's exactly why unite picked the clueless chump, because he was the least offensive of the bunch. One month into his premiership and he will be found dead. Died in a pool of his own spittle. Leaving the door open to this loathsome %&¤¤%&&& and then of course there's the harridan. Fighting her relentless battle for the oppression of male rights. Sorry I meant to say Wimmins Rights, unless your a young lass enrolled on the "entertaining Muslim business men course"
It's true that the public have short memories

Nick Drew said...

do we really think they can hold it together until May?

Budgie said...

Balls is unrepentant. Unlike Lamont or even Lawson, he has learned nothing from the failures of his economic ideas. It is because of Balls (in a Labour/SNP government) that I believe we will be begging to get into the euro within a decade.

Bill Quango MP said...

the film 'Three days of the Condor' also has a most perceptive line to describe the spin of the New Labour Blair years.

" what is it with you people?
You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?"

Bill Quango MP said...

ND: if that Ashcroft Scottish poll tomorrow is as bad as rumour suggests ..

Then holding it together until May seems doubtful

Holding it together until Monday could be a stretch.

hatfield girl said...

I don't really understand Scotland. Labour seems to have lost it overnight. It isn't enthusiasm for an independent Scotland so much as there being a competent and well-organised alternative party on the left that has done it perhaps.

Is it that Labour has crowded-out any left alternative for a century but once Scotland saw itself clearly with an alternative, with a lot of devolved autonomy, Labour turned to sludge? Would instituting an English parliament create the same effect.

Nick Drew said...

Scotland - aren't the Scotties just awarding themselves a consolation prize?

aye, we didnae dare vote fur independence, but we're still nae tae be trifled with, y'ken?

Budgie said...

If the "left" (statists) are moving to the SNP from Labour in Scotland, I wonder if that will be good for the Tories there?

Though obviously the SNP are nationalist socialists where Labour clings to international socialism.

Gaia said...

SNP like UKIP are a party of dissent. They [both] will disappear when their shortcomings are shown up. You only have to see the circus acts they have as PPC's to see they are not a credible organisation.

The Greens on the other hand have shown their wide range of skills and have the credibility to be the third party in UK politics combining social justice for this generation and future ones.

Nick Drew said...

good luck with that Gaia!

yeah I know you were being sarcastic OK, but ...

in Brighton, the greens introduced a new refinement to collecting recycling waste

instaed of picking it up door-to-door from different coloured bins like everywhere else, they went one better - you must bag up AND LABEL you waste, then carry it to a recycling point at the end of your street, or maybe the next street

result - uniquely amongst UK local authorities, their recycling rates are falling


Anonymous said...

Possibly the worst run council in England.
And that's against some mighty incompetents.

Suffragent said...

Gaia, I can see the light under the sheets. Turn off the torch and go to sleep, it's a school night.
Labour, a victim of their own success. Their ejucashun system so dumbed down, the kids are voting green.
I'll give the greens one credit. They are the only party that have committed to anything. God help us if it comes to pass