Thursday 12 March 2015

BBc Question Time compo : Stig edition

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Leeds. On the panel are Conservative defence minister Anna Soubry MP, { which must be a surprise to Michael Fallon..Soubry is A defence minister, not THE defence minister}former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles 'glug' Kennedy MP, Labour's shadow minister for the Cabinet Office Lucy Powell MP, Green Party leader Natalie 'brain fade' Bennett and Private Eye editor and broadcaster Ian Hislop.

Not a bad lineup at all.

BQ chooses a sympathetic meadow green dimbletie

1. Clarkson...Top Gear allow BBC to explain they have to follow rules..And Hislop to have a dig.
2. Farage wants no Irish, blacks or dogs..Or so the media reported in a not entirely accurate edit.
Though why Farage brought up British jobs for British workers is anyone's guess.
3. Liberal's dodgy funding. A yawn question for Kennedy to talk to boredom.
4. Syria runaways {again} was it really the fault of the police? 
5. Mi5 read all your emails {and QT entries - so make them good}

One more for this season - looks like measured may take the gold!

League Table 2015

Measured - 3
Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2
 Nick Drew - 2
Dick the Prick - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2

  Taff -2
 Budgie - 1

Blue Eyes - 1
Cityunslicker -1
Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


Taff said...

Evening all. Dipped the sheep. Let the tup loose. Shot a few poachers so I'm settling down to my theme of law and disorder.

1. ISIS - lock up your daughters or a police failure

3. Hillsborough - another police failure?

Rotherham - where were the police.

Top Gear - Should the police press charges given what's at steak.

Sting - Where are the Police

Tie: A demur blue with crossed batons


DtP said...

Evenin' all

0) Maybe white for Yorkshire Rose
1) Clarkson - should bullies get away with it (geez, if that's the question my TV may have a close encounter with the window)
2) The Debates - is Cameron frit?
3) Defence at 2% GNP - to be fair, i've always counted DfIDs budget as being a funding arem of MoD
4) Hillsbrough - yeah, pretty bad - may jump into a full police corruption thing with some paedo ancillary
5) I guess someone should mention wind farms if only for the bullshit.

Muchos gracias - this is defo one to have a couple of cooking lagers to - crikey!


measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Jazza Macadamian Nut Clarkson. Pay penance but hey, we love ya’.

2. No race relations legislation. I thought this was a joke, but it isn’t. Careful as UKIP are not on the Panel to defend themselves so expect it to be diluted to ‘Should we give more job opportunities to our British youths?’

3. Should an ex-husband pay maintenance to his ex wife after thirty years? They did have a son who she raised. I am rather pleased the mean git pays but only because there was a child. The Today programme broadcast the ex-husband saying Mischon de Reya had ambulance chased. Five minutes later the BBC had an intravenous drip in to say they had sought the ex wife and blah blah blah …much respected firm. ….. Someone was listening 

4. Can HS2 be redefined as defence spending? Has the world moved on from Trident?

5. Hillsborough – too little too late. Why did the truth take so long to out?

Dimbletie: Black and white checked. Who said anything about cars?

phil5 said...

The BBC would be foolish to sack Clarkson but by the sounds of it he kicked off like a 3 yr old when his hot dinner wasn't on the table the moment they returned from school/filming. Is it really the producer's responsibility to make sure it's provided?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbletie - Watermelons

1. Some barmy wind farm question for the green freak.

2+3 Children fleeing Top Gear go to Syria. Blame the plice

4. The 'chicken ' debates. Miliband will end up debating himself. Which he still might come 2nd at.

5. Crufts poisoning.

Nick Drew said...

they'll be givng the greenie-woman an easy ride, I betcha

(o) an ugly one, vivid orange to the fore
(1) yup, they gotta find a way to get Clarkson in
(2) ... and Hillsboro (Taff is right, there could be a blame-everything-on-the-police fest: or perhaps the opposite)
(3) right to die, in memory of sir Terry
(4) these chappies going to fight against ISIS, are they terrorists too? it's all getting like the Spanish civil war
(5) what would the panel put in the Budget?

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: Blood-red
1. Is it time for the Beeb to retire the patriarchal environment-destroying Top Gear, and replace it with something more wholesome (that somehow attracts the same volume of cash)?
2. Is Miliband actually human, and can he out-debate an empty chair?
3. Can we lower income tax by making Google pay tax for showing us cat videos?
4. Should we make all politicians' email available by default?
5. Are we going to sink 11bn into smart meters only to find it's all a bust?

Hoping against hope that Hislop lamps Bennett (verbally, at least)

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Red and black

1) Why should people not be free to discriminate? "I don't think Farage is a racist, but..."

2) Should Clarkeson be re-instated? "Boys with their toys"

3) Should Terry Pratchett have had the right to die?

4) Should the secret services be more 'transparent'?

5) Isn't green power great? Some sort of soft ball question for the poor little green lady, who everyone feels sorry for.

Suffragent said...

Tie piano
1 After years of socialist diatribe, shouldn’t we all be allowed to punch a BBC Employee? Bags Peston
2 Syrian runaways, Shouldn’t Nige be having a word with Ryanair, to organise a regular direct flight?
3 To save the planet, shouldn’t we only eat hot food and do our laundry when it’s windy?
4 Daves right, it would make better TV, to show live coverage of Lloyd Blankfein giving Milipants a proper spanking. “camera 3 focus on damp crotch area”
5 A bunch of drunken ticketless twats turn up late at your party, do you let them in?

Bill Quango MP said...

Black one with the pink sharks.

Q1. Should defence spending be kept at 2%? Lucy Powell said the government spending would be kept at a time "before there was an NHS"
What a liar!

Q2. Would Lab deal with the SNP. all said not except Tories.

Q3.The police and the girls. Radicalised parents didn't get much sympathy.

Q4. Clarkson! Squeezed into the last 2 minutes.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 4

Taff - 4 {i thought Hillsborough too}

DTP - 4

Measured +1 for tie + 2 {no race question - maybe next week}

phil5 - so much sympathy for ~JC.

Malcolm Tucker - 4

ND - 2 {don't mention the Spanish civil war ! Had that for a history corner post. What happened to the International Brigade]

Hopper - 2
{there was a lot of news about this week.}

And the Green got a right pasting from the audience. No doubt a youtube of it will appear somewhere.

Kilgore Trout - 2+1 for tie = 3

Suffragent - 4

So winners are
BQ - Taff - Malcolm -DTP + Suffragent

looks like the debates line-up.

CityUnslicker said...

only saw the Kennedy was really 3 sheets!