Sunday 8 March 2015

When Someone Says Something Like This ...

"Don't mistake my decency for weakness" - Ed Miliband

"Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man"  -  Iain Duncan Smith 

To say it is to blow it.



Anonymous said...

What Miliband means, is that he is unable to put his manifesto before the electorate because it is way too extreme.

Miliband, is a focused and dedicated Communist and as all critical theorists are.

Red Ed is, closely bound to the strictures of the Frankfurt School and of cultural reconstruction from year zero.....
Obliteration first - the divide and conquer strategy and it is working, Broon and Bliar's plans were untouched even augmented under Cameron. There is not much left for Zanu Labour to wreck.

What Miliband means is, "I can't tell you how bad I am going to make it for you blasted Brits!"

Dick the Prick said...

I wonder how the doomsday scenario ends when the English are ruled by a rag tag coalition of Scots, Welsh and Metropolitan benefits recipients - i'm a little scared!

dearieme said...

Attlee changed things.

Thatcher changed things.

And both did it in broadly the direction they had said they would.

How do you know that whoever wins this time won't change things?