Monday 13 April 2015

BBC prepares for change.

From : BBC Digital Political Involvement.
To: BBC All Channels, services and digital spectrums.

Communications reminder memo

In the likely event of a Labour outright majority, or a Labour coalition of parties,
please be advised that under the terms of the BBC charter and the broadcasting and media act, 1998, that under a socialist government or socialist coalition, please revert to using the standard policy descriptions from your 1997-2010 synonym application sheet contained in the Cambel-Mandel dossier.
This must be used from May 8th until further notice.

These docs should still be within the files and on the cloud under the heading CambelMandel Approved. However a new, updated 2015 sheet will be issued to you shortly, along with the champagne.

Special care must be taken to ensure these changes take place on Newsnight, The Today program and the News at Ten, on May 7th to guarantee no slip ups!!

Cynthia Ambroria-Penrose
Vice Deputy Assistant Head of Digital Political Involvement.


Budgie said...

I thought the BBC, as the TV and Radio arm of GMG, were already spouting this propaganda?

Blue Eyes said...

As if we needed any symbolism, Allegra Stratton giving her Newsnight piece from behind the Labour manifesto lecturn.

DJK said...

I think the BBC have been rather gentle on the Cameron government. And of course it's reciprocated in that quite a bit of govt policy seems aimed squarely at the BBC, rather than the wider electorate.

It's not quite the love-in the BBC had with the first two Blair govenments, but it's far more balanced than the scorn and vitriol, posing as news and current affairs, that they broadcast about the Major government.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a cartoon that appeared in Private Eye in the 60s.

Harold Wilson (for it was he), when referring to the need for "wage restraint" was booed. So with an evil grin he said: 'Let's call it "planned growth in incomes"', and was hailed as a hero.

Conclusion: there's nothing new under the sun.

James Higham said...

Yes, it's going to be a new world after May 7th.

Anonymous said...

Expect the BBC to be even more supportive of the Greens, page 61 of the manifesto:

Maintain the BBC as the primary public service broadcaster, free of government interference, with funding guaranteed in real terms in statute to prevent government interference.

Mind you two bullet points up it says:

Tighten the rules on cross-media ownership and ensure that no individual or company owns more than 20% of a media market

So as long as the BBC never refer to themselves as a company they'll be fine to keep the market monopoly going....

Blue Eyes said...

The Beeb will be in a real bind if there's a grand coalition...!

Smuggly Arsemouth said...

Brilliant as always Bill
I was going to write a list of my own about what the “Bolshie Baking n Cooking” would say, compared to the real story but it took me to a very dark place, so I won’t post it.
I’ll just say
For a corporation whose biggest seller is the Period Drama. A product that sells because it is based on old British values and attitudes and brings millions of tourists flocking to these shores, they sure are trying their damnedest to crush any resemblance of those values in our modern culture.