Sunday 10 May 2015

One Election Result We Can All Cheer

I refer not to the Dropping of Balls, the Culling of Cable nor even the Defenestration of Davey.

It is the Graunching of the Greens in Brighton!   Yes, democracy has functioned in the Brighton & Hove City Council elections and the utterly useless Green administration has been swept away, even as the Greens themselves entirely failed to sweep the town itself

A shame their grotesque green failings couldn't have reflected on Ms Lucas herself.  At the end of the day, the grown-ups have got to lock up the dangerous toys; a point that should register with whoever now takes over at DECC.

Well, a man can dream.



John in Cheshire said...

The results seem to suggest that Brighton is still swarming with rabid socialists. Perhaps they've calmed down a little because they've run out of money and they're tired of the stench of rotting waste.

Blue Eyes said...

What is it with the hard left and providing basic services?

In loony Lambeth, where a competent-ish, council-tax-freezing Labour administration was re-elected with a huge majority a year ago, council tax has been hiked and the bins seem to have stopped being emptied in a timely manner. There is recycling and rubbish strewn all over the shop around here.

Mr Yan said...

The left are bad at providing basic services so they can blame front line cuts on the nasty Tories.

They could of course cut some of the Common Purpose management from the council but do turkeys vote for Christmas?

andrew said...

The past is a not always a good guide to the future.
But the last 60 years or so of govt experience does suggest people who think they know how your money should be spent better than you,
Generally dont.

Bill quango (increased majority) MP said...

Sister in law in Brighton voted green.
But she works for a mental health charity .. So ....

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

The Left are rioting again. I expect a few Greens, Labour voters and People's Poets among them.

No sooner than the democracy works against them... they kick off, war memorials defaced on a day important to the war veterans still alive to see the vile scenes.

According to the BBC they're 'anti-Government protestors' or 'anti-austerity protestors'. In other words anti Tory protestors

Nope. They're rioting because Labour didn't get in. So why aren't the BBC calling them Labour supporters ?

You can be damn sure they'd be called UKIP or Tory supporters if the reverse were the situation.

Just how does the BBC manage to toxify the Tory party even when it's Labour's people behaving obscenely and undemocratically ?

Isn't it a measure of just how fair, well behaved and decent the much maligned, demonised, mocked and now terribly unrepresented UKIP voter is ?

Steven_L said...

But Ania Kitcat is still the hottest politician in the UK.

Electro-Kevin said...


Do you think I could woo her with my sparkling conversation ?

Nick Drew said...

i think she'd like you to talk, errr, dirty ...

Pogo said...

@EK.. In the photos that I saw it looked like they were they usual rentamob of SWP, UAF and other assorted soap-dodgers who can be guaranteed to tip up if there's any chance of a bit of mayhem... So blaming it on "labour voters" might be a bit unfair. :-)

hovis said...

My understanding from friends living there is that the minority Greens on the council were naive idiotic and stupid and deserved what they got.

Lucas on the other hand got back in as she is seen as a pretty good constituency MP. Think Simon Hughes (until recently) in Southwark/Bermondsey an MP holding territory which they normally wouldn't be expected to.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Pogo - would they have rioted if Labour had won ?

I think it's fair to say they were Labour supporters therefore.

And more to the point - had Labour won and anyone looking like a Ukipper had rioted do you think that the BBC would have called them 'anti Labour' protestors ?

Defending UKIP is not my point here. It's what the BBC are doing to the Tories.

My subtle point on their subtle unnuendo is that 'anti' coupled with 'Tory' (which they do at every opportunity) creates a subliminal negative image which favours the Left.

They did a similar thing with reporting on Ukraine and their misuse of the word 'rebel'.

If anyone knows an influential Tory then please let them know that they need to get onto it. It's only going to get worse.

rwendland said...

"The grown-ups [at DECC] have got to lock up the dangerous toys"

Is there a private joke in there ND?

Little understood is that 69%+ of DECC's budget is spent through the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority looking after our historic nuclear sites. So the DECC grown-ups do have some very big dangerous toys to fiddle with - Sellafield is probably the biggest dangerous big boy's toy there is!

For this reason DECC has a department budget that won't be much affected by the forthcoming austerity cuts!