Saturday 9 May 2015

Moscow Compo: The Result Is In !

Who repesents Britain in Moscow?   And the answer is ...

-  Sir Nicholas Soames, MP + grandson of Churchill

source: Beeb
No winner this time, I'm afraid (though "either an aristo, and/or a minor politico whose status + availability won't be buggered by the election outcome" comes close - but then I would say that...), so the weekend break in a Gazprom company holiday resort in Crimea goes begging.

I do like the Beeb's photo, by the way.  A nice lighting effect.

Yes, the sun is shining ! 



Bill Quango MP said...

Soames is a very fine choice.
We should have guessed.

Nick Drew said...

yes, clever stuff, ticks a lot of boxes

a bit more respec' to the FO than usual