Monday 15 June 2015

And These People Have Jobs ... part 94

I have been a tad scornful about the FT's Nick Butler in the past: he enjoys the luxury of a long weekly column in the FT to prose on about energy and, we must suppose, they pay him.  To be fair, about half of his pieces contain the germ of something interesting.  The quality, however, is variable.

This weekend he has really excelled himself.  Writing in an appropriately skeptical manner on the nonsensical fantasy that is Carbon Capture and Storage, he defines CCS as 
taking the carbon out of hydrocarbons before they are burnt and then burying it
Before they are burnt ..!  This one made even Mrs D (whose education was in the classics and fine arts) laugh out loud.

I am guessing the FT will take it down soon, before Butler dies of a surfeit of rotten tomatoes.  However, for the time being it is to be found here.



Anonymous said...

@Seb... It's worth remembering that the only MPs who voted against the ludicrous "Climate Change Act" were the ones with a scientific / engineering background... All 4 of them if memory serves. :-(

Blue Eyes said...

It's not *completely* stupid: hydrogen burns quite well..!

Budgie said...

SW, you are so right. And civilisations rise and fall on that insight ..............

makers (inventions, mining, manufacture) = rise
users (general population, military) = expansion
bureaucrats (who take it all for granted) = fall

Electro-Kevin said...

Budgie - Let's remember that our civilisation (at one point) was ordered by the theocrats: they created the havens and libraries in which the puny bodied scientists could work.

You can't get more bull-shittery than a theocrat.

Welfare and credit (unearned consumption) is the root of all modern evil. There is nothing more destructive of the moral fabric of society and the environment - the lawyers get rich on protecting it and there is none more noble than victimhood these days.