Saturday 13 June 2015

Gotta Love the French (Again)

The French are beating themselves up - again - over their beastliness to foreign visitors. 
In a reference to the sometimes gruff welcome offered to tourists, [foreign minister] Fabius said a humorous publicity campaign would be launched, encouraging the French to improve service levels and help tourists when they could. “To put it diplomatically, we have room for improvement here ..."
I'm looking forward to that: they do a pretty good 'humorous publicity campaign' in France.  The Metro is festooned with rather fine posters urging more considerate behaviour (see the animal-based offerings here).

The graffiti on posters are often good for a chuckle, too.  Here's one I found recently.

Earnest, or tongue-in-cheek ?  A Gallic confection of both, probably.  



dearieme said...

Cheeky sods: bangers and baked beans in tomato sauce make a perfectly healthy course for a nipper. Too much sugar for an adult perhaps, but nipper-friendly.

Blue Eyes said...

Hipsters seem to love Paris. I haven't been to France for ages, I need the price of wine to soften a bit.

Electro-Kevin said...

Seriously, Chaps.

If ever you find yourself single GET YOURSELF A COCKAPOO PUPPY !

The last week has been like being bouncer to a celebrity.

Just stand in Pets at Home and wait for the quality MILF to come to you. I swear one of them squirted.

OMG ! OMG ! OMG !!! she squealed helplessly.