Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Fun - Naming Day

What name best suits for the new Labour Leader?

I really like the Jezbollah efforts that I have read, better than the bland Corbynista. Can we do better though?

After all we are about to gets years of hilarious copy on a plate with nuclear disarmament, Nato-Withdrawal and Open borders for the Open University.

The top runners for me are:

Jerry the Red

any advance on these?


Bill Quango MP said...

Jeremy Hardy ?

Blue Eyes said...

How about: Mr Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition? Lol.

Nick Drew said...

there is something clever awaiting along the lines of a play on Jacobin

Jercorbyn ...

Jerkorbyn ...

Jerkobyn ...

not quite there yet, I feel

tolkein said...


Sackerson said...

Nick: Jercobite?

CityUnslicker said...




Unknown said...


Che Jerkoba

Peter Whale said...

Jesu the messhigher

dearieme said...

I call him Corvid because I assume that most people won't know what a corby (or corbie) is, but it still amuses me to allude to it.

But I'd settle for Thin Jem, the contrast being with Fat Jem i.e. Clarkson.

Jan said...

Jezza (or maybe Jezabel)

is my contribution

andrew said...

Mickael Foot

... so I dont need to learn a new name.

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