Friday 28 August 2015

The Ballard of Ed & Yvette

How the decision was made for Yvette Cooper to stand as a Labour leadership candidate.

And how Ed Balls reacted. 

With the usual apologies.
This time to Victoria Wood. And her hit from the 'soon to be fashionable again' 1980s


John in Cheshire said...

Sorry to be pedantic but I think there is no 'r' in ballad.

Bill Quango MP said...

How true. I knew that ..sort of..

hatfield girl said...

Poor Ed Balls - a competent neo-keynesian, acceptable Ebert Foundation social democrat, but ready to draw the line at the ill thought-out euro - a sort of Peter Kellner figure (only Oxford, not King's of course). What a time they've both had of it: Gordon Brown to be managed and then Ed Miliband (for Ed Balls and the UK economy) Gordon Brown and then Ed Miliband for Peter Kellner (in the political polls responding to their -ummm- ethos). Gosh, I'd never thought of it like that but for any ordinary sort of competent person GB and EM are VHH (Very Hard to Handle) in any political context.

As for their wives, well, Peter's wife is now quietly back in north Hertfordshire where she made her name (though perhaps not sufficiently brilliantly for the EU 'foreign secretary' slot). But Mrs Balls remains cruelly unfulfilled and therefore still out and about, leaving Ed to try now, and plan for later, to pick up the pieces.

For perfectly competent economists and pollsters they (and particularly Balls) have had a hard row to hoe.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice idea, but it's a bit slow.

And there is an "r" in ballard. Just not in "ballad".

Electro-Kevin said...

I really couldn't care less about the Parliamentary Punch 'n' Judy Show (Lab Vs Con)

Some of you have your sport mixed up with your politics. The Blue team won. Yay !

The Cons are presiding over one of the biggest catastrophes facing this country in centuries. The focus should be on them and their uselessness.

"Oooh. Look how bad Labour are." is about the only defence they have.

John in Cheshire said...

Mark,do you think the word ballard was deliberately chosen? I thought about it but couldn't see how it was applicable in this case, so concluded it was a typo.

Anonymous said...

Ballardian (ˌbælˈɑːdɪən Pronunciation for Ballardian )

of James Graham Ballard (1930–2009), the British novelist, or his works
resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in Ballard's novels and stories, esp dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes, and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments

So say 'Collins'.

Ballardian, appears quite apt.

Britain, has had its collective head shoved down the toilet and most of the shite we're eating aka "dystopian modernity" the culpability can be laid at the door of the neo Cultural Marxists, those Miliband types; critical theorists, Trots and various other scumbags relating to Coops/Ed's political ideology/political persuasion though not exclusively the Labour party - all UK political parties are snakes living on the head of a Marxist Hydra-like monster.

Whether you've popped up, been to Kings [Cambridge] or Oxford, strewth those places have much to answer for, most of the ordure of Cultural Marxist 'thinking' permeates the walls of our two premier universities.
FFS, Cambridge has long been a shithole and nest of Communist vipers; Lecherers, senior lecturers, professors not of their sins but mind poisoners.
Since the Twenties, a den of homosexual dissolute fops, Bolshie sympathizers peddling their poisons, brainwashing, manipulators filling kids heads with the filth of Socialist dystopian bollocks.
Recall if you will, just where the Soviet traitors attended University - I'll let you in - Cambridge and yes that's where cuddly Ken[Clarke] Brittan at Trinity, and that turd Ted Heath went and Nick Clegg. Poor old Yvette from Jockland is only lowly Balliol.

Ballardian: Oxbridge University educated.

Anonymous said...

Heath went to Balliol according to wiki, apols.