Wednesday 7 October 2015

Isn't politics weird in 2015?

When Nigel Farage said the roads were filling up becuase of immigratns he was ridiculed. When he said the UK had too high a level of immigration o sustain then he was called a racist.

By the Tories.

With the election safely out of the way, Teresa May the home secretary seems a late convert to the UKIP view of immigration.

In the Labour party, Liz Kendall was called a treachrous Tory sympathiser for saying the a future Labour Government would need to reduce and eliminate the deficit. When John McDonnell said the smae thing in his party conference speech, he was cheered to the rafters.

George Osborne has stolen huge parts of his policy from Ed Milliband including his much trumpeted Infrastructure commission to which he has appointed Andrew Adonis.

No wonder politicians are held in such low esteem when they lie so brazenly and atttack their rivals bitterly for holding the same views as themselves.  I fully expect Cameron today to begin by stealing some lines from Jeremy Corbyn, probably about supporting the poorest etc.


Bill Quango MP said...

You're not wrong.

he's done
- ending gender pay gap
- ending racism
- ending lEA
- increasing minimum wage

Its labour lite

Blue Eyes said...

May's speech seemed ridiculously out of step with the rest of what I heard from the Tory conference, which was Colonise The Centre.

I am amused by criticism of the Tories trying to win the next election by trying to broaden their appeal.

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