Friday 16 October 2015

Scary Scottish Politics

One of these horrors comes out in the run-up to Halloween, is round and orange, and alternates between beaming at children and radiating menace.  The other is a pumpkin. 

Politician                                               Pumpkin


Anonymous said...

Aye Fish head no. 2 frightens me, she is a wee hobgoblin wooing the woaded Celtic peoples [in her minds eye] and it's all hot air but she is riding the crest of windy wave.

When one looks at the recent goings on in North Korea, the cult of the dear leader - and I think FFS - this is the third millennia!

Then muse, how is it that, so many Scots can be taken in [they're not all thick by a long chalk] - the hobgoblin only peddles regurgitated Socialist and cultural Marxist pap - Sturgeon is a parody of a Mel Gibson 'Braveheart' in a dress.

How can so many people [Scots] be so gullible? Is is just xenophobia, hatred of the chimera [old foe] and sticking it to the English?

Demetrius said...

Tinkerbell and Never Never Land?

Elby the Beserk said...

Salmond on R5 this morning. Had one not kn own better, one would have thought that

a) The SNP won the referendum

b) The Tories did not win the election.

Nor did the BBC see fit to make any attempt to correct him.

I call them the JDP now. The Juvenile Delinquent Party. Could apply to Labour as well, I guess now, as most of their antics resemble those we gave up in adolescence.

Roderick said...

The turnip lantern (note to sassenachs - turnip, aka neep, NOT pumpkin) evokes fond childhood memories of central Scotland, together with dunkin' for toffee apples blindfolded, using only a fork between your teeth.

Charming harvest rituals, not at all to be confused with charmless political posturing.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's all a bit terrifying actually (which may well be deliberate).

Their latest proposed assault on property rights is only a step away from the scene in Dr. Zhivago where he goes home and finds twenty families living in his house, because everything actually belongs to the State anyway. And then he's forced to agree that it's a better system, because, well we all know why because.

It really is that scary.