Friday 19 February 2016

Le Grand Charade

Come on Prime Minister Cameron, sleep is for wimps. Those Pesky Poles can be defeated and the French will always surrender like monkeys after all.....

So at what time today will a super-dooper last minute deal be snatched from the jaws of hell?

Will it be 11.30am?

Will it be 2pm - after lunch?

Will it be 5pm - before a cabinet meeting?

Or, what are the odds on an impasse instead and Cameron suddenly deciding out is best having been given nothing at all by our so called European partners - I would say that is still at over 50-1.



Scan said...

Just 50-1? Think you've missed a couple of noughts off.

Sandalista said...

Won't be this weekend. Don't want to surrender the front page of the Sunday's to the Kippers

Bill Quango MP said...

What a farce this is. Does it fool anyone?
Is anyone, on the entire continent of Europe taken in by this facade ?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm insulted that the useless Quisling expects me to believe this drivel.

Jan said...

Is it some kind of macho contest to see who can stay awake the longest?

CityUnslicker said...

The thin gruel offered and resistance from those states in Eatern Europe, for whom the Brits stod up the most, is sad. They are consumed by the EU laishness of their elites and opennes to their people being able to remit money from the UK.

Of course, I want Brexit anyway, but it is a live example of how money and power corrupts.

Sandalista said...

CC Office [yes they are pro-europe] have a team looking at this and conclude that if you are white, middle class and late middle aged you are

a) likely to be a Kipper and

b) likely to vote.

Quote: "They have been waiting their whole life for this..." So the concentration will be on the young who are very pro-europe but don't vote. Some don't even register to vote so this is the In's weakness - will the young turn up on the day!

But the team also discovered an interesting twist is that grandchildren have a lot of influence over the grandparents and will be encouraged to get grandpa/grandma to change their minds or at least stop them voting.

So if you get a call from your grandchild over the next 6 weeks - just hang up and don't listen.

dearieme said...

It'll be less damaging if we get out before the whole house of cards collapses.

Suff said...

I couldn't disagree more. This is the time as grandparents to educate your relatives and call out these scumbags for the lying thieving scum they are. Tell them the lengths to which our forefathers and mothers went to, to create this free society we live in. That just because we don't want to be ruled by another bunch of lying thieving scum (who we aren't given the chance to elect), doesn't make us racist, bigoted, homophobic, little Englanders. Tell them that if your Grandad,at the age of 17 could jump off a landing craft in Normandy and fight his way to Germany to protect these freedoms. The very least you can do, is get out of bed, walk to the local polling station to honor that deed.
As we've stated before, there will be precious little air time given for the out camp and there's nobody questioning the bilge spewed forth by the in camp.
A great example was Mandleson crawled out from under some Brazilian to go on the Telly yesterday. " there is no project fear! We in the in campaign want to concentrate on the positive things. If we come out there will be hundreds of thousands of redundancies because no one will want to trade with us"
Yes very positive you slimy little weasel.

Professor Pizzle said...

Bill Quango.

I'm afraid the answer to your question is: YES. It really does fool people.
Almost everyone I know under the age of 50 holds all the following beliefs:

1. Cameron is engaged in a genuine negotiation.
2. He shouldn't be, as the EU is the same as Europe, and Europe is brilliant.
3. If C gets a concession it means that he is a foreigner hating bastard and should resign.
4. If C doesn't get a concession it means that he is failure and should resign.

Steven_L said...

resistance from those states in Eatern Europe, for whom the Brits stod up the most

You're kidding right? You've never actually got to know any eastern Europeans have you?

They have a long standing grudge against 'the big countries' (i.e. the UK, France and the USA) for negotiating them away to live under Stalin at the end of the war. They think we should have pressed on and kicked the Soviets out.

As one put it to me:

"There are only two systems, like here where you are judged on what you do, or the other one where you are judged on what you think. You sold us to live under the other one."

Suff said...

Why isn't there a YouTube video of the following

Nigel: All right, but apart from the law, protected food supply, public order, transport infrastructure the fresh water system sanitation irrigation and public health, what has the EU ever done for us?

Dave: brought peace

Nigel: Wasn't that NATO and the fact that we and the Americans set up bases to keep the Russians out?

Dave: well erh ok but we still have the law

Nigel You mean the removal of the rights of the individual over the state, as we as we have with our common law?

Dave: Absolutely, it's progress you understand and don't forget the Democratic process of electing our leaders and the open policy of not signing of our budgets. That's forward thinking.
Not to forget our shared agricultural policy to protect the food supply

Nigel: where we give the biggest slice of the EU budget to French farmers to produce nothing,while they're allowed to ban British Beef, while force feeding us horsemeat at beef prices but where not allowed to prosecute anybody?

Dave: the billions we've spent on transport infrastructure.

Nigel: yes "We've " spent, building roads railways and bridges all over the continent. Now we can't afford to build a track linking two of our cities

Dave: Fresh water, irrigation?

Nigel: I suppose your referring to the worst cases of flooding our country has seen, as were not allowed to clear our waterways. The villages sitting knee deep in raw sewage and the extermination of all ground living species so we can return half the country to bird sanctuary

Dave: erh! But your forgetting our joint energy policy to defeat man made global....... Not even I can defend that one.
Anyway, stick with it. Beacause after a whole night of heavy negotiations. I have come away with an agreement that, You as a man, have the" right" to have babies.

Electro-Kevin said...

I can't believe it. The messroom today. The news was on TV and people were staring at their feet dejectedly. One said, "To think. This time next year we could be out of the EU." and all agreed it would be a tragedy.

Is it me that is insane or is it them ? I cannot see one thing to commend it.

Nick Drew said...

chins up, chaps: if Gove goes, Boris goes

that's what i reckon

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. The messroom today. The news was on TV and people were staring at their feet dejectedly. One said, "To think. This time next year we could be out of the EU." and all agreed it would be a tragedy.

High IQ, arithmetical alertness and propensity to gamble and make quick decisions does not necessarily equate to well informed, 'thoroughly explored, rationale exposition nor to, considered and great wisdom'. Plus, where youf is concerned, there's no chance of it (inverted commas) gate crashing that party (above).

With the odd exemption - of course;-))