Monday 21 March 2016

UK £850 better off per person if we scrap the CBI

New statistics out today in support of Britain staying in Europe show that by scrapping the CBI we could all be £850 better off a year.

The CBI, chaired by known 1%er Sir Mike Rake, costs Britons all day long every day.

The CBI fights for:

- Lower Pay for Workers
- Higher pay for Chief Executives
- Higher Government subsidies for large businesses
- Lower taxes and more Government spending
- Membership of the EU and specifically the Common Agricultural Policy.
- Promotes the ludicrous Hinkley point power station development
-..and plenty more

The activities of the CBI are a huge detriment to the UK as a whole. Their recipe of policies costs everyone in the country hundreds of pounds in extra costs every year. Made-Up Research has today put this cost at an £850 per person in the UK for each year the CBI remains in existence.

Rather then leave the European Union, remain campaigners are as of today instead claiming that if we just closed down the CBI, the economic bonus would allow us to put up with the hassle and costs of EU membership forever.


John in Cheshire said...

I carried out a survey of myself and on the question ' is the CBI fit for purpose?', 100% of those surveyed thought it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

But a million jobs will be lost!

Fortunately there are more than 2.4m Eastern Europeans currently employed here, and 2.4M UK unemployed.

If those 2.4m all go home that leaves 2.4m vacancies, take away a million lost, leaves 1.4m to be filled by UK nationals and more then halves unemployment at a stroke.

Sounds good to me.

CityUnslicker said...

Good maths anon, you can go work for any of these business organisations as chief economist no problem. They only pay low six figures mind....

James Higham said...

Well done lads, have publicized.

Demetrius said...

In a happier age we could simply have transported them to do useful manual work in an emerging economy.

tolkein said...

Win, win for me.

Electro-Kevin said...

*Applause !*

Anonymous said...

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