Monday 9 May 2016

It's WAR!

Not even the traditional September dates either. The Prime Minister today has said that if we leave the EU, PEACE itself will be threatened and that is a VERY BAD THING.

I find it amazing that after the totally ineffectual Remain Campaign so far (i.e. the polls have hardly moved, if at all it is to Leave), to double down on Project Fear is a big bet.

Who really believes this tosh? Firstly, it is not true. Secondly, it is the EU stirring the pot with Turkey and Greece and letting in hundreds of ISIS cells that is actually causing instability and chaos.

It is just so implausible a statement and it also fails the law of diminishing returns in a big way. The closer we get to the Referendum the more this type of attack will have to be increased.

So dear readers what do they have left in their list for later use?

-  Our nuclear power stations will collapse without French maintenance?
-  We will have no electricity as they close the inter-connector?
-   Food will be rationed?

It is very hard to see where they go from here. The only amazing thing really is that Leave campaign does not have its act together to exploit the obvious weaknesses in the Remain campaign.


Elby the Beserk said...

This calls for Chris Morris...

Electro-Kevin said...

Obviously it is the Remains who don't trust our EU partners to be civilised.

We Brexiteers have every faith that they will be happy without us.

Electro-Kevin said...

Has Mr Cameron come over all xenophobic ?

CityUnslicker said...

Elby - how life imitates art...

Bill Quango MP said...

I don't think you are giving the PM credit CU.
just look at the facts.

Hurricane Katrina 1800 killed and $81bn of damage
Indian Ocean tsunami - 230,000 killed
Haitian earthquake - 250,000 killed
Si Lanka cyclone 150,000 killed
Kashmir Earthquake 100,000
Japan Tsunami and Earthquake - 20,000

Even today - Alberta wildfires and a fuel tanker crashes into a bus in Afghanistan!

None of these countries are in the EU. All 10 of the world's 10 worst natural disasters occured outside the EU.

For God's sake ! Don't risk leaving ..We will all be swept away in a super volcano-earthquake-flood-tsunami-mudslide-avalanche and typhoon..

andrew said...

Can't we just be French

- stay in but quietly ignore the bits we don't like?

Demetrius said...

Could Bill Quango be right, I ask? Besides that, I think that food rationing should be reintroduced. All those happy hours I spend queuing to get our rations meant learning social skills and how to deal with people in a way that is lost to our younger generation. A couple of hours spend in the rain with ladies holding strong views about life taught me more than any school did.

andrew said...

And preserving my consistency, of course, at the risk of being boring,

If we vote to leave, one of the first things we will do is sign up to the TTIPS to show we can get a trade treaty in place

If we vote to stay, one of the things the EU will do later this year is sign up to the TTIPS to show it is business as usual

No comment on whether the logical conclusion of that treaty is the dismantling of the NHS and BBC, or whether we will suddenly be liberated to sell unpasteurised cheese to the US in return for buying their GM food.

Just that the chances are it will be signed whatever happens.

Nick Drew said...

Andrew - that was my original solution, on the model of France-in-NATO

they did exactly what they wanted (which included particpating wholeheartedly in all the interesting stuff) and nothing they didn't fancy

safe in the knowledge that they'd always be wanted / needed on the day

John miller said...

Someone's missing the bleeding obvious in the Remain mob, presumably because 95% of them have to avoid the problem like the plague.

But Dave can turn a huge problem into a big bomb that will vaporise leave.

Electricity rationing.

If we leave the EU then he appalling cockups of all politicians sine 1997 become a Leave problem. If we leave the EU, we'll have to ration electricity. No recharging tablets or mobiles when you want. No Corrie or EE. Facebook and Twitter in jeopardy.

I reckon that'll reduce Leave to about 3 people.

John miller said...

As to the outcome of the referendum, I have to say I am now convinced that the result does not matter.

Dave doesn't want to Leave, the EU don't want Leave, the Civil Service don't want Leave.

Even if Leave wins, who is going to execute the motion?

CityUnslicker said...

John Miller - I hope we get to find out how that comes to pass!

Bill Quango MP said...

Good one from Iain Dale

Just waiting for David Cameron to tweet that Leicester City couldn't have done this if we were outside the EU.

Steven_L said...

We haven't had Blair chip in along the lines of 'God has told me that if we leave you EU ...' yet.

Scrobs. said...

I really cannot remember if the BBC supported Grocer Heath all those years ago.

Can anyone enlighten me please?

Timbo614 said...

jm: "No recharging tablets or mobiles when you want. No Corrie or EE. Facebook and Twitter in jeopardy." you mean I can actually sleep without electronic interuptions!


whooo hoo: Timbo's excuses list (revised ex-EU):

Sorry mate, no power today, politics innit.

Tuesday, yes, I can email you Tuesday.

Meet you at the Queens Head instead? Hand pumped warm beer only I understand - yup can do!

Servers will be up again 9:00AM Wednesday until 12:00, then 6:00PM to 9:00 some of the country can then continue shopping (if they have power and any money left).

I remember the 3 day week. It was just like that but with no computers.

P.S. for the older acquaintances here. I closed my shop last month. Rent increase was 64%. Killed it. Dead. :(

Bill Quango MP said...

That's terrible Timbo. And no other properties around? There are a lot of empty lets on zero rents. Rates only. Not that i know of in your town, but I expect Woking has plenty.

david morris said...

Breaking news : Richard North admits to making a mistake !

Timbo614 said...

BQ: I'm actually glad it is gone now that I've had a month to cogitage on it. It was (as you probably realised) a pretty scruffy little shop in a VERY scruffy building. It was initailly quite a good little business, but to be honest my heart was no longer in it and the original market disappearing rapidly. Yes I had ideas for new stuff, but no time. I was and am making far more money with less hassle elsewhere.

Without paying someone (if you could find someone) a lot of money the only way to get things done properly was to do them myself.

Plus the public these days want everything for nothing, will find any excuse not to pay. The service we offered (mostly computer repair) was offered at a minimum charge of £39 inc VAT until only last year... it was unsusatinable. At £59 most people started moaning, at the maximum, MAX! of £79 (inc 20% VAT) they thought we should gold plate it before handing it back. Never mind the gigabytes and gigabytes of data we had rescued, stored and restored. Some machines were taking 4 hours to backup - before we could even start (coz if you lost someones unbacked up data...the sky would fall).

The rent was just the last straw, in addition they wanted me to sign a 5 year lease and I'm 63 soon and not a work-aholic :)

Thanks for sympathising but really I'm happier now.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

John Millar - The point of voting Leave is to make it clear that pro EU politicians have no mandate to do what they are doing.

If you vote Remain (whatever the threats - WHATEVER the threats) you give a permanent mandate, for the whole EU Project, which can never be relinquished.

This is a once in a forever opportunity, gifted to us by the courageous outspokenness of Nigel Farage and the subsequent desire in Britain to vote for his party if the referendum was not offered.

Anonymous said...

A Freudian slip perhaps. War might be a jolly good way to deflect criticism from govt policies that cannot possibly work. So pick a fight, destroy a load of property and use up all that old fashioned junk we call mil hardware. The reconstruction will provide a boost like no other - and someone else might be footing the bill.

DtP said...

All the best Timbo - sounds like the world's your lobster.

Bill Quango MP said...

Great to hear you are good with it Timbo.

Bill Quango MP said...

EK is correct.

We know that a vote for out will result in all sorts of deals being offered to us. Everything from a few additional clauses added to immigration laws to a whole new Eurozone-lite membership package.

There is no out.

The EU probably cannot survive the shock of the UK going and the subsequent turmoil when another member state begins asking for concessions.

And we have seen over the last 8 years that the point at which the EU finally decides to act sensibly is at the point at which its almost impossibly late to do so.

A vote for out is no bad thing. Nothing bad will happen. We almost certainly wouldn't leave anyway.

Professor Pizzle said...

John miller said...
Even if Leave wins, who is going to execute the motion?

My position exactly.

I keep telling everyone that there is no way we will be 'allowed' to leave – even with a stonking LEAVE win. The new establishment will drag their feet and find excuse after excuse, or manufacture crisis after crisis.

On a more positive note that will firmly reinforce the anti-democratic and authoritarian nature of our rulers position over their subjects, and will hasten the already inevitable collapse from the European side (see today's MORI poll).

Philosophical question for Europhiles: If a French, Austrian, Spanish, or Italian hates the EU, does that make them a small-minded 'Little-Englander'?

andrew said...

No, but it sounds like the first sentence of a good joke.

Anonymous said...

I see that the great Americans who brought us Iraq, Libya and Syria are saying it'll be dangerous to leave, and it'll give comfort to our enemies.

I'm sure Putin will be chuffed, but he's not an enemy of me and mine. None of the thousands of young Slavs in my neck of the woods have snow on their boots. Merkel is a far greater danger to the UK than Putin.

If we leave of course, we'll be resigned to a (vaguely and fractiously) united Europe under the de facto control of a single power - precisely what we fought over four centuries to prevent. But given that Merkel currently has a veto over Cameron's policies, the least we can do is leave and be an example (hopefully a shining one) to others.

Timbo614 said...

Thanks for the good wishes.
Back on topic I agree with E-K too.
Getting an out reuslt is the only way we could end up in a better situation than the one "negotiated" by our dear Dave.

Suff said...

Even if Leave wins?
Who will be counting the ballot sheets? Who will be overseeing that the process is carried out correctly? The civil service and which side of the fence will they be sat? How many of those postal votes will not get delivered?
Bread and circuses . It will be close to save the pollsters face, after the election. Make no mistake, this not a Democracy we're being ruled by.
It's a hot day under this tinfoil hat

andrew said...

I think you underestimate how people carry on doing what they think they are supposed to do even when they deeply disagree.
Ask an (ex) nurse in Staffordshire, or an old German person.

hovis said...

Suff no need to mention a hat of any kind - the evidence is there for all to see.
The reason tbey don't is that they find the cognitive dissonace too hard to bear - it challnges too many embedded beliefs.

Suff said...

Thanks Hovis
But I'm still not taking it off