Thursday 26 May 2016

More meaningless immigration stats for the UK released

A masochist asks a sadist, "Please hurt me."
"No," replies the sadist

(Arnon Mishkin)

It does not matter how much proof there is that the UK is heading for a social disaster due to excess immigration; all the politicians in charge deny it and decry it racism to even mention the issue.  Even with a Referendum the position taken by the Elite is to deny reality.

It is a strange world we have created in 2016.


dearieme said...

Never mind. After the German invasion it took only another 1400 years or so before the return of good drinking water, good sewers and central heating.

Anonymous said...

950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. What did the Normans ever do for us?

Timbo614 said...

Maybe people need context.. How many Wembly Stadiums is that?
[1 google later] 3.67!

James Higham said...

They can bank on a substantial number to buy it.

Steven_L said...

A million more of them every 3 years is tempting me to buy some Sports Direct shares.

dearieme said...

Why have you attributed an old folk-joke to a particular person?

AndrewZ said...

I suspect that "the Elite" are simply too afraid to admit that there is a problem. They're afraid that it would trigger anti-immigrant riots, anti-Muslim riots and anti-British riots, and that the public would then turn to far-right nationalists. The Tories are terrified of being called racist and the left is terrified of the white working class. They all have such contempt for the general public that they simply cannot imagine that the ignorant masses would ever react like civilised adults.

The politicians also know that if they admit to the existence of a problem they will be expected to do something about it. But it is a very difficult and complex problem with national and international dimensions and no easy solutions. It involves challenging the complacent assumptions of the establishment and admitting to serious failings. It's all too hard, so they'd much prefer to brush it under the carpet until it becomes somebody else’s problem.

The chattering classes cannot admit that they were wrong in any way about the effects of mass immigration or multiculturalism without suffering an enormous loss of face. Their claims to social status and political influence rest on claims of intellectual and moral superiority. They cannot admit to the extent of their errors or their willingness to disregard the impact of their favoured policies on people less fortunate than themselves without being exposed as utter charlatans.

That's why they are all so desperate to avoid any open discussion of the issues of immigration and national identity. Their hostility to anyone who questions the status quo is driven by fear, which is why it often appears so extreme and irrational.

Anonymous said...

"It is a strange world we have created in 2016."

I'm not sure "we" created it. Over the years a lot of people have tried to stop mass immigration, and they have all found that people have been organised to throw bricks at them, hit them with hammers or beat them to death (Albert Mariner), stop their legal parties having bank accounts, or (in UKIP's case) pay the cast of a WW2 musical being staged 50 miles away to turn up in Nazi uniform at their party conference.

Short history of UK "fascism"

1950s - Colin Jordan's British Movement - pretty much the genuine article

1960s/70s National Front - some uniform festishists still, blood and soil types

1980s/90s - BNP - "the Labour Party your grandparents voted for" - Ernest Bevin would have been quite at home here. Very left economically, like the FN in France.

2000s - UKIP - the conservative party your parents voted for". Laissez faire economically, explicitly one-nation.

No matter what the surrounding politics, simply being against mass immigration causes some fairly well organised and funded people to give you a hard time.