Friday 24 June 2016

How was it for you ? 
The biggest upset since Agincourt.

The PM has gone.
The Euro is under pressure.
The EU is wobbling

The financial markets crashed

The Pound is having a mare.


Donald Trump is flying in.

Are we happy ?

The comments are open.


Demetrius said...

See Youtube, "Over The Hills And Far Away".

dearieme said...

Oh very happy. Now put the metaphorical boot in. Chase the scoundrels out of office, and hound the Eurocrats daily. Whatever independence legislation can be got through parliament must be pushed through parliament. No relaxing until the job is done. A mini bijou drinkiepooette of celebration might be allowed, then re-apply the pressure. The job's not half done yet.

Most urgently, get rid of Cameron. That appalling miniBlair should be out the door.

Anonymous said...

Guido's reporting the knives are out in Labour to oust Corbyn - still time for the day to get better!

andrew said...


we just swapped one pale middle aged oxbridge bloke for another one who whist being more amusing, has a bit of an issue with honesty.

similarly we swapped a faceless bureaucrat in brussels for a faceless bureaucrat in london

in short, nothing much will change.

Timbo614 said...

Yes. We are happy (if more than a little tired). Eventually (many years from now) it may well be recognised that (once agian) The UK has saved Europe from itself by setting this particular ball rolling.

Let the pound and shares float where they will, don't interfere with billions more of our money to save the bankers and the casino market.

A rebalancing will now start to take place. We need to really start making stuff - good quality stuff to sell to the world.

We are always being told we are "export led" well, with a lower pound let the exporting begin!

Our attractiveness to EU economic immigrants will diminish rapidly, the strain on NHS "free" services to the same EU health tourists will also ease.

We have to play this right of course - we do not need a doom and gloom press/media we need them to talk this result up.

And of course Corbyn is toast.

Antisthenes said...

It appears democracy is so yesterday. A whiff of it and the world goes apoplectic. Well it is now the era of progressives, PC, SJWs and all that so not surprising.

Steven_L said...

£20 at 6/5 on turnout over 60.5 - tick
£10 at 2/1 on England to vote leave - tick
About £900 vanished from my SIPP overnight - great as I am going to be a net buyer for few years yet
Not being able to remember by Cityindex password last night so I could deposit a few hundred quid and go short £/$ before Sunderland announced - AARRGHHHHH!

I'm sat about 20% in cash atm though, ready for some bargain hunting, but I'm tempted to wait a few more weeks, apparently the whole Greek bailout thing is going to start afresh in July too.

Sniper said...

Ecs chuffing static!

Nick Drew said...

So much to say, i'm sure we all feel

as the great English + Welsh archery team at Agincourt said - 2 fingers to the lot of you!

more anon, no doubt

roym said...

Presumptive PM: no need to hurry with Article 50,

EU: invoke as soon as possible.

Is it even midday of the day after? 'Talks off to a flier'

John Miller said...

Senior partners in the big legal and accountancy firms are already reading the travel brochures.

Not to book their holidays, but to choose which island to buy...

Anonymous said...

Forget Agincourt - It's 950 years since the Battle of Hastings.

If only we had an Australian-style points system, Harold would have been saved and we'd have none of this noncy Norman French in our language.

Nick Drew said...

and how was it for Richard North, do we think ...

"Though I was wrong about the result I think the Vote Leave campaign was dismal."


Nick Drew said...

and another thing

my spies inside Momentum (yes, truly) tell me the McDonnell putsch, in the planning for a while, is well underway

to paraphrase Kev:

F*** ‘em all, f*** ‘em all,
This is our last chance for withdrawal
F*** all the Mandys and Christine Lagardes
F*** Francois Hollande - the whole house of cards
'Cos we’re saying *goodbye* to them all !
Dave’s package gives Brits bugger-all
There’s none to defend’em in this referendum
So cheer up my lads, f*** ‘em all !

Elby the Beserk said...

Happy? Delirious!!!!!!

Elby the Beserk said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Guido's reporting the knives are out in Labour to oust Corbyn - still time for the day to get better!

10:01 am"

Maybe not. Labour completely unelectable under Comrade Corbyn; let's just let them tear themselves apart now.

(Spellchecker suggested "Corncob" for Corbyn. I like it. Comrade Corncob)

John in Cheshire said...

Today's Friday, today's Friday. Friday is fish, is everybody happy? You bet your life we are.

With acknowledgement to The Scaffold.

Bill Quango MP said...

I almost went to bed at 11pm when Farage seemed to concede almost immediately the polls closed.
It was only Aaron Banks on Sky that made me wait a little longer.

Was fantastic

Blue Eyes said...

I went to bed shortly after Sunderland and Farage's sweaty promise to win the war. I had radio 4 on during the night and as my subconscious woke me up at about 5am to listen to the numbers tip over the Leave threshold I had a good little panic about my personal finances.

I am feeling a lot brighter about the medium term outlook now, though. I snuck a peek at my ISA and the Diageo shares I bought last week before the surge are at about what I paid for them, and I have an order in for a tracker fund if the FTSE250 drops to a certain level.

There is an awful lot to sort out now, and we must hope that we can forge a competitive liberalised UK, and not get too sidetracked by Nigel's hobby-horses. Hopefully a good bout of Labour infighting will help.

Luckily no foreign trips booked until later in the year by which time the pound might have recovered a bit...

Blue Eyes said...

Ps my £5 bet on Brexit turned to a whopping £18, of which £5 I have invested into Rooney scoring first on Monday.

Anonymous said...

The Cortbyn Out brigade are seizing on the result to do what they would have done anyway i.e. try and get rid of him.

Having the IRA to tea after they've killed a few MPs is no problem at all for Labour's fundraisers, but sharing a platform with Hamas is beyond the pale. Apparently.

Some German minister (Fuchs? not Klaus I trust) was implying that the EU would offer a (deliberately?) really shitty trade deal which might be put to a second referendum, in the style of "do you want to stay in the EU or have all your fields ploughed with salt?".

You tend to think they wouldn't be so stupid, but look at what they've done to Greece and Spain - and they've kept them in!

Electro-Kevin said...

That's impressive investment planning Blue.

Had the establishment listened, just a little bit, about those 'hobby horses' then we might still be in the EU this morning.

Then you could have bet against a wooden horse winning this race and not done any of that.

Which part of "control the borders" do the Remainers not get ?

Still, this morning, they do not get why we have just voted to leave the EU.

Instead of looking at Farage as the cause of the problem they need to be looking in mirrors.

I am apprehensive. But I am proud that our people have put personal fortune below love of country. And I am ecstatic that they've stuck two fingers up to a condescending, nasty and bullying celebrity and political elite.

Blue Eyes said...

Anon, there is clearly an anti-contagion line beimg put out by the EU-ers, but it is totally undermined by the IMF et al simultaneously asking that world trade is not put in peril.

We are only a few hours down the line and it is pretty obvious that something vaguely satisfactory will be agreed. No referendum required.

It will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Don't for God's sake make Boris Tory leader. He's quite capable of becoming PM, announcing a Damascene conversion to the EU cause after 6 months, and calling a second referendum. He wants to be leader, not to see the UK out of the EU - only a few years back he wanted Turkey in.

Bill Quango MP said...

labour are having a think about ousting Corbyn. Who in reality is probably one of the few that should actually have leading them now.

Corbyn didn't like the Eu at all and campaigned only under pressure, and only half-heatedly, to remain.

He could plausibly say "I told you this is what would happen if our views were not respected by the EU. Ahh well..Now is the time to negotiate a fair and amicable social-democratic alliance with Europe in the best traditions of international socialism."

Steven_L said...

Well I'm 99% invested in equities now. Looks like I'm still going to get 1.20 for my holiday money too. Quite normal recently and was scraping 1.10 a few years back.

Added to my holdings of Sports Direct, Hostelworld and Virgin Money to bring them up to size with my other holdings. Also took a stake in HSBC.

In hindsight I should also have bought my Paragon and Aldermore holdings in two tranches before and after the vote.

But I'm pretty confident I'm well positioned for the next 8 or so years to the top of this credit cycle.

Anonymous said...

BE - I appreciate your optimism. I'm like a footy fan whose underdog team has just got the ball in the net with minutes left, fearfully looking at the ref and linesman before celebrating.

Sackerson said...


Blue Eyes said...

I feel a bit torn: on the one hand I worry that the UK could turn a bit too far in the illiberal direction after this vote, on the other hand I am having a good chuckle at the inner London angst on my Facebook/Twitter. Several people seem to be planning to escape to Scotland/Portugal.

The Guardian is catalysing a new boom in self-loathing citizen journalism. On their website is an article by an Austrian saying she doesn't like Britain any more. Maybe she can hitch a ride to Utopia with Michael Moore.

Anonymous said...

Ha !

"Glastonbury revellers in shock over Britain's vote to leave EU"

Professor Pizzle said...

The Twitterati are already talking about London seceding.

Well, Hounslow voted REMAIN so I suppose that means they would get Heathrow. But Crawley was OUT so Gatwick is ours, I think?

As far as I can see all the container ports are ours (apart from Liverpool). So that's going to be awkward.

Blue Eyes said...

Prof, I know, hilarious isn't it. The Republic of Zones 1&2.

There is a petition to re-run the referendum, and I have seen a proposal for a maximum voting age.

Move on.

Charlie said...

Happy and apprehensive at the same time. The knives will be out for the UK now pour encourager les autres.

I picked up several thousand Euros from Thomas Cook at 10am having ordered online at 8am - at 1.27 to the GBP. There was a queue of people holding printouts of their confirmation email when I left with my readies.

Somebody in the IT department is going to lose their job over that one.

Anonymous said...

There's going to be chaos at Dover when we try to repatriate the 3mn EU nationals here and in return get the 1mn or so Brits back from the EU.

Perhaps Nige could get his flotilla going again and personally escort them from the "premises"

And has anyone had a word with the hopeful occupants of the Calais Jungle. Surely they'll just all move to Spain to take up the places vacated by the Brits.

Then there is the sight of BoJo the Clown trying really, really hard to look like a statesman.

Such fun to be had now.

Blue Eyes said...

I don't think anyone has proposed throwing out EU nationals. Next straw man?

Anonymous said...

90% of MPs supported Remain (made up statistic) but only 48% of the country supports it. I thought MPs were elected to represent the people, not to represent themselves.
My hope is that this is the thing that changes, regardless of whether we complete our EU secession.

CityUnslicker said...

Long day for me, mainly keeping quiet as surrounded by bad losers!

Hope we don't get boris but best news of all is Osborne getting his comeuppance

Anonymous said...

CU - Moving to Frankfurt? Or haven't they told you yet.

BoJo the Clown will get his comeuppance too.

Bill Quango MP said...

My best client was in actual tears today. I started a little too upbeat. Forgot he had a French wife. He called a wicked and despicable act and had caused him to lose faith in British people.

Mrs Quango voted Remain.
First thing she said to me this morning - "Now look what you've done!"

I'm still shocked we have done it.
But i am sure there will be some kind of partial deal with the Euro zone coming up over the next few months.

Not a Doctor said...

The schools of thought are

1. The EU can now go full steam ahead with integration of financial and political systems across the continent. Something that has to be done if the EU is to survive.

2.The EU can come to a deal with the UK that will lesson its dafter and more burdensome aspects and will allow other sceptic nations a chance to placate their own population. Something that has to be done if the EU is to survive.

3. The EU can punish the UK. Cancel trade and health, movement, security, arrangements to prevent other nations considering a leave. Something that has to be done if the EU is to survive.

1 is the most plausible.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anonymous 4.56 - Just a few minor concessions is all David Cameron asked for. Just a few minor concessions from the EU is what would have got a firm Remain result.

Alas no.

The EU is not like that.

News for you. Most people who voted Remain dislike the EU too and did so out of fear. The amount of times I heard "My heart wants to Leave but my mind wants Remain." Very rarely "I like the EU." (the tiniest of minorities.)

Fear and bullying.

That's all the EU offers.

The People are absolutely right to reject this and put country before personal fortune.

You should respect that.


You should be in awe of that.

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Quite a day! I'm still a bit shocked but rapidly getting used to the idea.

Mrs Timbo said: "Happy now? Don't gloat, the rest of the family voted to remain" :(

Matt said...

One set of necks to choke now when you're not happy with the lying conniving b'stards.

Thud said...

I'm done with 'interesting times' I want boring and a chance to make some plans for my family that game playing politicians don't sink for the sake of there careers, a little light relief listening to the apocalyptic lovies is kind of fun though.

Professor Pizzle said...

"3. The EU can punish the UK. Cancel trade and health, movement, security, arrangements to prevent other nations considering a leave. Something that has to be done if the EU is to survive."

Surely 3 is not an option. That would be the mask truly slipping once and for all. It is pretty much the definition of a tyranny. 'Do as you're told - or else!'

There's no appetite for 1. either. Too much discontent across the EUzone to get the paperwork through without disastrous rejections de-railing the whole thing.

2. is tricky as any concessions would embolden or infuriate other agrieved member states.

How about the usual EU solution:
4. Muddle through. Promise reform but press on with integration. All mixed up with different messages for different audiences, and some bullying and bribery.

Basically the same as the last 7 years. And look how well that has gone.

Blue Eyes said...

The German government is reported to be preparing a proposal for some kind of "partnership" status. Presumably it would have to be good emough for us to accept but not so good that the French want it.

That didn't take long now diddit?

andrew said...

Flew to beziers today
The bus left early 1h in taxi queue
Spoke to welsh English and french
Football was discussed
No one mentioned brexit

andrew said...
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James Higham said...

It was vitally necessary, Bill.

Professor Pizzle said...

Blue Eyes

Where did you hear that?