Monday 20 June 2016

The final week

It could be for England, 6 changes to the team and a banana skin awaits them tonight...

no wait, wrong blog post...oops

I meant to say Leave has drifted to 5-1 today on Betfair - no doubt as the tragic Jo Cox murder sinks in as somehow Leave related and also the final big guns for Remain are joined in battle.

Plus  every down movement in the stock market is Leave related in the media, every up movement is ignored or because magically polling has changed.

Still we will see, even I as a total political anorak, am now thoroughly bored to tears and want it over and done with. Still, 1/5 in a two horse race, back to the Footie analogy its like Scotland playing away to Spain...


andrew said...

Speaking to my parents and some of their friends over the w/e

Do not believe the polls
Many of the olders - who I would have spotted as exiters are for remain
Conversely many of the youngers are for exit

Where that leaves the result I have no idea.

But I don't think it is 5-1

DtP said...

I can't believe 5-1 either. I know over @ Political Betting some of the guys would bet on who comes 3rd in the Lower Fotherington Marrow Growing Competition but who normally bets on stuff like this?

I dunno - I've got my fingers and toes crossed anyway.

E-K said...

I counted two small Remain stickers and one very large Leave billboard in town today.

I wonder if one balances the two.

(Otherwise you would not know a referendum was going on)

dearieme said...

If we Remain will an army of frustrated headcases assassinate all our MPs? The answer might influence my vote.

dearieme said...

P.S. I don't see why the murder was tragic: the MP in question wanted to launch a war on Syria, for heaven's sake.

dearieme said...

She had one distinction: she's the first of our MPs assassinated since the Second World War whose murder was not committed by US-funded terrorists.

Suff said...

As always with British sporting events it comes down to the weather. Most the outers are passionate about it while the inners aren't. A good raining summer day and the students won't be leaving their pit to stand in a que, while the oldies like nothing more.
With all the thieving scum on one side of the fence my money is on
Exit 64% bigoted, sexist, racist little englanders. (Who will have their wealth confiscated to pay for their reeducation)
Remain 66% good honest card carrying citizens ( who will receive an extra chocolate ration, after the war with Eurasia is finally over)
It's got to be close to show that dimokracy has been done.

DJK said...

It wasn't until the final day before the Scottish referendum that the No stickers appeared in peoples' windows (the Yes's had been up for weeks). And it was only then that I knew the result --- in Unionist Edinburgh, at least.

FWIW, I don't think I've seen a single sticker either way for this referendum in the window of a private house.

Anonymous said...

Started the poster war in my own little street; 2 x remain, 3 x Leave. Delivered 900 leaflets, manned the stalls and got lead letter in the local rag.
Found likewise many obvious leavers are remain and vice versa. Too difficult to call.

Bill Quango MP said...

It was a draw - What do we make of that news ?

dearieme said...

Wales did very well.

Electro-Kevin said...

BQ - I hope that result is not repeated on Thursday. Please let it be decisive either way.

I see a Brit has attempted to kill Donald Trump. I suppose that will be acceptable to the Remain group in this country.

CityUnslicker said...

Well we can't have a bore draw on Thursday and now you lot have made me think I can do my first ever weather forecast post tomorrow night and get away with it.

I was at an event the other night at a school. There was a show of hands in Kent, 90% remain. I had expected remain to lead there, but not by so much.

Just like Scotland, leavers are noisy. Even at work the other day the CEO and CFO said vote remain or we are screwed as a business to an audience of a few hundred.

I am not staying up for the result and will be surprised if leave get within 5% - I hope I am wrong as per usual!

andrew said...


The trouble is that I - and I suspect many here - are pale and middle class and have pale middle class friends and work in pale white collar environments.

That most (foreign owned) employers are now standing up and pretty much saying your job is toast if the UK votes out is one straw in the wind

That Nissan has taken leave to court to stop them using their logo goes to the heart of what I do not like about the Leave campaign - its dishonesty.
That was tree in the wind for me.

(Gove on R4 Today @8.10- was a prime example of the Leave weaseling)

However, I must recognise what winds me up does not overly bother lots of other people.

I really cannot tell if this is a good old british grumble or a good old british revolt.

blogger said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Andrew - not half as dishonest as the Remain campaign on all things and which abrogates itself from responsibility for the Cox killing whilst heaping blame on Leave.

So decades of creating anger and discontent because the pro EU establishment ignored the will of the people had nothing to do with it then.

In anycase. This is not an election. We should not be bound as to how individuals have conducted themselves but on whether it is right to remain or leave.

At the core of the federalist operation is the cultivation of contempt for the nation state.

The messroom yesterday. 50/50 split but not one a liker of the EU, rather dislikers and distrusters of Britain.

How many people are actually EU enthusiasts ?

Very few.

I hear all the time "My heart says leave. My mind says stay." and "Reluctantly I am going to vote Remain."

That's a measure of how nasty and bullying the EU camp is and just how successful its been at making our own people contemptuous of their own country.

Peter Hitchens puts it well here. I've been saying similar for years:

If the result is Remain then there is absolutely no point in our parliament or political commentry outside of the EU buildings.

All of it will be an irrelevance.

Electro-Kevin said...

To counter the Nissan claim.

hovis said...

A great shame when we have to go to the latest incarnation of what was "Living Marxism" for sanity:

As to the claims of Leave being greater liars than Remain is simply sound bite. I think every interview Cameron, Osboure, Corbyn et al have done is full of weaseling. But my Leave stance is from first principles not because a politician told me.

CU even if Leave are 'just' noisy it is the noisy minority ( arond 10%) that lead revolutions.

As to debates at work it was amusing if depressing to hear French Canadians, and Germans telling me how to vote - when they do not. Asking me to sell my vote for a measly 2k a year (completely made up figure) - wtf - that is much less than most people in the room spend on and extended foreign sales trip.

Elby the Beserk said...

Anonymous hovis said...
A great shame when we have to go to the latest incarnation of what was "Living Marxism" for sanity:

Spotted :-) College mate of mine from way back on of the LM mob. Alwaysloved the title - normally, Marxists d on't have a sense of humour.

But yes - Spiked does confuse of one knows of LM and its inanities (Revolutionary Communist Party ran it, I think? Group split off later [SPLITTERS!} and called themselves the Revolutionary Communist Tendency {and they then formed a super group, the Alan Parsons Project. Or something like that}) - some sort of Saul on the road to Tarsus conversion seems to have taken place, as if the scales fell off their eyes.

Brendan O'Neill in particular writes well, and doesn't have to keep casting off the cobwebs of the past, as do the like of Furedi. Fair play to them tho - it's a stimulating read.

Such as this

and Tom Slater is also very good.

Elby the Beserk said...

Oh and these as well from Spiked, by Angus Kennedy.

Much crossover with Scruton's works and thinking. Strange bedfellows!

all his stuff

Dick the Prick said...

And all 3 home nations qualified too.....oh, what's that? Wrong thread? My mistake, sorry!

Anonymous said...

"This could play out well for us" -- Labour MP, on hearing of Jo Cox's death.

Nice people, the Remainers.