Tuesday 23 August 2016

Sadiq Khan Becoming a Major Player

... and Greens, LibDems ... anyone with a vote, really
Sadiq Khan has long been someone to watch.  Happy to play the Muslim card, but basically a pure power-player, very much open for business.  Voice of Labour In The Wilderness;  Top-Ranking Elected Labour Politician;  Friend of the City in Brexit Negotiations;  Deliverer of the Multi-Culti Vote; Kingmaker for Owen Smith ... - makes Corbyn look like the side-show pygmy he is.

Looks like it's Khan vs Momentum-McDonnell for control of the Labour Party.

If, as several of us have mused, a primary scenario for the fate of Labour is to become the Muslim Party of England, Khan is obviously in the mix for years to come.  They'd struggle to find a leader who could better minimise the electoral oblivion that would ensue.  A messy triple negative, I realise - but you probably see what I mean.


UPDATE - Will Sadiq Khan be the next Labour leader?  - well there's a thing!  


Antisthenes said...

In Corbyn and Khan many of the worlds Islamic terror groups now have important and influential UK politicians rooting for them.

Barnacle Bill said...

Sadiq Khan/Jack Straw opposite sides of the same coin, both exploiters of the Muslim vote when it suits them and both equally dangerous "watch your back" types of Labour politicians.

James Higham said...

It's like some slowly unfolding horror show.

andrew said...

The interesting point will come when he has to make a choice between (tacitly) supporting the muslims that think women are not equal, the primacy of sharia law etc

and 50% of the electorate.

If he does not choose, his opponents will choose for him.

CityUnslicker said...

I just can't buy this Khan thing. He is a naïve fool and a 'uman rights lawyer to boot. He has done nothing in London and is now busy promoting the night tube that even Bojo managed to se t in place.

Plus he had to fight in Zac Goldsmith a candidate so bad that I would still have voted for khan; had he been up against say Eric Pickles he would have been finished or even James Cleverly.

Perhaps he will grow into the role, but the likelihood in my book is that he just mouths worthy platitudes for 4 years (sticking up for people who are wron 'uns who he helpfully mis-labels) and does little else. After all, his Human Rights background has prepared him well for that

Thud said...

Another dangerous clown treading the fine line between the left and Islam yet not radical enough for either bloc....which way will he jump?

Electro-Kevin said...

I am glad that we have - and can have - a muslim mayor of London.

NOT glad that we will find it more and more difficult to challenge muslim candidates over anything remotely connected to their religion - ie the company they've kept and the ideals they support.

It is the one religion that cannot be mocked. All others are fair game, apparently.

L fairfax said...

Hopefully outside of London and a few northern cities he would be a vote loser.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

All of these so-called 'senseless' atrocities that we have been collectively enduring in the West for the past 15 years plus are not senseless at all; they are steadily putting Islam beyond discussion and imposing Islamic blasphemy law on us all. It also means people like Khan do not get proper examination when they stand for office.

I have had a strong animus against Khan ever since I saw a video of him addressing the Islamic Faith Forum(?? I'm not certain of the exact name) telling the crowd how he was one of the first Muslim MPs, and next election there would be 20, and the one after that 50, until inshallah there will be Muslim majorities in our major cities. This guy is among us; he is not with us. They will not bend, they will not assimilate, they practice Kitman and Taqqiya and their intention is to conquer. And they are patient.

If dog's born in a stable you don't call it a horse.

Elby the Beserk said...

FYI, should you not be aware, Muslims took over the Green Party in Sweden. So, yes, I figure you are right on this.


Anonymous said...

As someone said (Christopher Caldwell IIRC), we move imperceptibly from a world where a group should not be criticised because they're too weak, to one where they cannot be criticised because they're too strong.

Anonymous said...

"As someone said (Christopher Caldwell IIRC), we move imperceptibly from a world where a group should not be criticised because they're too weak, to one where they cannot be criticised because they're too strong."

A nation sleeps walks into the cages of death. Already we live in self imposed dhimmitude, the Gulf Arabs regard London as their satrapy and Khan does all he can to oblige. May was, is a quisling Arabist, as are they all in the HO and FCO. Brussels fetes the Saudis and indulges the death cult and allows the soldiery of Islam to walk in, unmolested among us and as the unmolested become the molesters.

In France meanwhile, actually in the town of Tours, they build a giant Mosque and if that isn't sticking up the middle finger, then what will convince you?

Bill Quango MP said...

Just got wifi back - Its like being on holiday without it. On holiday in 1995.

Anyway , am I the only one who thinks Khan has been just a little bit brave? Showing his potential for leadership?

SK is a political operator. pro-Muslim to Muslim religious types. Moderate to Muslim moderates. Multi-culti-man-of-the-people to the non God bothered. It was Sadiq who put Corbyn on the ballot. to demonstrate his lefty credentials to be appointed mayoral candidate for Labour.
Even though Khan has about as much time for Corbyn as we do. He wouldn't even let the labour leader near his victory celebrations. Instead Corbyn had to go to some other non-event or risk a very public shunning.

now , Mayor Khan has told Corbyn where to get off.

he didn't need to do that. He didn't need to say anything about the leadership at all. he would have been perfectly entitled to do a Boris and largely steer clear of the party bun fights and just carve out a role as a leading statesmen for himself.

Corbyn is about as likely to win as Hillary is. So Khan will have to deal with the labour leader for up to four years. Or at least until the split. Or the next putsch.
He really didn't need to make even more of an enemy of the Momentum mob than he has already.
But he chose to do so. It won't matter a jot to Londoners whether he is pro, or anti-beardface. But it will to McDonnell and his followers.

And Khan knows Smith is going to lose. What's his gain?
He wants to ditch the looney left tag he sought to gain a London seat and become a less political mayor? He wants to be leader once jez has gone?

Whatever his reasons he must be considered a lot braver than the former labour leader hopeful, Andy Burnham.
That jelly of a politician lost because he wouldn't commit to saying what day of the week it was.
Flip-flop Andy, desperate to be mayor of Manchester, has totally committed himself to being totally noncommittal about the leadership in case he picks a loser.

Khan, admittedly already safe in his kingdom, has more spine than that.

And made a public enemy he did not need to, with an eye to the future.

Quite bold for labour politicians. Who have mostly cowered behind the soundbite of the day and instructions from party central since Alistair Campbell's day.

Nick Drew said...

@ BQ

agreed: he is obeying Drew's Third Law of Politics - choose your enemies wisely and move conspicuously against them

a chum of mine who knows Khan well (as a foe) says he is totally 'transactional': "what's in it for me?"

Team Khan in his original Tooting stronghold was 100% middle-class white agitators: his was the only dark face in the inner caucus

Anonymous said...

Team Khan at City Hall looks pretty much the same.
Except I don't believe they are agitators.