Monday 5 September 2016

What about me!

Mr Nelson not living up to his auspicious name
It is the call of the Remoaners everywhere.

This  time it is Lloyd's of London at it, or rather the Remain chief executive, John Nelson.

Apparently with no passporting for Financial Services, Lloyds will have to leave. Of course, he can't say where just yet as there is not anywhere for it to go. Lloyd's after all was invented in the Uk and has been here for century after century.

But the Japanese have whined a bit so that is that, all bets are off and we have to leave. Clever lawyers are telling them it is passporting or nothing.

Really, a thought comes to me, if the Government has to change when Brexit is voted for, should companies not also think of changing for the benefit of the Country too - especially ones led by UK Brexit hating CEO's who want nothing but failure for the UK?

I guess on balance we cannot go that far, but this is a great example of the sand in the mill we will see from remoaners for the next few years to come.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. He said a small part of LOL might have to relocate. That's all.

dustybloke said...

But where?

After Applegate, would you relocate a business to anywhere in Europe?

So where does he want to go?

The USA? Hahahaha.

South America? Russia? Africa? China?

Tell you what, One-Eye, buy a globe in Smiths and some yellow paint and a small paintbrush. Yellow out the places you don't want to relocate to.

By the way, it's quicker to pour the paint in a bucket and drop the globe in the bucket...

dustybloke said...

Oh dear, my 20th century origins are showing through.

Wanting to be a bit cheeky to Mr Nelson, I should probably have called him 1i.

Nick Drew said...

it's a shame there aren't any regular TV satire shows on at the moment because brexit-blame is well worthy of some sustained sarcasm & ridicule

there was a time (Spitting Image, NTNON etc) when they could have been lampooned into silence

Anonymous said...

All those sods would be remainers anyway. Rory Bremner? pah - probably slit his wrists already.

Demetrius said...

Lord Nelson's mother was one of the Suckling family of Norfolk. there must be a joke here somewhere.

Suff said...

He should be asked the question. " so I suppose you will be moving to the country that bailed you out in 2008 due to your incompetence?" It highlights the crony capitalism and lack of a free market, otherwise one of the banks would have run an advertising campaign " We are the only bank that stands behind the Britsh people and are prepared to stay put and invest in what we believe to be a bright future". With half the population voting out because they are sick of being told what to do and the general negativity of the remoaners, said bank could have had a huge bump in domestic market share.

CityUnslicker said...

different Lloyds Suff. still where is the question.

I think increasingly this will just be smokescreen for standard offshoring/robot replacement stuff that would happen anyway.

Raedwald said...

CityUnslicker - Yep, 2016 is the year 'Brexit' replaces 'the recession' amd 'the 2008 crash' as an excuse for every unpleasant corporate act that raises prices / reduces quality / downsizes workforces / relocates corporate offices / closes uneconomic plants / increases senior bonuses and pay.

There needs to be (on a blog such as this ...) an invitation for nominations for the most absurd use of 'Brexit' as an excuse - with a prize (to which I would happily contribute)

So how about it C@W?

CityUnslicker said...

Great idea Readwald - a sort of Brexit balls to match Private Eye.

SumoKing said...

I enjoy the daily and increasingly inventive barrage of C@W's "Don't panic, everything we wrote in the last 10 years was bollocks and actually you can ignore everything business, especially the vaunted city which actually knows fcuk all, says!"


What the blithery khunting fcuk are we actually going to do if we don't have passporting for our financial services to sell to the 1/2 a billion people next door?

And what are we going to do when our pharma/chems can't act as responsible person for the 1/2 billion people with state healthcare next

And what are we going to do when we double the data protecton compliance burden on online businesses because the 1/2 a billion people next door have 1 law and we have something different

And what are we going to do when the EU kills geo blocking and brings in the delivery services directive making it cheap AF for consumers across europe to buy stuff from any other member state, except us, who will just be flogging our overpriced shitt to 10% of the people we could have been?

I mean, it's all very well ranting about how the Commission are dicks, they are a government, of course they are dicks! everyone knows they are dicks? Oh noes! They took Apple's money! Cause C@W were all for the US bending BP over of course.

But it's been nearly 3 months now, can we maybe reign in the "We hate forrins and don't panic" back slapping and maybe figure out what the fcuk we are actually going to do, cause I'm pretty sure the answer is not buy a shit ton of sand from Australia (we already tried to buy up their legal market and it's been a flop) or sell our souls to Trump for cheap GM beef.

We surely need something a bit better than "Brexit means Brexit" and David Davis "Let's have a wee convo".

Jan said...

Most absurd use of Brexit as an excuse competition:

An early entry:

I blame Brexit for the weather; it's unseasonally hot at the moment so it must be because of Brexit or is it global warming? I'm confused.

Raedwald said...

Classic absurd use of Brexit in a story in todays Standard.

QS, an HE think tank, carried out its annual survey *before* the Brexit vote. Several UK unis fell in the QS rankings from this survey. This is due, the paper says, to Brexit. Nothing at all to do with tuition fees, then.

nfl said...